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  1. Ey, just figured out that modding Nep games is super easy! After i run through all of them the first time, it's going to be fun to balance the stats out alot more.
  2. Then why am I buying heavy armor to wear? For the strength bonus that doesnt really add to my damage output? Just seems dumb to me. And I don't think they balanced it around hard mode, as levels dont really affect much anyways except magic and HP. Sure it gives MP, but equipment can remedy that easily.
  3. Gotcha. I'm the kinda person where I need to really enjoy a character in my team to REALLY like it, so that works out well for me.
  4. Yup, glad she's playable in the others as well! That'll make my experience that much more fun!
  5. So now that I got the Coliseum unlocked... I got better stuff! Take that @Shrimperor! Xd Oh, and falcom is still my favorite.
  6. I think it's just me, haha! That... is totally awesome! Also, i spot Umio!!!!! Is he any good?
  7. Getting the materials is hard, though. RNG doesn't favor me. Nep has store bought stuff, I was cheap! Yeah, i kinda noticed that survival was important in this game. kinda annoys me that they axed Blanc's MEN stat in Megadimension. Yeah... that probably won't happen. XD
  8. Wow, probably much more coordinated than mine! I have the characters i like in. And... that's it. So, what's your main strategy? Also for reference: Comparing their stats, doesn't Noire seem kinda broken? Also consider Nep's 3 levels higher!
  9. Well, it seems like the enemy likes to go first (im not that great at the battle initiation thing) And i don't want her to get nearly killed right to begin, either. Hence, why Blanc starts!
  10. She's in, just in the back since her AGI isn't great, imo.
  11. Yeah, of course! That one didn't scare me like this one did.
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