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  1. I'm not using all the units in this run. It's a hard classic run. Here are my pairings. Corrin (+Str/ -Def) x Soliel Laslow x Peri Xander x Charlotte Arthur x Effie Leo x Felicia Odin x Elise Silas x Mozu Keaton x Camilla Niles x Nyx
  2. Can I flip Vaike to Cherche and put Henry with Nowi? Or I can flip Gregor to Cherche and put Henry with Miriel?
  3. How's this for pairings: Robin (+Str/-Luck) x Lucina Chrom x Sumia Stahl x Cordelia Lon'qu x Olivia Gaius x Tharja Sully x Donnel Libra x Lissa Gregor x Cherche Ricken x Maribelle Virion x Panne Henry x Miriel Vaike x Nowi
  4. I just hate pairing Chrom with Sumia because I've done it so many times. It gets boring fast. If you really want to why I put Olivia with Chrom is because I took a bet with a guy at work. Plus I'm only playing the game to beat the final boss. The main reason why I try to get all the kids is because of the extra experience you get when you get those paralogues. The only kids that I really care about are Lucina, Morgan, Kjelle, Severa, Owain, Inigo, and Noire. The others Cynthia, Brady, Yarne, Nah, Laurent, and Gerome I don't really care about. I mean if you think of better pairings, please let me know. EDIT: I redid the list while mainly the main kids that will be using on this run. Just need to figure out who to put with Owain and Inigo and yes I decided to put Chrom with Sumia, so that is why Inigo still needs a dad.
  5. I am marrying Olivia to Chrom because I'm tired of marrying Chrom to Sumia. Plus an Olivia! Lucina can make a devastating Morgan. I'm not really focused on Galeforce on them but f it happens, then it happens. We all know that Severa's and Inigo's paralogues can be down right hard on hard/ classic.
  6. Even though I may not use all the kids, I still try to get all kids. The main kids I use are Lucina (Robin's wife), Morgan (Robin and Lucina's kid), Severa, Inigo (Chrom's son), Owain, Kjelle, Noire, and Gerome. The other kids won't be used that much. I currently don't have all of the DLC, so no one can go Bride or Dread Fighter right. Plus I never grind my character's level out because that totally takes the challenge out of the game. But I will try to get Galeforce for Inigo and Owain before I get them. Plus Severa, Lucina, Morgan, Kjelle, Noire, and Cynthia can all gain Galeforce.
  7. I married Kaze on Brthright before. The boon and bane was +Str/-Def. Midori and Kana turn into nightmares. I also married my Kagero!Shiro. That was fun.
  8. Mainly I pair her with Ricken or Robin.
  9. Robin (+Str/-Luck) x Lucina Chrom x Sumia Stahl x Cordelia Donnel x Sully Gaius x Tharja Libra x Lissa Lon'qu x Olivia Virion x Panne Vaike x Nowi Henry x Cherche Ricken x Maribelle Gregor x Miriel Not sure who to put with the rest. But those are the main kids that I will be using in the game except for Inigo and Owain for I still need to figure out the dads for them.
  10. I'll be getting her to go with Elise.
  11. Birthright as Male Avatar: Hinoka & Oboro Birthright as Female Avatar: Kaze & Ryoma (Current run) Conquest as Male Avatar: Selena & Beruka Conquest as Female Avatar: Laslow & Odin
  12. I usually never put those 2 together. I usually save Kagero or Azura for Takumi. Oboro goes with Hinata or Subaki most of the time.
  13. I consider other skills a worthwhile pass down over Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang just doesn't feel that great to me. Its kinda lackluster in my opinion.
  14. Not a big fan of Dragon Fang and Astra. Plus Shiro can get them with ease.
  15. Would Vantage and Sol be better for getting Shiro earlier? If i have to i can always buy Axebreaker for Shiro. I know Vantage isn't that great, but since Ryoma already has it, then I just need Sol on Corrin.
