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  1. Preeeetty sure R,B,Y Don't have Mega Evolutions, and also pretty sure that most new games don't have 16 Badges, so not really the same, no. They add new mechanics all the time, and idk, do people consider the newer games on the same level? I mean, there's a reason they constantly reuse the Kanto region.
  2. Yeah, pokemons always been a game where people want more and more, never settling for what they have.
  3. I think it's more likely that the Pokémon fans have very high expectations since Pokémon usually delivers. They kinda created a very high standard for themselves, unfortunately.
  4. I know how you feel with getting the blades, it didn't like me either. As far as field skills go, I actually liked them a lot, it made it feel much more in depth being able to interact with the field and stuff. I do agree Xenoblade 1 is a bit better than 2, though. Simply cause the battles felt much more impactful, storyline wise. Good summary, here though.
  5. Going to go with Knight's as well. Not because moving or stats, just not a fan of the design of them. I don't hate any class on a gameplay level, and i'm not going to hate on cavalier for being good. Is it wrong to give the player an edge somewhere? I dunno, I don't see anything wrong with it, though. Sure, you could say it's poor balancing, but when isn't Fire Emblem poorly balanced?
  6. FE4, obviously because people hate the fact that horses are great units in that game. This alone splits most people. Which is funny because while people complain about it, they never mention things like Master Knight, etc. Which seems intended to be broken.
  7. Even Fierce Deity, is just Adult Link with the biggoron's sword, how is that not an edit? They could have souped up his attacks, but would rather reuse Adult Link instead. They chose to edit the Kokiri Sword and Hero's shield, why not go all the way then? reused models is only part of the issue, maybe a ton of the enemies as well? And saying it's supposed to be another version of it is just trying to defend it. I mean, c'mon how hard is it for them to edit those, even a tiny bit? It's not as good as a game overall for no reason, the game tried so hard to be OoT, but failed. I'm not a fan of seeing reused things in games, it bugs me. This doesn't apply to just this game, of course, this one it's just very noticeable. I know, i'm one of the "Majora's Mask dislikers" which is a pretty serious deal. Oh well, at least I finished the game.
  8. I think getting to Quickman is the hard part, his level is kinda a pain. Also, that's like the only time I ever use Flashmans power, to get through the lasers of death. Right, right, I forgot but knew it was around there. A lot of people seem to hate Megaman bosses, that can't be a coincidence.
  9. Ah, The fight with him, that was fun. This is where he seals your healing, correct? can't remember, lol. Well, it kinda depends on your playstyle, I'm also not sure whether or not chain attacks work cause I can't remember. If so, they might be worth focusing on for a quick kill. Using meals to fight helps a lot, focusing on things like artes recharge, etc. Sorry I can't help more, haven't gone through the story in a while, but am about to!
  10. I know a lot of people disagree with me here, but: The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. The dungeons are a little linear, the game is 90% OoT reused stuff, Way to short for my tastes, the Mask gimmick wasn't that well handled to me, and the sidequests were mostly just stand around and wait for specific time to elapse. I know you can do other things in the mean time, but odds are that most sidequests don't end up happening at the same time anyways. And as for the reused well... pretty much everything, people can try to tell me "oh, but it's a sequel!" But that's an excuse to say that it's really just OoT with edits.
  11. I'm gonna jump on the Megaman boss hate and say MMBN 4 and 5's final bosses really annoyed me. 6 only on Falazar's side. But hitting those final bosses is such a pain and without the right setup, expect to run out of attacks and only shoot for a sad 1-5 damage depending on whether or not your charging shots, of course. 4's takes the cake, since I kinda hate that game in one sense but enjoy it enough to play through it multiple times in another sense. Oh and of course, you have to vs Dark Mega 1st, in which if you lose to Duo, you have to vs him again.
  12. Radiant Dawn, because of accessibility. Joking aside, Radiant Dawn mostly cause the gameplay in Path of Radiance is so slow. Also, I like to hear more than one battle theme ( I know PoR has two, but still). I get tired of hearing the same two.
  13. Pretty sure there's a patch somewhere for that. As for Siege tomes, I think its tied to either the 3-10 range ability, or the weapon.
  14. I'm actually not sure on that either, sorry! Best guess would be more repointing, though.
  15. Right, you probably have to move some data around for that to work right, then. Not really sure on that one since repointing in FE4 is kinda a pain.
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