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  1. I'm like, 5'7 XD. I feel puny all of a sudden. 😒
  2. Better Grail Sphere actually, Tio's is total range. Xd
  3. Everything turns into a trash session eventually, its a perpetual cycle that we get caught up in to justify our exsistence amongst other humans.
  4. It's a Sony trash session? What happened?
  5. Can you explain? I'm kinda confused as to what you mean. Xd
  6. On a positive note: I finally adjusted every characters stats so everyone is usable! Even Josette is good for something now!
  7. Thats what I need to know, I might be able to add equipment if the list scrolls.
  8. Random question for any Trails in the Sky the 3rd players: can you confirm whether or not the weapons page on the menu is able to scroll up and down once you get enough weapons? Edit, not your total inventory, character specific is what i need to know.
  9. It relates to dancing in the name and partly the animation if I recall correctly. Learn. Xd
  10. Well... I dont think that would be classified as "not hinting at it" if you skipped the implications. Xd I hardly needed turbo and I was fine, wdym?
  11. I would also say Milla (ToX) but I wouldnt want the censorship to hit her hard haha.
  12. I mean, if you are too lazy to so setup for an initial bootup, I think that speaks for the person more so than the console. (Not you specifically, just generalizing)
  13. But that should work itself out. As internet connection can be found by the system itself, that shouldn't require any effort.
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