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  1. I always laugh when I see this. Ultimate is far from perfect, but i'd rather not get into that.
  2. Instead of revolving doubling around pursuit, maybe have it give a bonus to crit or something if you can double with it. So that way it's useful, but not completely neccessary.
  3. Yeah, your right there, I apologize for getting a bit upset over this. I could agree with changing to the average fe, just sad to see people dismiss the game over small mechanics. I suppose this is fair, it personally doesnt bother me.
  4. Not saying that you can't, but making it out like it's the worst thing in the game is a little extreme, I think. Shouldn't you prepare for misses in FE games generally? I guess what I mean is if they let a simple 1% stop them from enjoying Thracia, I think they are missing out on a great game over something so small, which is too bad. I don't agree with this, since Awakening has ambush spawns on enemy turns, it's not any different. And those are much more brutal than the ones in Thracia. This depends on what kind of player you are, really. Even if you should be, I wouldn't say it's exactly "fair". I'll be honest, i'm a very "turtle" based FE player, so I was around there when I first played, since I had no idea when units would spawn, what events would play out, etc. It can happen, and I can say that since I was one of those that was forced to restart because of it.
  5. Still going strong on Xenoblade X. Gosh, this game is fun to casually go through sometimes. I wouldn't say it's super high on my replay list, but it has decent replay value. I just like to explore and the areas are pretty... pretty, in this game so it makes it more interesting.
  6. Thanks! Hopefully I can get more pulls like that, it's nice to finally get a unit with a decent stat spread.
  7. Those are far worse than a silly 1% difference, which is hardly noticeable. you want 100%% hit rates, but things like Crit, Crit avoid, skill activation, come down to luck anyways, so in the end, your dealing with luck/bad luck eventually. And since it's an FE game, it's more than likely not going to favor you. I don't understand how a 1% hit rate can bother you when those things affect the game so much more. I'm pretty sure more people have dealt with random crits forcing a restart than a 1% hit. I understand that it, in theory, doesn't sound fair, but even the best fighter misses sometimes, I would think. And even after all that, things like character balance, weapon balance, class balance, those things are much higher on the priority list, if you ask me. Not sure what others think, but only being able to use the same three broken characters gets pretty boring after a while. And this is an issue I think every single FE has, not just FE4. Also, speaking of skills, that's something I think they should change. Wrath - Free critical on counter? Um, what? FE4's way is still broken, but much better than this! The sword skills are obviously too strong as well. Ambush being 100% is too reliable, and way too good. Prayer's activation rate is way too high, lower it, please. Most FE games are like this, aren't they? The Black Knight spawning out of a house in PoR sure surprised me the first time.
  8. That's not bullshit, what's bullshit is maddening mode, lunatic+, etc, those are bullshit. If you cant deal with the fact that they are fucking rigged games, then you are going to be complaining alot. Playing RD, I lost a unit to a 28% hit, 1% crit, I could complain bullshit, but I understand it's a part of the game and move on. It happened twice, actually. No offence, but I guess you would know.
  9. Maybe that's how they wanted to add challenge to the game. FE is bullshit, deal with it or dont play. It's always been that way. I know it doesnt, it could, though. Sure, but that doesnt mean thracia is the only game with flaws. Gosh, I could mention plenty, but there are some things I accept since I assume they want them that way.
  10. So your logic is, because its random it's not bullshit? That's absurd, 1% doesnt make that big of a difference, if the game used 2rn, it would be fine, nothing to do with the 1% difference, which like I said is so minimal unlike say, the absurd growth unbalance of every damn FE game? Please, there are much worse issues than a simple 1%. Bother you, maybe but that doesnt mean they aren't issues at all. They bother me, therefore it's a huge issue, obviously.
  11. Sub 10%...? I cant tell you how many 2% crits have screwed a great run up, meaning its bullshit by those terms That... wasn't directed at you as I didn't quote you there. sorry for the misconception.
  12. A degree of guarantee is kinda odd when playing a game based around a % system. Crits happen in other fe games and force restarts, should those be removed as well? What do you define as bullshit? Like stated before, random crits are bull. No game gets a pass, but you seem to believe that all other games are flawless.
  13. As far hit rates go, by that logic, anything that isn't 100% is bullshit and you might as well not play if the game has constant 100% rates. FE4 is different, which makes it fun. Unlike the GBA era, where all 3 games are the exact same. I dont think there's anything wrong with it being unique. Welcome to Fire Emblem, where the series is a mess gameplay wise and it's never going to be balanced. Saying its unbalanced is silly, since they all are, this is a very weak argument, in my opinion your just fishing for an excuse to harp on the game, while excusing all the others for their shit balance.
  14. But healer xp is worse in the GBA-Wii era FEs. 10 per staff, FE4 at least has the Elite ring. Not that I dont agree, cause I do, just that most FE games didn't like healers.
  15. Not true, Tempest sword has 18 mt, that's pretty good, even with a unit with 20 or so mag, would hit pretty hard. I'm assuming they would obviously compensate for this, it isn't that hard, really.
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