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  1. Frankly, considering how this game sold so well, I honestly think that Nintendo/Intelligent Systems should do remakes of their past games since many of them have aged especially PoR which the developers have said that it was only 70% completed before release. It would be interesting to see what the remaining would have been added if the remake were to take in place. I actually thought of moving it in the three house forum but then I didn't see any topic mentioning this before I posted so I assumed that posting it on general fire emblem would have sufficed but my bad.
  2. I can't figure out how you found SMO or Botw disappointing but whatever. Three Houses did everything that fans nearly wanted but the map design. To me atleast, the story is a major improvement of Fates.
  3. Because again, it made no sense whatsoever and really it doesn't do much and that's wh 3H did not have it. The context of two characters getting married is the same nonetheless as the endings show them as paired. Older games have units marry and so do the later games when paired up. The only difference is you get a kid in Awakening and Holy war.
  4. Super Mario series(as well as its various other spinoffs like Wario land) Kirby Mega Man Sonic Pokemon Legend of Zelda Blaster Master I want to say Ys because while the series as a whole is amazing, I like Ys when it was top down and not something like now. Don't get me wrong, Ys IS a great series and I'll get into it but none of them besides the earlier ones make me want to play them again for some reason. I guess Legend of Heroes is the same. Like it a lot and want to get more into it so time will tell.
  5. For Awakening, I can understand why they would have done the marriage thing as they would want to add everything in the game considering that it was to be the last in the series. But I can't understand why that was added in Fates for some reason. Unless you play conquest, there is no reason for the marriage and kids to exist since all it does is just give you units that are just on par with your main units and adds little insentive. And yet despite that, Conquest has the best gameplay since Thracia imo which means that Intelligent Systems are more than capable of making great map designs but decided to go into the birthright route for the future series due to birthright selling well and that one had bland maps imo.
  6. Whether couples marry at the end or whether the supports allow you to do so does not matter because its the same thing. For earlier games, if you want them to get married, you'd keep them alive and really, keeping them all alive is part of the idea of Fire Emblem. Can't agree with this because Shadows of Valentia was released in a time where the Switch was ahead and that many wanted it to be ported on Switch for those extra sales. Cannot see how lack of waifus would make this game bomb.
  7. Toss out Marcus, Zealot, Thea, Yoder and Karel. Marcus and Zealot are good early on but fall fast. Thea is pointless when you already have shanna who becomes ahead of her. Yoder and Karel show up very late in the game so don't bother with them because by the time you get them, you already have units better than them. Ones I would add are Rutger, Lugh and Niime. Rutger for being the best unit early on. Lugh being rather a decent mage and Niime for being the best healer in the entire game. Of course, you can also get Clarine due to her having a horse and I guess...Cecila?
  8. I'm personally sick of those who attack FE as a waifu dating game at all and argue that for any game that does not have it, is gonna bomb. First of all, Fire Emblem is a Simulation RPG which has elements of simulation between characters. There have always been cases where characters talk or marry one another even in the earlier games. Its not even remotely possible for all units to marry one another as only specific ones can. Its sickening because they fail to realise the whole point of Fire Emblem which is to keep units alive or train them to be better. Its really scary if the next fire emblem game fails because it had no "waifu" to begin with and fail to realise that it was not that but more than that.
  9. I'm guessing a lot of that backlash was due to the localisation not being the ones who localized Shadows of valentia. Anyways, yeah. Nintendo imo is one of the few that don't screw around the marketing aspect unlike some others that I know of who end up doing dumb decisions all the time.
  10. They say exceding 1.7 so the total is 2.29 million. It sold 50% more in the west. Its crazy isn't it. I mean, the game had mixed results but it ultimately ended up being received well and selling well. I'm glad I was wrong about the game in the end despite its flaws.
  11. So Nintendo's financial results have come in and as a result, Three Houses managed to sell 2 Million copies! Q2 / (Q1) Nintendo Switch: Hardware: 41.67m / (36.87m + 4.8m) Software: 246.01m / (210.13m + 35.88m) Nintendo 3DS: Hardware: 75.45m / (75.28m + 0.17m) Software: 380.72m / (379.60m + 1.12m) Top Selling Switch Titles: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 19.01m / (17.89m + 1.12m) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 15.71m / (14.73m + 0.98m) Super Mario Odyssey: 15.38m / (14.94m + 0.44m) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 14.54m / (13.61m + 0.93m) Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee: 11.28m / (10.98m + 0.30m) Splatoon 2: 9.28m / (9.02m + 0.20m) Super Mario Party: 7.59m / (6.99m + 0.60m) New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: 4.59m / (4.01m + 0.58m) Super Mario Maker 2: 3.93m / NEW The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: 3.13m / NEW Other Highlights: - Fire Emblem Three Houses sales LTD: 2.29m - Switch Hardware reached 6.93m sales (+36.7% YoY) - Switch Software reached 58.49m sales (+38.8% YoY) - Overall digital sales sees (+83.0%) YoY from packaged software, digital only software, and NSO. - Digital Game Ratio: 34.8% this quarter; FY Cumulative 36.2% - No changes in the hardware forecast (18 million) - Nintendo Switch Lite sold 1.95 million units LTD. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2019/191031e.pdf https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/index.html
  12. It makes others who do as well as them being worse than them. When Nintendo games are consistently good, people flak at it but for Atlus? Nearly everyone agrees with that and its all because they are shallow minded. Its no wonder that SEGA can't even make use out of them because of what they are.
  13. The issue here is that its developed by Atlus. Only reason people give a damn about it is because its developed by atlus. One of those overrated companies out there who claim they are better than everyone else.
  14. For my unpopular opinion...I can't believe that there are people that are fans of Tokyo Mirage Sessions... I mean really? The whole thing is singing theme, has literally nothing to do with Fire Emblem and on top of that, its an Atlus game and no one here thanks Nintendo for taking credit in making it happen.
  15. Hopefully Nintendo has a say in this. I mean, let's all admit that there are fans of the Mario and Luigi series and it would be stupid if Nintendo ignores the fans here.
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