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  1. Looking to buy: 1x Elincia B05-074R 1x Mist B09-093N 2x Micaiah B05-053HN 2x Sanaki B16-068N 3x Reyson B12-027HN 1x Ayra B06-025N
  2. Need a playset of B16-066SR Sanaki and B16-068N Sanaki. Paying w/ Paypal and US buyer.
  3. Cipher Buying list: Ike B12-001SR/SR+ (Ike: Radiant Vanguard) x1 Ike B09-091R(+) (Ike: Commander of the Greil Mercenaries) x3 Ike P12-009PR (Ike: Valorous General) x2 Micaiah B12-010SR(+) (Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden) x2 Sanaki B16-066SR (Sanaki: Hailed as the Holy Empress) x2 Elincia B05-074R/R+ (Elincia: Esteemed Queen) x3 Looking to buy with paypal.
  4. Want list: P12-009 PR Ike B12-001 SR and SR+ Ike (I'll buy either version) B12-010 SR and SR+ Micaiah B14-077N Ike B05-074 R and R+ Elincia
  5. Congratulations you're showing all this hostility for anyone to see now that you posted it here and not on the discord. Swell guy you must be. I asked a question, if that's not allowed to you then I suggest stepping down because you're obviously too corrupt to handle something as simple as moderation of a forum.
  6. Who should I talk to about an unwarranted mute and ban on the discord for political censorship in the politics channel. Asking for a friend.
  7. Want List: Ike B12-001SR/SR+ (Ike: Radiant Vanguard) Ike B12-003N (Ike: Youth Becoming a Hero) Ike B09-091R(+) (Ike: Commander of the Greil Mercenaries) Ike P12-009PR (Ike: Valorous General) Micaiah B12-010SR(+) (Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden) Micaiah B12-012N (Micaiah: Maiden of Miracles) Guinevere B09-067HN (Guinevere: Princess of Bern)
  8. You wouldn't happen to be interested in selling, would you? I'd be interested in buying a few things on your list.
  9. Posting a want list. Looking to just buy with Paypal. Set 12: Ike SR (+ or Regular) 001 Ike SR 002 Micaiah (+ or Regular) 010 Ike 003 N Ike 003N+X Marcia 016 SR Reyson 027 HN Set 11: Myrrh 041 R or R+ Set 9: Ike 091 R+ Set 7: Nino 030 SR Set 6: Ayra 025 N Set 5: Elincia 074 R or R+ Clarine 027 HN If it's Ike, I likely want it. Shoot me a PM if you have anything.
  10. Selling/Trading the following: Set 3 Ike SR+ Playset Black Knight SR+ CorrinM SR Selkie R Set 5 Elincia R Ike SR Playset Lilina SR Roy SR Sothe SR Kurth R Micaiah PR Playset Set 9 Lilina R and R+
  11. Looking to get some Ike cards. S05-001ST+ (ST Foil 4/3) B03-001SR (Set 3 SR) B09-091R+ (4/3 R+) P03-005PR (Series 3 Tournament Promo) Looking for playsets.
  12. Cards I have for sale/trade B03-021SR Mia B05-051SR Micaiah B05-054SR Sothe B03-053SR Azura B05-001SR Roy B05-004SR Lilina B03-076SR Corrin M Looking for B09-015R+ Faye B09-091R+ Ike I'll look at other cards and see if there's anything I'll do for a trade, and I'll accept just Paypal for the cards.
  13. Updating want list Looking for R+ Faye and R+ Ike from set 9.
  14. Want list Ike B09-091R(+) Mist B09-092HN Faye B09-015R + Prefer to buy from NA sellers if possible, but if the price is right I'll buy from anyone. Want list updated.
  15. Looking to purchase a c89 Ike marker from the character box. Gonna be a stretch for this one, I already know.
  16. In Cipher, if an effect happens on your side of the field, it'll say one of two things All OTHER allies or ALL allies. In Ike's case, his 5c card states " [Send 1 “Ike” From Your Hand to the Retreat Zone] When this unit defeats an enemy unit in battle, you may pay the cost; and if you do, until the end of this turn, all ally units gain 30 attack. So in this case, until the end of the turn after this effect is activated, ALL ally units on the field gain 30 attack. In the new Exalt Chrom's case, All class changed allies gain 10 attack until the end of this turn. This means Chrom also gains +10 attack until the end of that turn. A good example of the other scenario would be Lucina's new 3 cost card. "Guidance of the Brand" This unit gains 10 attack for every other Class Changed ally you control. (: This ability does not take effect unless this unit was Class Changed.) If Lucina is the only unit on the field for you, she would gain 0 attack even if she is class changed, because she only gains 10 attack for each OTHER CC'd ally on the field. In Robin's case, his Rally Spectrum effect would increase ALL ally units attack by 10 until the end of that turn.
