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  1. Looking to buy: 1x Elincia B05-074R 1x Mist B09-093N 2x Micaiah B05-053HN 2x Sanaki B16-068N 3x Reyson B12-027HN 1x Ayra B06-025N
  2. Need a playset of B16-066SR Sanaki and B16-068N Sanaki. Paying w/ Paypal and US buyer.
  3. Cipher Buying list: Ike B12-001SR/SR+ (Ike: Radiant Vanguard) x1 Ike B09-091R(+) (Ike: Commander of the Greil Mercenaries) x3 Ike P12-009PR (Ike: Valorous General) x2 Micaiah B12-010SR(+) (Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden) x2 Sanaki B16-066SR (Sanaki: Hailed as the Holy Empress) x2 Elincia B05-074R/R+ (Elincia: Esteemed Queen) x3 Looking to buy with paypal.
  4. Want list: P12-009 PR Ike B12-001 SR and SR+ Ike (I'll buy either version) B12-010 SR and SR+ Micaiah B14-077N Ike B05-074 R and R+ Elincia
  5. Congratulations you're showing all this hostility for anyone to see now that you posted it here and not on the discord. Swell guy you must be. I asked a question, if that's not allowed to you then I suggest stepping down because you're obviously too corrupt to handle something as simple as moderation of a forum.
  6. Who should I talk to about an unwarranted mute and ban on the discord for political censorship in the politics channel. Asking for a friend.
  7. Want List: Ike B12-001SR/SR+ (Ike: Radiant Vanguard) Ike B12-003N (Ike: Youth Becoming a Hero) Ike B09-091R(+) (Ike: Commander of the Greil Mercenaries) Ike P12-009PR (Ike: Valorous General) Micaiah B12-010SR(+) (Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden) Micaiah B12-012N (Micaiah: Maiden of Miracles) Guinevere B09-067HN (Guinevere: Princess of Bern)
  8. You wouldn't happen to be interested in selling, would you? I'd be interested in buying a few things on your list.
  9. Posting a want list. Looking to just buy with Paypal. Set 12: Ike SR (+ or Regular) 001 Ike SR 002 Micaiah (+ or Regular) 010 Ike 003 N Ike 003N+X Marcia 016 SR Reyson 027 HN Set 11: Myrrh 041 R or R+ Set 9: Ike 091 R+ Set 7: Nino 030 SR Set 6: Ayra 025 N Set 5: Elincia 074 R or R+ Clarine 027 HN If it's Ike, I likely want it. Shoot me a PM if you have anything.
  10. Selling/Trading the following: Set 3 Ike SR+ Playset Black Knight SR+ CorrinM SR Selkie R Set 5 Elincia R Ike SR Playset Lilina SR Roy SR Sothe SR Kurth R Micaiah PR Playset Set 9 Lilina R and R+
  11. Looking to get some Ike cards. S05-001ST+ (ST Foil 4/3) B03-001SR (Set 3 SR) B09-091R+ (4/3 R+) P03-005PR (Series 3 Tournament Promo) Looking for playsets.
  12. Cards I have for sale/trade B03-021SR Mia B05-051SR Micaiah B05-054SR Sothe B03-053SR Azura B05-001SR Roy B05-004SR Lilina B03-076SR Corrin M Looking for B09-015R+ Faye B09-091R+ Ike I'll look at other cards and see if there's anything I'll do for a trade, and I'll accept just Paypal for the cards.
  13. Updating want list Looking for R+ Faye and R+ Ike from set 9.
  14. Want list Ike B09-091R(+) Mist B09-092HN Faye B09-015R + Prefer to buy from NA sellers if possible, but if the price is right I'll buy from anyone. Want list updated.
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