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  1. Have not been here for a looong time. ..But when this was revealed and the more I look at it, I'm like..wow. Can't wait to play it! I mean why not? Its got my girl Lyn written on it and the artstyle is pretty cool too.
  2. I'm playing Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor. Boy is the game lacking in terms of gameplay. Like sure, story and branching paths are good but what good is that if the game is too basic with little to no tactical limitations? And it has issues with difficulty. Majority of the time its a cakewalk till suddenly you come across a boss who becomes near invincible unless you get the right needed skills.
  3. I beated this route not long back too. Its second to Verdant Wind. Dimitri is fully fleshed out and imo is the only unit that the timeskip actually develops his character a lot.
  4. That's just what I don't get though. I mean sure...I understand why the fandom rates units and the ratings exist because it helps those who want to pick long term units to play the game. I get that. You'd need super powerful units to have some kind of progress. Ok I do. But modern FE games like 3H are designed so that you can never have issues with unit balancing and honestly, I cannot pick a finger of any bad units in 3H because of how the game is designed with them being usable throughout. It really hurts to see my girl Marianne rated lower than Mercedes and the same for Rapheal and Caspar because Maddening suddenly makes them both suck instead of the difficulty. I just hate the idea of rating units generally. It just means that because you're gonna come across weaker units that are a waste of time to train, you're going to choose the ones who are powerful enough for you to make progress...and it sucks really. And those who argue about units being good are not considered tacticians or are just being rather delusional. Like I swear, the things that gamefaqs users even say like 3H units have to have offensive power else they are thrash. Just recently there's a poll of Hilda vs Ingrid. Like seriously? Who cares? Both are good but no..Ingird sucks earlygame because of her low str even though she's in a game where you can grind a bit both to master classes and levelling. And even though Hilda has a bane in authority, that isn't that big of a deal since authority C rank is simple to get? And it went on that there are so many fliers that can outpace Ingrid very easily...like what? Same for Felix vs Petra...like how does it even matter if one is better than the other if they are both useful in their ways?
  5. I hate rating units. Simply because it makes weak units exist for no reason and they end up with good character. I honestly thought that we'd be done with this rating stuff once Three Houses showed up...but I guess unit balancing is never going to work out because of the existence of higher difficulties.
  6. Woah...this came out of nowhere. I get why this is a separate release. Simply because it never came to the west and it being limited would anger members who are in the NSO service. What I don't get is why would they bother releasing the old one instead of doing an Echoes version of it knowing that can lead to more sales? Either way, I'll get it because I'm morally supporting the devs behind it.
  7. I get what you're saying here but you're making it sound like Nintendo is the bad guy here... 😕 Afterall, IS is based on Nintendo staff which was the R&D1 and EAD...or was it the other way around? We all miss a legend 😞
  8. I know that asking this is probably stupid. But I can't help and wonder if Nintendo fully owns the IP or not considering that every FE shows it as Nintendo/Intelligent Systems are the authors of the softwares.
  9. Well, if you level up Kaze, he'll have better bases and same for Corrin and if you want a different corrin, you're going to need the prologue anyways. Besides, you can also get some my castle resources early on which may come in handy.
  10. Well, if you want specific units with good level ups, it doesn't hurt that they get the upper hand in the prologue especially Corrin. Its kinda like Blazing Blade. You don't need Lyn's mode to like grind the units but it kinda helps if you want to use them. Same here with Fates. I agree that its pointless in Birthright and Revelation though since they offer ways for grinding. But Conquest? That's hard to pass.
  11. The difference between the split route between the two games is that in Fates, no matter which side you choose, you're seen as a traitor for no reason whatsoever. Whereas in Three Houses, you're simply guiding the students whom you've trained with and you're not seen as a traitor as frequently as how Fates does it. It also doesn't help that in Fates, you never get an ending that is satisfactory as they all lead to the same problem. Whereas in Three Houses, you get to side with the house. This made the Three House route split more satisfactory than the spilt from Fates. That's not a good idea if you want to level up some of your units.
  12. That can't work for both ways in my case. I'm in a country where getting older Nintendo stuff is extremely difficult and the only other option is to get it shipped which also adds to the cost and further makes it more expensive. And the other way can't work as well due to how I heard stories that they are poorly executed. Seriously, Nintendo/IS really need to atleast port these games. After all, one of the devs themselves said that PoR was not even finished. So far... Awakening, Fates, Echoes, 3H, Blade of Light, New Mystery of the Emblem, Holy war, Tharacia 776, Blazing and Binding Blade. I haven't gotten Sacred Stones, Por and RD. Atleast the former unlike these two games are much easy to get my hands on so hopefully, I should be able to play Sacred Stones.
  13. Thank you for all the thoughts. Unfortunately, I don't think it'd be possible for me to get these games due to them being boarderline expensive and not only that, my Gamecube's dead and I have to get either a Wii or a U and by that point, the games would be like impossible to get. Still, I'm quite envious that you all got to play these games...darn Nintendo, when will you do ports for these games already?
  14. It may as well though and I'm sure that it will reach those numbers pretty easily too given the digital purchases count too.
  15. I never got the chance to play these games so for those who have played them, well how did they turn out to you all? Is the story good/bad?(no spoilers pls), is the gameplay on par with previous FE games before? And what of the map designs?
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