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  1. My favourite ships are; Corrin/Leo Xander/Charlotte Laslow/Peri Saizo/Sakura Subaki/Selena (I don't have access to Revelation but if I did I'd definitely pair them up
  2. Apparently Corrin/Takumi lost a lot of popularity when the game was released in the west, and personally I can't understand why anyone would want to pair them up in the first place.
  3. The game makes it clear that Forrest's interested in girls, but one thing I noticed about his supports with his father is at one point he says the reason he likes dresses and cute accessories is because it makes him feel like a beautiful princess. This make me wonder if he might be a transgender lesbian.
  4. Maybe I'll try Odin/Felicia during my next playthrough of Conquest.
  5. What is it people don't like about Corrin/Leo?
  6. Bonus points for giving Caeldori red hair.
  7. Beruka could work as well, seeing how Ophelia could get the Malig Knight class from her too.
  8. I adore Corrin/Leo for several reasons. Their S support is adorable, I like the idea of Forrest being Kana's big brother, and it actually makes perfect sense considering Corrin is implied to be Robin's past life and most of the support involves Leo giving Corrin lessons about strategy. For couples I don't like, I don't feel comfortable pairing Elise with anyone for obvious reasons. Also I found Takumi/Oboro rather bland.
  9. I've never really worked with Benny, but as for Selena, Subaki is a perfect choice for obvious reasons. (I don't have access to Revelation, but if I did I'd definitely pair them up) On the other hand Jakob could work as well.
  10. Most people ship Chrom with Sumia or female Robin, I despise the former pairing (not that I have anything against Sumia, I just think her supports with Chrom are atrocious) and I've never tried the later. After hearing about the Chrom/Sully ship I tried it and it's my OTP, does anybody else ship them?
  11. I'd like to see some of the second gen characters turn up in the next game, especially Forrest.
  12. Benny and Selena would make a terrible couple.
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