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  1. heyyy more vanguard players are here

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Koko


      Ooo, we should play! I've mainly been memeing until Darkness comes out, but I reckon it'd be fun.

    3. eclipse


      Alas, I really don't like the online options.  If you ever come to Hawaii, though. . .tee-hee~!

    4. Koko


      Aww, that's a major shame. Would have been funsies.

      Oh ye, do you have a discord account or something? Would be cool to invite you into some Vanguard discords.

  2. Koko


    there can only be one....
  3. has never heard that complaint before
  4. Koko

    Don't :3c me you daddy fucker

    1. Ebony
    2. Koko


      don't make me get some priests involved

    3. Ebony


      oh no................ and thats terrible..........................................................................

  5. Koko

    I'm not done with you yet!

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    2. Koko


      Corrin is not a bad character

    3. Ebony


      Alright listen here you little piece of shit. I dont' know who you are and who this Corrin is, but if you keep sending me this message yo'll find out you dun fucked up. I have a muzzle on and I don't think you want to see my other side, kid. I don't have time for fucking games. You'll regret this next full moon. I know how to hack, I can end and ruin your life before you know it. Habbo Hotel, Second Life, I know how to end it all. You fucked with the wrong pack, buddy.

    4. Koko


      new phone who dis


    1. Dual Dragons

      Dual Dragons

      Don't bring these memes into my comments. It was so clean before.

      And thank you. :)

  7. Heya. I'm Koko. I'll admit that I'm probably not going to be the most active member for the time being as I've not actually played through an FE game yet, but I'm planning to change that soon so that I can be a little bit more involved in the forum. For the time being, I'm mainly just looking for card game nerds to talk to (Vanguard / Hearthstone / Hopefully soon to be Cipher) and other people who'd be willing to teach me how to play the games better. See you around or something!
  8. Don't fucking lie

    1. Starman


      should have been Dorkoko tbh

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