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  1. Oh, and my max combo count is 96, but getting that high in higher difficulty levels is near impossible because of the inheret "shields" that activate when little damage is dealt, lmao.
  2. Some of my Tales of Xillia 2 records to show just cause, really: Obviously this is player use in battle only, which Milla takes away at 5,000. XD Idk how Ludger wouldn't have this record, since you gotta use him, but Milla and Jude are right behind him. Again, Milla shoots ahead at 5,000, 2 points away from ability uses actually. As it's obvious, Milla is the character i pretty much solely play. XD
  3. Yikes, I hope your doing well! I'm praying for things to get better!
  4. Oh, Linoan is a potential "Lord" in this mod. Cool!
  5. They need to stick with the beautiful weather generally!
  6. I guess so? But we were supposed to be against 3H together! This betrayal cant be forgotten!
  7. ah great, Ruben, how could you betray me!?
  8. Wow, those FE 3H designs are worse than the originals, and i didnt think that was even possible!
  9. Missed this, but are you a fellow 1.3 player?
  10. This is what I read, yeah. Yeah, 30 required. The map is a mess to navigate (minus Lifis ofc) Keep in mind the unit deployment average is around 28.
  11. 30 unit requirement and i have 29 ( i did society a favor and killed Lifis off)
  12. Oh yeah! Its been... Quite some time since i've played a vanilla FE game tbh. After playing mods, its almost impossible to readjust, haha.
  13. This reminds me of FFT: If you save in Riovanes castle and cant beat the two fights after, well you might as well restart your file, or pray you made a extra save before hand, not that they tell you this is coming up. (Tactics Ogre for example warns you to make an extra save in case you get stuck at a point) And fight number 3 is very luck based if you don't have a fast class, well... you aren't going to win more than likely. XD
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