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  1. Technically Lucina is not an Ultimate newcomer, so wouldn't she not be an option to replace? On topic: they are all fine right where they are to me.
  2. Fire Emblem Awakening. Joking aside, as I stated earlier, i'm not sure if you have all of the files extracted or not. Mentioning that would be a good start. Yes, then you have to find Static.bin which is in Data>Person folders. I'm not sure if you know how to work with encrypted growths, so you'd have to mention that as well.
  3. They can be, in this instance it really depends on how good the player is. Anyways, I finally won... once. Now that I have 8 OVL gauge, I'm happy. That means 2 savage wolf furies, without items.
  4. Well, do you have the data extracted and decrypted? That would be a good start. Then, you need to know that the growths are encrypted, like FE12.
  5. This is honestly very frustrating as it feels like half the battle is just you sitting there taking punishment and not being able to anything. He controls Flynn and I control Estelle/Yuri.
  6. I free pulled yet another Tana, -atk +def, so shes getting merged with my +spd Tana.
  7. Part of me is hoping you aren't serious about this. Joking there, but honestly the part where Hero does that... dancing in the circus part scared me a bit. Or is that not what you mean? On topic, I agree with Mumbo as an assist. But Jinjo could work as well, I think.
  8. I just played Smash U, and I played Lucina, then Roy right after, and I can guarantee you that they do not play the same way at all. They are fine the way they are. And cutting would be pointless from a business PoV and for the sake of fans. Why cut characters when they already put in so much development time on them? That would be a waste, and cutting some of the most popular characters? For sure not a smart decision by the developers. Sure, they could fix things, but they did a fine job of making them feel different, more so than Peach and Daisy, that's for sure. They are already fun to play characters in my opinion.
  9. Normal, I think i just don't understand how combos work properly. And how the heck do you get out of the corner when you're being destroyed by 3 people? And don't get me started on the no items ever mystic arte, because that's just stupid. I actually did manage to win once, then Rita destroyed me with her Mystic Arte, 10,000 damage? How am I supposed to get passed this? It's pretty embarrassing how badly I get killed in this. Also consider that i'm playing with another person, and still can't win. I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon, but i'm not sure how to win without getting lucky/relying on Mystic Artes to pull a win out. One of my issues is I can't make it past the hunting blades without Heavenly Bladewing to take Clint out. So i'm only at OVL 2 or so when I finally win. Oh and i'm currently at level 91 so I can flexibly use most skills.
  10. Looking back on what i said about the DLC, i think it's not the worst thing, and I'm glad pokemon fans get more content, but I wont be buying it. I already have such a long line of DLC i need to buy. So hopefully the quality is really good, and worth the money.
  11. After playing Tales of Vesperia again, I would totally like to see Yuri in smash, he has so much potential for a cool moveset. Part of this is personal bias since I think he's such a great character.
  12. Tales of Vesperia is killing my sanity. The team arena is so absurd, geez. Like, I cant even move. After that, it was time for a break. Beating Alone was hard enough, but with three more allies? Yep, I cant do this.
  13. That moment when you beat a boss after about 15 tries, and your so shaky from excitement from finally winning. I'm happy now.
  14. I FINALLY BEAT HIM! Heavenly Bladewing ended him very quickly. And the idea to take Clint out first worked! Thank you so much! I feel so much better now! Edit: I just went up against the Traitor to Heaven for the first time and... ouch, that one stung a bit. Just... wow, I could not keep up with the damage output in that battle. I was so confident after my victory against Clint, I guess this is me getting my dues.
  15. Sorry to ask so many dumb questions, it's probably just me being bad at the game, but thank you for giving me advice, its greatly appreciated!
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