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  1. Doesnt justify his "i'm clearly better than you!" Attitude. He'll never see any use from me.
  2. So Dudley the jerk decided to assist me, and I see his crafts are bonkers. Hit the bench hard, you cocky shit.
  3. Will do! No worries, it'll be a while before I get the chance to post it.
  4. When I get the chance, sure i can show you what im struggling with! XD Also, I just fall short of the win (currently level 31)
  5. Question for any Trails from Zero players: the treasure on the Mainz road: level 35 enemies, how tf do i win this fight? They wipe me out with earth shaker (2,200 damage to the entire team) this is kinda annoying, Ngl
  6. Which is Shiro's paralouge again? Havent played BR in quite a while (and thankfully, dont intend to)
  7. Isn't Hinoka one of the better characters, base + growth wise? I've never really seen her "useless". that must be some luck!
  8. You edit them in their respective chapters, using the tabs to scroll through unit placement/data.
  9. The way i see it: when it comes to remakes, they always go "HD" cause in their eye, the people only care about graphics and... that's it. "Pretty the game up a bit and it's a must buy!" That works for some, and i don't think there's any issue with that. But it doesn't seem to change the devs focus on graphics in most cases. If your saying that older remakes of games should adopt new age styles of gameplay and such, i'm mixed on that opinion. Example: if i wanted to play KH1 or 2 and they were forced to run KH 3's engine, that would be a huge turnoff for me. (garbage engine and all XD) Now if you give me a choice between the two, i'd be alright with that. Some things... just shouldn't be touched, as it can be for the best. But adding content to a game can never truly hurt, so i can support that 100%.
  10. Well... you are choosing not to use the actually good characters, 'sides Hinoka that is.
  11. Mmkay, if you say so! XD Rinkah is one those that has a niche, but can't actually fulfill her role due to something like exactly that. And yes, her defence is good.
  12. Hmm... The doctor, Johacim guenter.. He knows a bit too much... I dont like him...
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