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  1. Dont rush forward, then! Xd gotta move sloooooowly so the knights can keep up!
  2. *sits quietly in the crowd section to watch* ...hope you have fun! XD
  3. Hmmmm... probably the grind to 100% FF Type 0. The hardest mode is essentially BS mode, and needing to get the best accessory in the game to even play it isn't fun at all. Of course getting said accessory takes a while, haha.
  4. Masked Koopa's, Pumpkin Piranha Plants and Crow Bullet Bill's are SMW's greatest creations. Xd
  5. I shouldnt complain, It wasnt the worst grind I've accomplished. I dont know what that is. Xd
  6. Alright... that's it... I'm burned outta playing Tales of Xillia 2... I am currently level 142? And have gotten 5 of the hardest to craft weapons, which took a LONG time... and I need a break from it.
  7. Oooh, thanks for the heads up! I'm for sure watching that one.
  8. I agree with twilit 100% it just has more overall quality between the two, imo.
  9. So it seems Enel's YT videos has data on XC2 blade specials, excellent! Time to make a spreadsheet and do some labbing on it! And ofc an excuse to play XC2 again.
  10. I'm one of those that think Awakening is superior to Fates overall. Fates just didn't have the same special feel that Awakening had to me.
  11. Tales of Zestiria definitely killed Berserias sales cause the poor rep. Not to say that's always how it works, but in this case, it's the fault of the previous installment.
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