  16. I'm doing 2 playthroughs at the same time, 1 on Birthright and 1 on Conquest. Both of them are on Hard Classic. Both playthroughs will have same Avatar. Just the only difference in the Avatar is one letter in their name and their secondary class. They both have the same boon and bane, which is +Strength/-Luck. So here are the pairings: BIRTHRIGHT: Adrianne (secondary class is Fighter) x Ryoma Hinoka x Silas Tamuki x Kagero Subaki x Sakura Hinata x Setsuna Kaden x Hana Azama x Oboro Saizo x Felicia Orochi x Hayato Kaze x Azura Jakob x Mozu On the bench will be Rinkah. I'm only going to use Rinkah to pass on Oni Savage to Adrianne thanks to the Friendship Seal. I went Fighter for the secondary mainly for Corrin and Kana. Ryoma might see it if I really want him to. But my main focus is to get Sol and Axebreaker and pass them on to Shiro. Not sure about the Azama x Oboro pairing, but I rather use Oboro instead of using Rinkah, because Hayato and Corrin will also have access to Oni Savage. I thought about moving Setsuna to Azama and putting Oboro with Hinata. CONQUEST: Adrianna (secondary class is Samurai) x Xander Camilla x Keaton Leo x Felicia Elise x Odin Arthur x Effie Benny x Beruka Laslow x Charlotte Jakob x Peri Niles x Azura Silas x Selena Kaze x Mozu On the bench will be Nyx. I went Samurai for Corrin because I mainly want to pass down Astra and Swordfaire to Seigbert. Plus with Swordmaster, Xander can keep that sword of his. I also don't plan on buying skills, unless it's for Kaden and Keaton, so Selkie and Velouria won't get that level 5 skill.
  17. Looking for any fun skills for Jakob. Nothing that Corrin, Keaton, Laden, Mozu, or Azura can have.
  18. Percy is pretty darn good. Especially when his mom is Effie. Granted he is not my favorite kid. But he still puts in work when you want to use him. Arthur is good if use him. I never take Arthur to Beserker anyway. He always goes to Hero for me. The only Berserkers I use are Beruka, Charlotte, and Corrin. UPDATE: Corrin (aka Casandra in this run) is currently at Level 1 Oni Chieftain with 26 Strength, 20 Speed, 12 Magic, 10 Luck, 17 Skill, 22 Defense, and 12 Resistance. She has a C-Rank in Axes and an E-Rank in tomes. Her main weapon is a Devil's Axe (Steel Axe +1), but she also has a Beruka's Axe, Hand Axe, and a Disrobing Gale. This is as of getting ready to start Chapter 16.
  19. Turning Odin into a Samurai really isn't that bad. I usually do it once he gets Malefic Aura. Plus if you use the battle or visit rewards, you will get a free Arms Scroll to get him to a D-Rank in Swords and give him a forged Iron Sword +2. But he doesn't stay there for long. Usually once he gets Vantage, he either goes back to Dark Mage or he goes to Grandmaster thanks to the Fell Brand. Depending on what class Corrin is or who Corrin is going to marry, sometimes I turn Corrin into a Dread Fighter first, so Corrin can start using his or her Axes (for Hero, Berserker, Oni Chieftain) or Shuriken/ Dagger (for Master Ninja). it saves that second Heart Seal for somebody else. Mozu is another good option for a Heart Seal, if you want a second Archer for chapter 10 and you don't want to try to get Anna. But my Mozu usually goes to Dread Fighter on Conquest.
  20. I usually only buy skills for Xander, Benny, Niles, Keaton, Laslow, Jakob, and Selena (when she is married to Laslow) when playing on Conquest since they have the same starting class as their kids (Siegbert, Ignatius, Nina, Velouria, Dwyer (when I actually get him), and Soliel), so I don't have to pass on a skill they can learn themselves. I figured buying Lancebreaker would be the safest bet for Keaton to pass down to Velouria especially when playing on Conquest. I usually never ever take Keaton, Velouria, Kaden, and Selkie out of their regular class. I have thought about taking Kana to Wolfssegner though, so Kana can learn those skills. What I could do is go to Hero until Corrin gets Sol either from A ranking with Selena or marriage with Keaton. Then I could pass on Sol and Lancebreaker to Velouria. Then if I used the Friendship Seal, I can always use the Partner Seal after that and turn Corrin into a Berserker. That's one of the main reasons why I went Oni Savage is because it works great with the Berserker. I will only go Blacksmith on Corrin if I decide I wanted to get Salvage Blow and Lancebreaker on Corrin.
  21. Hey guys I was wondering, what is the best secondary class for Corrin if married to Keaton? Corrin's boon/ bane is +Strength/ -Luck. I thought about going for Oni Savage because I can give Velouria Death Blow from Corrin and I can buy Lancebreaker for Keaton to pass down to Velouria. Plus it gives me a class, I barely ever used.
  22. I've married first gen females like Selena and Beruka. But I still want to marry first gens like Effie and Peri. Still want to marry Felicia as well, but I do that on any route. My next run I may marry Keaton. Giving Velouria Death Blow and Lancebreaker seems like a fun idea.
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