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  1. No, there is no quick and easy way to get these things beyond spending hours grinding for them in Thabes banking on the really REALLY low drop rate from the pots on floor 9. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/miscellaneous/random-items/
  2. Staves were never really portrayed as a holy thing in Fire Emblem though. Sure priests and priestesses use them but that's just cause of their healing properties and the fact that they don't really fight until they are promoted. Staves are simply another manner of casting specific other types of spells different from the usual.
  3. I am quite familiar with it as I have been an active user (for some reason) on there for the past couple years and was a mod on the FE amino at one point. It tries to combine aspects of reddit and tumbler together and its as weird. Anyway so whats the status on this whole thing? You guys gonna update it?
  4. Has made a very factual statement.
  5. Oh, didn't really think it'd be a big deal. Sorry, I'll stop the whole thing if it's really an issue. Oof. Well there goes that idea regardless of me being allowed to do it.
  6. Gives me XCOM vibes for some reason lol. Not sure why. Anyway a mechanic like this is something that would most certainly not work in a traditional FE game of any sort. It being in Berwick is understandable as to my knowledge the game is drastically different from even the original TRS, and is more or less mostly its own thing. This would allow a mechanic such as this to probably be more appropriate.
  7. Paladin Jakob is amazing in the early game and then spends the rest of the game as a phenomenal pair-up bot for Corn. His personal skill boosts Corn's avoid by 15 and reduces damage taken by three whenever Jakob is paired with em. Then there's the pairup bonuses from the paladin class whicha are great due to the mov bonus, defender, Jakob's solid natural pairup bonuses, and the solid pairup bonuses of the paladin class besides mov.
  8. Is very into princess characters
  9. Putting this in Fan Projects cause I have no idea where else to put it. So uuuuh, because I have way too much time on my hands, I've decided to put together a slew of continuously ongoing giant polls asking which characters from each game are the favorites of Serenes Forest users. The polls will create a ranking of the most popular characters from each game. Thing is, I'm split on how to set up a few things, so I'm gonna ask for people's opinions on some thngs. These polls will be put together in google form by the way.
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