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  1. Chapter 6 of Berwick was easy, and welcome to the team Enid! She seems really good, so she's on the main team for sure. Also: holy fuck is Gram busted. Weapon balance in this game is whack. Which is his next weapon? Nothung or Balmung? Based on lore, it must be either of those.
  2. Berwick Chapter 5 is god awful. 15 turn defend chapter... yeesh.
  3. Have you seen TRS mages!? Rishel and Meriel in specific? Enid is a potential character though.
  4. I see after TRS Kaga couldn't take chances with mages being broken again... XD
  5. Well that's good, then! I dont mind the nerfs to healing and whatnot, okay, I get it. But they cant even heal because they can never keep up and when they do, your more than likely swarmed by enemies and they are going to die without Wards guard skill. So... what's the point of them?
  6. Well, considering their ability to defend themselves without holy is shit. Once they are in an enemy range, they cant escape without help, at all. That boss with the sleep harp in Sherlocks paralouge chapter was mean. I didn't realise he has to attack him to stop that.
  7. Why do clerics have 3 mov? Just... why? That was awful of them to put them through that.
  8. I feel ya there. Oof, good luck! Presentations were always something I hated.
  9. Thanks! I plan on adding the FE Fates 3ds to my collection sometime as well! And I think there's a Pokémon style 3DS as well?
  10. Ahhhh! Sometimes you just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and approach an issue differently. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesnt. But in the end, I know that I can succeed! I just need to believe in myself!
  11. Nothing is wrong with her! and I think that Seventh Edge is an amazing art, personally. Sure its damage isnt amazing, but its tp gain in range combos effect is great! I was joking in the fact that she betrays her comrades usually, implying she's going to kill Armagon, is all. But if that's not worrying, then nevermind!
  12. Oof, so it's a wait, then. My hopes and dreams have been shattered now! XD I'm a collector! When I have the chance, I'll take a picture of my handheld collection to give you an idea of what it looks like. Also, one was simply for modding, so that was a necessity!
  13. Yeah, I meant storyline wise. Supports are mostly fine (except RD) but the story is also important to consider.
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