  17. Dunno about deck profiles, but to correspond with the previous post: Some cards that would be considered core will likely be: Grima MC. Your other option would be Chrom MC to go into Chromzombie aka 4c Risen Chrom. The problem with using Risen Chrom as your MC isn't the skills, but his 0 support. You'd be putting 4 copies of Risen Chrom in your deck so you'd have 4 0 supports along with 0 supports on all your Risens, which would make like a 5th or your deck purely 0 support, making you lose a lot more battles that way. Chrom has 80 atk but you'd only ever have one of him out at once. Grima MC still has 0 support, but on the other hand she doesn't burn attacks with Risens to activate her effects, and she can hide behind Risen meatshields and attack still, and her ability is effectively a +3 every turn as burning cards from your deck has zero consequences due to shuffling the cards back into your deck. It's one of the strongest card advantage effects in the game, and requires your opponent to play range or pulls and something to beat over 80 Atk. The core weakness of Grima MC is that you will barely ever have evades, as you only have 4 copies of Grima ever in your deck, one on the field, so you have 3 evades for every deck rotation, and you'll find it hard to get it. Another card that was talked about was Aversa, most specifically Aversa 4c. Destroy 2 Risens, draw 2, activate Grima eff, get them back into hand, play them again. Rinse and repeat. Effectively as long as Aversa is on the field you can upwards to +5 each turn, making any deck that struggles vs running away have a hard time dealing with the strategy as the sheer card advantage + 80 Grima runs them over if they can't stop the flood early. Another card I see played is Maribelle 3c, you can play it in Chrom or Grima MC. Why? Grab copies of Grima for evades. Grima doesn't use any of your bonds, so cards that can utilize your bonds for value are sought after. Using Morgan's different form is another idea, and can get more Risen attacks off, but that sounds more like a Chrom idea, since Grima's Risens will still have 0 Atk most of the time, so their attacks will almost never hit anyways. I haven't played the deck personally so I don't know other cards that would be useful, and I'll leave someone more knowledgeable with the deck to give that info, this is just what I know from watching the deck in action and from theorycrafting on discord.
  18. Updating want list because I did some deals, also putting down some things I have. Looking to buy B03-001SR(+) Ike (Will buy either.) Looking to get 2, possibly 3. B05-074R(+) Elincia (Will buy either version) Looking to get 3. S05-005N Elincia Looking to get 2 atm. B06-048HN Arvis. Looking for 4. B06-050N Emma. Looking for 4. B06-004SR Deirdre. 4 again. B07-001SR(+) Eliwood. 4 still B07-024R(+) Rebecca. 2 needed B07-039SR Nino. 4 needed. Cards I have available for sale/trade: B03-053SR Azura B03-076SR Corrin B03-021SR Mia B05-001SR Roy B05-004SR Lilina B05-051SR Micaiah B05-054SR Sothe
  19. Got a ruling question. I have Heroic Inheritor of the Blaze, Eliwood on the field. When am I allowed to legally activate his Rallying Flames effect? Do I have to activate the effect before I declare an attack?
  20. SR+ Ike. I prefer Lord Ike over Vanguard Ike in their design.
  21. Making an updated want list: If you have anything here go ahead and let me know. Numbers are quantities I'm needing. B03-001SR Ike (Looking for 1 or 2) B05-089SR Ike (Looking for 4) B03-026N Marcia (4) P05-015PR Micaiah (3-4) B07-002R Eliwood (3) B07-001SR Eliwood (2) B07-024R Rebecca (3) B05-023N Shanna (4) B07-039SR Nino (Expensive so it's the last on my shopping list) (4) B05-091N Soren (4) B05-074R Elincia (3) S05-005N Elincia (2)
  22. Looking to buy some cards: 1x B03-003HN Ike 2x B03-002N Ike 3x B03-001SR (or +) Ike 4x B05-089SR Ike Also anything else that would be nice for an Ike deck.
  23. I heard a mass claim start. This is what I get for not actually reading fully. Oh well, I've been in worse situations. For what I've read through the game here is my thoughts Been so little content that it's hard to find gems of info. Most of the game is very passive, but I'm starting to agree with what people are saying on Marth and Strawman. BT a lot of the time just feels off. D2, and there's already 5 votes, but let's throw on a 6th even though there's 22 hours left, so it isn't like there is a worry about time. That feels incredibly off putting, and the reasoning for it being "Because there wasn't a vote total recently" just feels lazy when there was one not even 3 pages back, with there being...1 vote in between. ##Vote: BT I'd like to hear something about this.
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