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  1. Dear lord I don't think I a "leak" has ever actually made me hyped before, at least not until now. I honestly believe I will be VERY disappointed if this isn't true and I find it surprisingly much harder to doubt taking this all with a grain of salt. The description given here is seemingly everything I would ever want in a new FE game.
  2. This game is not designed for a perfect run at all. If a unit dies you have to figure out who to replace them with. The only case a non-ironman run should be normal is if you are playing on Lunatic or something, in which case you can just use all of the absurdly broken units such as Palla and Sirius or just stick with a certain team in general. Basically the game gives ya a load of options so you can adapt to a situation like losing units or units getting stat screwed, or try out different strategies.
  3. Greeting person. If you dislike swearing we may not get along. In all seriousness though excessive cursing isn't allowed on here so you shouldn't encounter that sort of language much on here, even from someone who normally curses excessively.
  4. I have absolutely no experience with FEBuilder since I haven't hacked in years and am only used to using older stuff like FEditor, hower I can can confirm for you that FE7 mugs work in FE8. Not sure how you insert custom mugs into FEbuilder but in FEditor you could insert mug files into a rom as long as they fit the required height and width. The mugs also obviously need to be oriented correctly in with the portrait and animation frames in the right locations to look right. Should be noted that FE6 mugs must be edited before insertion because FE6 didn't have the blinking and smile animations that FE7 and 8 do.
  5. I made this a year or two ago.
  6. Might be a bit off-topic but I thought that "tanasmanor" site was dead. I recall it suddenly never working for whatever reason.
  7. Here's some shit I have on hand at the moment.
  8. In short very little. We really don't know anything about the culture of the place or where it might be located specifically. Unlike Say'ri Virion and Cherche's none of their supports go into those sort of details. The most we get is a better explanation of why Virion chose to force his people to flee. To be honest Rosanne likely only exists as an excuse to bring Chrom over to Valm.
  9. Probably doesn't realize that Loki from Heroes might be a man who is disguised as a sexy lady through shape shifting.
  10. Your username pleases me.

    1. Chairman Meow

      Chairman Meow

      All hail the communist kitty:B):

  11. I would suggest not relying on a specific team unless you like to reset a lot or something. Anyway, I would highly suggest using Niime instead of Yoder as she joins earlier with better stats.
  12. Don't bother with the jealousy system. Its too needlessly complicated and noone even really fully understands how its works even nowadays.
  13. Laurent isn't a variation of his mother though technically. His whole thing is that he tries to act like her despite being a totally different person due to looking up to her allot.
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