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  1. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, for PS4. So you're pretty much paying for the FF name. I'm a huge FF fan so I had to have it, though!
  2. I actually like this. The fact that their recovery has an exploitable weakness is what makes it fair, well at least in Fox's case, Falco's recovery is bad, so it's drawback should have been less noticeable. That's why recoveries, like Pikachu, are 100% safe. making them no fun to chase offstage.
  3. Yeah them making character alts cost $20 makes the cost skyrocket! And at least I got my moneys worth from it! Well, technically speaking, a lot of it was paid in gift cards that I've gotten from people, so it really wasn't so bad when you look at it like that. This is true, sad, but true. I don't mind paying if it's something that I get so much out of, though.
  4. Yikes, the most I've paid for DLC all in a single game is around $200.
  5. Well, if you look at it this way, the results are very skewed. Such as characters like ZSS, who have an awful Up Special, but an amazing alternate recovery option, seem worse. Also, you are being very generous with pikachu's recovery, its ungodly broken on so many levels. Also, on Roy's recovery: it's got way more risk than Dolphin Slash since it lacks I frames, and doesnt latch to the stage nearly as well.
  6. Yeah, that's one of the highlights of FF VII's story for me, is that those are so funny in a lot of scenes. Although I am not a huge fan of VII, even I can admit that that dialogue, was great.
  7. The thing that stood out the most in VIII's ending, to me at least, was the fact that apparently Seifer fishes? Like, I do not see him as a fisher at all, considering. That's all that I think of when I think about it! Also, poor, poor Zell.
  8. But, #%@&^ is so good for swearing cover ups! Honestly, those make me laugh way more than they should.
  9. I personally don't mind the characters having differences, but I can understand why a lot of others don't like it. I don't expect them to fix/balance it, since everyone knows they can't be expected to actually balance something out, but I agree with what people have mentioned so far.
  10. Rotbart is finished, I feel much better now. Beat him at level 73 this time, not bad.
  11. Hmmm, I'm sorry, but I'm not well versed in this area.
  12. I dont actually use this method to play the game, so im not sure, sorry. I use USB loader GX to run it. The file size didn't change when you inserted it, did it?
  13. Something I found odd in Xenoblade 2: There aren't very many level 70-80 Unique Enemies to fight, it doesn't feel like there are many enemies in this level area generally.
  14. I was going off of the fact that Nightmare isn't user friendly at all, which can turn newer people away easily. Sure, some things might be easier to a more seasoned modder. But you do have a point, I was really just trying to make it much easier for someone new.
  15. I pulled Braimmond with +atk and Micaiah with +spd, not bad.
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