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  1. I only brought up the hormones thing because people who are taking testosterone tend to act rather rude towards others and get pissed over little things, at least from my experience with people who are doing so.
  2. I was making a comparison to another instance of a remake to make a point in support of the idea.
  3. Has experienced the beauty that is Tear Ring Saga and Holmes.
  4. The topic of the thread is on the idea of IS not nerfing anything for the sake of balance when it comes to a hypothetical FE4 remake. I was commenting on this.
  5. IS nerfing various things like the absurdity of astra would be like if they had chosen to removing dreadfighters promoting into villagers. Doing so just wouldn't be right as that thing being absurd isn't really really that big of a deal to begin with. That kinda defeats the point of how weapon ranks worked in FE4. Weapon ranks were also linked to holy blood, making a unit's weapon options differ based on their heritage. Also most weapons you will need are likely C or B rank anyway, and making weapon ranks not set might kind of screw with the item inheritance system.
  6. Dorothea becoming a dancer undermines her use as a mage as she should be more often dancing and providing support, and not fighting when she becomes a dancer. Hanneman is essentially a prepromoted mage Dorothea on maddening but with less supports and no hexblade due to an extremely similar spell list and a high magic stat for nuke damage. Prior to Dorothea becoming a dancer, he functions as another heavy hitting magic user with access to 3 range tome. When Dorothea becomes a dancer he continues the job she is no longer really doing as a combat unit.
  7. Eh, sure I guess? Critical chance from the skill itself alone is calculated equal to the unit's skill stat. However it is raised by factors such as any weapon kills above 50 on a weapon and the +20% crit chance when next to a lover or sibling. Another thing is that adding a natural 20% chance to critical rates on the critical skill would make Ares WAAAAY more broken than he already is. Personally I'd rather they'd replace Accost/Charge's effect with the version from FE5. As it stands, the version in FE4 is really ridiculous to activate. In FE5 it is significantly more useful as it can trigger more often. FE4 trigger rate: [User’s Attack Speed – Enemy’s Attack Speed + (HP/2)]% (Unit must also have 25 or more HP to activate) FE5 trigger rate: Initiates another round of combat if user’s Attack Speed and HP are greater than the enemy’s The whole reason Noish has this skill instead of pursuit of adept by the way is because he is supposed to be a slower and bulkier counterpart to Alec. This is why he has a skill that focuses a lot on HP in terms of its activation requirement. Arden is fine honestly. His stats are actually rather competent surprisingly if he is used, and he can reliably double enemies if he has the pursuit ring. His main problem (which should be obvious as it is a running joke with his character) is that his movement is low and as such is a pain in the ass to use until you obtain the leg ring. If he were to get another skill, then I guess it would have to be critical I guess. Not sure what else you could give him that wouldn't break from his character. I dont know how I feel about this. Thing is, Mages and Armors in FE4 have one point of mov less than normal foot units. Boosting their mov by one would make them the same as foot units and in turn making some parts of map significantly more annoying (enemy mages in general, Leif protecting Leonstar in chapter 7, the triangle attack mages in chapter 8, Hannible...). If anything, boosting the mov of unpromoted mages outside of the bard class seems somewhat reasonable. However I still have mixed feelings on it. Six extra might is quite ridiculous, but I like the effective damage idea. Giving the tome type effective damage against armors and mounted units is an interesting concept that makes fire tomes not absolute garbage. Pfffft, already does that! Sol and Luna are somewhat reasonable, however Astra is hilariously broken in FE4. Then again, astra is locked to Ayra and her kids so I guess the idea still works. What? Why? That ridiculous! This would only be a serious detriment to players and nothing more, especially those trying to promote Lachesis asap to make dealing with Eldigan less annoying. That is broken. I don't feel the need to explain why as it probably should be obvious. I understand that axes in particular have WAY too much weight, but isn't this a bit excessive? They aren't Heroes they are Forests. I know they are called Heroes in the Naga patch but they are not the same class. Anyway I see zero reason as to why you'd ever give them axes. Not only is it pointless to begin with as they will primarily be using a very specific sword in their inventory all the time anyway, but the Forest class is not intended to be like the same as a Hero. The -3 weight as an effect is absolutely broken for the class, effectively making swords nearly or literally weightless. Masterknights already can use light magic. As for whether or not they should use dark magic that is a big no. Dark magic is explicitly only used by members of the loptous faith and noone else in the Jugdral games. This is why the only dark magic user in either Jugdral game, a dark mage named Salem, is a former member of them. Nihil I guess I could understand as a super special or secret, powerful unlockable obtained in the real late game or something. However a vantage ring? Why? I don't see any point in this thing existing at all. Dear god no him and Seliph are already insanely broken enough! I can roll with this. Her bases as is are just sad and make using her an absolute chore. Well, Travant exists. Anyway I guess this could be interesting if done sparingly, carefully, and thoughtfully. Rank? You mean number of love points? You do realize this game doesn't have the support system right? If they add a new unit in gen 2 they will either need to replace an already existing unit or add another one in gen 1 to compensate. Also how canon Thracia 776 is is very debatable as it detours from the normal plot of FE4, most notably Leif's army not being decimated by Blume before Leif was able to meet up with Seliph. Hard mode does exist actually...kinda. After you beat the game, you unlock a new option in the setting on subsequent playthroughs which when turned on will increase the intelligence of the enemy AI. Also as for it being "too easy", I think thats a bit of an exaggeration. Outside of Seliph, Ares, and Leif carrying all of gen 2 so that no matter what pairings or lack-there-of