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  1. I'd like a true ending path, either joining forces later in every route or in a hidden path that unlocks after clearing the other three. I want to play with the full roster. I'll be mad if I can only play with a third of the cast in each gameplay.
  2. Arf, I really like this game but I just finished ch.17 and I notice that I missed Tanya. I'm gonna hang myself. I can't stand missing a character, I just can't. Even if I'd never use him/her. I was soooo happy. I wish there was a guide or something, I only need to see when I miss a character and just reset that chapter to fulfill the conditions. Can anyone post a save with all the characters? Something close to my chapter would be just fine. I really don't want to start all over again. Edit: I didn't see that another user have posted a guide. Bless you * - *
  3. I heard him saying that he only knows about DLC's from the downloadable cards. Nothing else. So, I wouldn't exclude a main path as a DLC right now.
  4. You're right. I've added the twitter below! Thank you so much!
  5. I found this and I hope he looks like that in the post-timeskip artwork 🤩 https://mobile.twitter.com/d4ggerfish/status/1141786737900998657?s=20
  6. I totally agree. They all look great! It took me a while to realize one of them was Caspar. It seems that Lysithea didn't change much, right?
  7. Thank you! I just saw it, twice, and I didn't hear about any of the non-transferables characters. He just showed the mechanic trying to recruit Lysithea but nothing else. The only new thing I learnt from the video is there's a new character called Tomas.
  8. I didn't hear any mention to these characters being non-transferables, considering that I'm native from Spain and I understand everything. In which second did you hear that? BTW, I saw a new character: Tomas. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this.
  9. What? Which video? That doesn't make any sense, right? Hilda should be the unrecruitable character from Golden Deers because she's a retainer of some sort. Edit: I'm from Spain, maybe I can translate the video for you if you want ^^
  10. Claude x M!Byleth F!Byleth x Leonie Ingrid x Dimitri Edelgard x FlameEmperor Sylvain x M!Byleth Lorenz x Hairdresser
  11. Maybe It's Swordmaster and not Hero. I mean, that would make more sense towards Swordfaire and both gender can be Swordmasters.
  12. I personally think that the more the merrier. I could see Black Magic (Thunder, Fire, Wind), Dark Magic (Darkness), White Magic (Light, Healing). We might see Light Magic being offensive like the Thani tome, the Book of Naga, Aura or the Seraph spell in Echoes. I would want some ice spells (Blizzard, separated from wind) and earth spells (Brynhildr). Even water spells could be nice. A man can dream.
  13. I think Flayn is a priest of Seiros and maybe a manakete too. If not, I could see her as a healer or a pegasus knight. I don't know why she recalls me to Florina.
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