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    i like neon signs and i like the song (as well as 808s and heartbreak)
  2. International Security, might switch to product design though
  3. All I need is a large desk, mostly empty room, insulation, good air flow and some sort of aroma emission from incense/reed diffuser/oil diffuser
  4. http://schara.sunrockgo.com/day/october/10_28.html
  5. Lethal League was fun - much like dive kick was, you can get tired of it easily but pick it up a month later and have a blast
  6. reminder smash is a party game so lets keep it in SF mechanics
  7. I guess it's sort of that word of mouth "underrated classic" game during the third strike era where there weren't really any other new games to play besides indie japanese ones and alpha series. Surprised me as well because I personally only knew about 4 other people that have played it then i started noticing that with every forum there were at least 1 or 2 people posting about it
  8. Speaking of Cross Counter, is anybody subbed to it? I am, but the media player buffers so slowly for me sometimes or the quality keeps changing up. Obviously they won't have the greatest of servers and i'm in Australia but i'm wondering if anybody else has that issue?
  9. What could he have done? Tournament rules says that he can only take the round not the set
  10. i liked Dong Hwan, Terry, Rock, Gato and Freeman also im pretty sure Rock's theme is just a premade song on some keyboards/synths
  11. Not really a fan of anime fighters because I get absolutely destroyed and they seem very... one sided, but I did put in a fair amount of hours to the first two BlazBlue and GGAC+ Garou: MOTW is my all time favourite despite only playing with a select few people (Australia sux for fighting games). The rush down from KoF was there but it played more like Street Fighter without the insane knowledge needed for say, Third Strike. 2nd Day I bought Yata my stick broke, RIP Hori EX2 I had you for ~7 years edit: If you count Melee, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy as fighting games then they'd be my most played, otherwise it's a tossup between SFIVAE or Garou. I've never really put any serious effort into fighting games though, the most combo practice i've had is in trial mode, despite being my favourite genre.
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