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  1. It's annoying and uninteresting outside of like, some forest placement at the start I guess? There really isn't much to say about it tbh. You could go deeper into it but it's really just annoying and uninteresting.
  2. In FE12 Bantu easily. He is the absolute KING of bad units, which is ironic since in FE12 most units are viable outside of maniac and lunatic. He was already not good in FE3 outside of a niche use but in FE12 he is SOOO much worse. Even worse than he was in FE11. For one dragon breath no longer ignores defense and Fire Dragons also no longer do effective damage against Ice dragons. Meaning he loses his original niche use from FE3. To add to this his stats are horrendous. Both his bases and his growth are so bad its almost painful. Its the point that he impossible to make good without hording a ton of a stat boosters and feeding them to him. To put this in perspective, he gets murdered by the enemies in the map he joins, can barely do damage to much, never doubles, and will never grow without stat boosters since nearly every growths are is either 20% or 10%. To add to this unlike shadow dragon where he is required to recruit Tiki at least, he isn't needed to recruit her at all. I'm too lazy to talk about other games atm
  3. Subaki's job is being a flier that carries people around. His combat isn't really a big deal.
  4. Could have sworn I had the option to start book 2 from the beginning last I played it. Been a long time though I guess.
  5. Late but something you should be aware of is that FE3 has a notoriously annoying dismount system. Game doesn't really ease you into it and its implementation via game design outside of a section of chapter 1 of Book 2. Dismounting is a gimmick added to FE3 where you can have mounted units (Cavalier, Pegasus knights, etc) dismount and walk around on foot. While dismounted the unit are all changed to the "knight" class which can only equip swords besides the "Horseman" class which instead is changed into a Hunter (Hunter is a separate class that's units can be promoted/upgraded into a Horseman). When dismounted have a reduced mov stat but (in the case of cavalry) can better travel over mountains and forests. The main idea behind it is immersion with no horses being ridden around indoors, nerfing the very powerful cavalry classes, and giving horse units the ability to cross mountains and forests. Sounds cool but there are problems, namely... Units are now locked to swords, which really suck unless you have high strength and agility or that sword is a Levin Sword (sword that attacks with magic damage). Doesn't help that some of these units already don't have a fantastic damage output when they join. You're probably gonna end up using Cain, Abel, Hardin, Jagen and maybe a promoted Castor though in terms of hoses assuming none of them die Makes it so only armored knights and generals can wield lances indoors, which is an annoyance since a lance is the best weapon in the game and said lance is iconic in the series It requires you waste a turn when dismounting and (iirc) mounting as doing so ends that specific units turn. Basically just, be aware dismounting is a thing. It's not AS dumb as it is in other games but it can be annoying.
  6. Honestly, I don't believe in ghosts, as in the haunted house kind. Ghost stories are fantastic but they're not true, and even if a ghost were wandering around in our world it'd probably have zero means of interacting with you or anything. Me not believing doesn't mean I don't get jumpy about it sometimes sometimes though, most people do whether they'd admit it or not. As for seeing religious figures and stuff while I haven't seen em, but I'm sure someone could have. Not everyone who has said they have truly has obviously but I'm sure there's at least one claim in more history outside of religious texts that has some truth to it.
  7. Well meat's meat ya know. Long as its prepared in a way that doesn't look gross I''d be up for it.
  8. In the detailed view section of "classes" from the Three Houses page on the main site there is an error with the Dark Flier section. The class is listed as having the skills of a War Monk. (edit: grammar)
  9. No, there is no quick and easy way to get these things beyond spending hours grinding for them in Thabes banking on the really REALLY low drop rate from the pots on floor 9. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/miscellaneous/random-items/
  10. Staves were never really portrayed as a holy thing in Fire Emblem though. Sure priests and priestesses use them but that's just cause of their healing properties and the fact that they don't really fight until they are promoted. Staves are simply another manner of casting specific other types of spells different from the usual.
  11. I am quite familiar with it as I have been an active user (for some reason) on there for the past couple years and was a mod on the FE amino at one point. It tries to combine aspects of reddit and tumbler together and its as weird. Anyway so whats the status on this whole thing? You guys gonna update it?
  12. Has made a very factual statement.
  13. Oh, didn't really think it'd be a big deal. Sorry, I'll stop the whole thing if it's really an issue. Oof. Well there goes that idea regardless of me being allowed to do it.
  14. Gives me XCOM vibes for some reason lol. Not sure why. Anyway a mechanic like this is something that would most certainly not work in a traditional FE game of any sort. It being in Berwick is understandable as to my knowledge the game is drastically different from even the original TRS, and is more or less mostly its own thing. This would allow a mechanic such as this to probably be more appropriate.
  15. Paladin Jakob is amazing in the early game and then spends the rest of the game as a phenomenal pair-up bot for Corn. His personal skill boosts Corn's avoid by 15 and reduces damage taken by three whenever Jakob is paired with em. Then there's the pairup bonuses from the paladin class whicha are great due to the mov bonus, defender, Jakob's solid natural pairup bonuses, and the solid pairup bonuses of the paladin class besides mov.
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