that you end up with, you won't have too much issue completing the game. While giving specific characters stuff like this is ridiculous, the idea of extending bow range is rather nice. However the problem with this is how large of a scale the maps in this game actually cover. Some of these maps cover entire countries in size. Thracia 776 maps are actually located in very specific locations on the map like a specific village or castle, the scale of the map of FE4 are THAT BIG. A way better way to fix archers is to implement close counter as a skill or something. The primary reason Bow Fighters/Archers in particular are terrible is because they have no way of retaliating at close range, meaning they have almost no enemy phase action at all. Also, in regards to your idea on individual units having different bow ranges, what about Asaello, Deimne, and promoted Lucharba? Oh and also, doing this screws up Lester a lot. Why would princes wield lances exactly? In FE4 you are primarily going to be using very specific weapons on characters in order to gain kills on said weapon. For the most part, the weapon triangle isn't something you pay that much attention to in this regard as once you gain that crit bonus and keep raising it, you will likely be one rounding the enemy anyway. This is particularly true for Leif and Seliph with their Light Brand and Silver Sword respectively. The Light Brand in particular is incredibly powerful to a ridiculous extent if you do manage to get 50 kills on it since it a light 1-2 range weapon with high damage output to begin with. I really don't see the point in this. Also I feel it contradicts the games focus on emulating norse or celtic to a faithul extent without getting too anime or anything. Uuuuuuh why? Seriously, why would this ever be a thing? From what I have heard, Kaga at some point stated that Silvia and Claud aren't siblings but in fact cousins. Sounds like something he pull out of his ass in order to justify the incest here but its still worth noting. Also this is the only actual incest pairing unrelated to story and what-not in the game that wasn't likely unintentional besides one: Nanna and Ares. Nanna and Ares have a lover conversation though that both makes fun of the fact they are cousins and confirms the truth about Lachesis's unrequited feelings for her half brother. I should probably add that removing incest entirely from the game as a whole is impossible as Arvis unknowingly marrying his own sister is central to the plot. I know youre just referring to gameplay but I feel its still worth mentioning. This ain't a konami game but the idea of something stupid like this being trigger-able with a secret code is amusing. I really like this. Would be a nice attention to detail. Hah! Would be quite funny if it was a thing I will give it that. YES! MAKE THE WIND MAGIC EVEN MORE ABSURDLY UNBALANCED! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA Thats broken. A better idea is to just give Deirdre Nosferatu like how Julia can obtain it in Gen 2. Light/Lightning is incredibly powerful but I don't see why it can't be obtained at that point. Noones likely gonna inherit it anyway besides Ced (though him and his sub already come with one by default). Also Lewyn and Lachesis (if either are alive and promoted) using them shouldn't really hurt when it comes to balance to begin with. Like that joke manga (forget the name)? I don't know dude. Sounds like a bit of a task for the devs to implement. Don't see anything wrong with this. It'll help level up certain units (particularly Leif) who need it a little more than before which is nice. Though I imagine this could really be abused if too many are added. Sure I guess. Could update to have references to modern games or something, though I'm not sure there's enough room for too many more. Eeeeeh sounds a little contrived, as helpful as it would be to new players unaware of what is gonna happen. Sure I guess.
  8. "Grust had caught the League unawares, forcing them to flee to Pyrathi. But the kingdom of Pyrathi seldom made contact with the outside world, and their king, Mannu, was wroth when he heard of the League's unexpected visit." -The chapters opening in the NA release of SD The fact their visit came as unexpected and Mannu reacted in such a way implies that they came without any announcement before they arrived. Now its not stated, however it can be assumed they were way too desperate to wait to send a messenger and simply came in with the intention of contacting them directly. Regardless you're still right in that the script is a quite barebones. Not enough context is provided to deduce whether they intended to invade or not; only that Mannu reacted to it as would any leader of an incredibly isolated island nation to an army from another nation showing up on your shores unexpectedly.
  9. Hanneman is often argued as one of if not the best mage in maddening mode in most cases to my knowledge outside of the addition of the abyss DLC. His nuking capabilities eliminate the need to rely on speed in a mode where trying to double things can be a nightmare. The addition of him learning Thoron and Meteor helps even more. What puts him above Dorothea in particular as a nuke is primarily his bases coupled with an extremely similar spell list where he does literally the exact same thing but without the need to double.
  10. To be fair here, they had no intention of invading. They were simply seeking asylum there after having been pushed back and there seeming to be no other option. While it is definitely stupid to attempt to seek asylum with a neutral country at the last minute without negotiation or anything at all prior, their decision as ridiculous as it was because they only made out of desperation from what I can gather as they had no real other options at the time.
  11. That's usually only the case over her design coupled with the belief by some that her having charm makes her better than Lene. Least from my understanding. With Asaello, his notoriety comes from how he is a very different character from Febail and has quite a bit of dialogue for a character in FE4. Instead of being an angsty "soft boy" trying to look intimidating when he really isn't all that tough like Febail, Asaello is actually mature killer who is feared as a result of his profession and skills in spite of his intentions behind the work. He also has a minor trait of disliking nobles brought up a couple of times, one of them (lover conversation with Muirne) has him complaining about something along the lines of how easy it is for nobleman with holy blood to get so strong while average folk have to work for it.
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