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  1. So I'm working on the story where the objective of the game is to either do good deeds to return home or get married by finding a person of their interest. Thing is, I don't know whether I should do a fixed pair or make it so that any pair is possible. Fixed pair makes more sense chemistry wise to me atleast. So I want to know what advice you can give me on this? Would you guys like any pair possible for the marriage or a fixed pair that is best suited?
  2. Hey I could be wrong at the end and its like you said that it may end up being good considering that this is IS we're talking about here....but I still don't buy it until the game is out. I don't know what exactly they can do if the characters are students...what tragic can they possibly do for students besides having lost parents at young age or being transferred? If they can do beyond that, well and good. I haven't been looking at much news for this game simply because....its just confusing. Only a small fraction of gameplay is shown at the direct and even that wasn't enough to say what it plans out to be. I hope I'm wrong and I hope it ends up being good because that's what we all would want in the end.
  3. If I am to be very honest here, I am having a hard time getting hyped about this game. Its not just the artstyle but rather how it just doesn't feel like a fire emblem game one bit. Teachers? Students? A school setting? Fire Emblem is a game about characters and deals with their backstories. Ok, I can understand that if they want to do this, they can...but why butcher the gameplay even further? Most of the classic classes are removed, we still have no clue as to what objectives we are to get here and on top of that, this looks like there won't be support conversations whatsoever....not waifu...support conversations. But on the other hand...this can be a good thing for FE as a whole. If a game like this can work, then maybe we can see IS going further with the brand. If it fails though, then they might look at it and do it the way the series is meant to be stuck with.
  4. Atleast Dimitri looks interesting as a character. I knew that green haired guy was just as bland as he was in the early trailer so of COURSE he had to be the avatar. Atleast he looks cool.... So from the looks of it, its trying to be doing something like FE7/FE8/FE14 where depending on what you select will have different chapters and plot( I'm only guessing because they tell you can only choose one of the houses) If they are going to do it like in Fates where none of your choices matter and the other side just trolls at you just for the fun of it, IS needs to get back Ken Yokoyama until they figure out how to write a GOOD story. Yeah Conquest is the best FE game as of now but the plot is seriously messed up no matter how hard you look at it. Then again, knowing Nintendo rarely writes stories with strong plot these days, I'm used to it. Whoever is writing the plot for this game better do it right. If it ends up being something like FE7/FE8 where depending on who you choose, you get exclusive chapters and still has very little difference in plot, I'm sold because it adds replayability to the overall game without trolling you that you have yet to get the best ending.. As for gameplay...they didn't explain enough of what you can do in the game and what new features are added. It looks like marriage is absent here unless I'm wrong because there's no footage of it. There's also very little seen in the battlefield. Missed opportunity for seeing the map design and movement taking place. I'm only guessing that more will be shown at the Treehouse live event? And yet, I know for a fact that it'll turn out as a solid game. I mean it has to given its Intelligent Systems doing the IP they know best. Can't really think of an FE game that's near abysmal. So I'll get it knowing it'll be a great game to play in the end.
  5. Like you see characters from previous games or the stories are linked?
  6. The main reason the hate comes is that the latter two don't improve or bring back any of the things that the previous games do and just add game mechanics that don't benefit the games whatsoever. Marriage is entirely useless because you can still beat the games with gen 1 characters no matter what. Conquest is the only great game of the three. Birthright has bland maps and make Awakening's better somehow. And the plot in fates is the worst of all.
  7. Just got a doubt. Is trails of cold steel a continuation of Trails in the sky or is it a spin off? Are there any connections to the games like Phantasy star in the end?
  8. Just started playing trails in the sky and I like it so far! I got this game like few weeks ago. Knowing its Falcom behind this, I expected that it will end up being a good JRPG and it turns out that it is so far! Estelle Bright is my favourite character of the whole bunch as of now. I like her optimism and her goofy side as it gives her a lot of depth. Some of these characters have depth in them and I like it so far. I like how you get to get different allies as the game makes progress as well instead of being stuck with whatever you have to deal with. I guess the only thing I don't like about it so far is the music. Sure, there's few tracks that are great but I kinda expected Ys quality if you know what I mean. But its still rocksolid. Certainly far better than DQ11 imo. I hope the sequel and the other trails games get better when I get my hands on them. I can't believe that Falcom being not so high than Squenix is able to make engaging RPGs far better than the former...which is sad because Chrono Trigger still happens to be my favorite RPG and now they sunk rock bottom.
  9. Best of 2018: Underhero, Mega Man 11, Sonic Mania(counts because the update plus makes some changes and so it ends up being a game of this year as well.) (I want to say Super Mario Odyssey but then I remembered that it was released last year...:3) Worst games of 2018: Minit Dragon Quest 11 Iconoclasts Most anticipated games of 2019: Fire Emblem Three houses Yoshi's Crafted World New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Luigi's Mansion 3
  10. Harvey

    FE4: Tips

    General tips for the game: 1. If doing arena abuse, save and then abuse as much as possible for each unit. If the unit cannot defeat a specific enemy, reset and arena abuse again untill you reach the point where you had lost earlier. 2. Save the villages. They always give good rewards and some of them are really useful. 3. Since units in this game are very scarce, train every unit as much as possible except the generals as they are extremely useless here. 4. Have the habit of saving as it helps a LOT in the long run. Don't think these maps can be beaten in one sitting. 5. Some of these powerful weapons can only be achieved by a certain event. Read the guide for such weapons as you can only get them once and it will be a lot easier. 6. Don't worry about money as you get plenty. As a matter of fact, the arena abuse itself is good enough. 7. Repair the best weapons you have as they are the ones you will be using the most. 8. Make good use of the ones that have holy blood in them as they are often the most powerful of the others. 9. This is the first game that introduces the weapon triangle so make use of that tactic. 10. Couple with anyone of your interest and do not worry about how bad the gen 2 units end up being as it is almost impossible to screw a lot of them.
  11. Alright...I guess you guys have a point. Though its really sad that some of you would play a mode that's not even part of the main games and still judge units no matter what.
  12. My point exactly. You get like five of them and of those five, only two are considered worthy and even then, they'll have trouble doubling with axes. Couldn't you just promote him fast and then use stat buffs? Then just give a body ring why not?
  13. Ok so I looked a bit of the discussion that Raven is either overrated or is just an average unit that isn't Marcus tier when seeing the 0% growth run. Even some of the members here say so. I mean like really? How is that the problem. I mean when you consider that.. 1. Is the only unit that makes use of the hero crest 2. Is your best axe user until lategame. 3. Has really high bases for his join time. How can Raven still have problems for those saying he has problems? Like sure, he'll struggle a bit before promotion but its not like its hard to get him promoted...is it? and how can he perform so bad in a 0% growth run?
  14. Oh boy......the amount of quality that FE music has is just damn good! Mostly my favourites are from Holy War, Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, Echoes and Awakening.
  15. Astram. Love his design and character. Then Geese also comes to mind..I mean, da hair!!!
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