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  1. The Chao colors that i have so far: Again, apologies for the terrible quality of pictures.
  2. imagine playing a tactical turn based game, except only one character gets to go turns because of a spell that allows you two free turns. Xd
  3. Recast time, etc, but yes animation speed is one of them. Berserker Fang is the Blowdown + Knockback art. 2x hitting art as well. As for Poison Breath, it doesn't seem too deadly besides it's 500% damage ratio. If anything it's a Water Elemental attack so decent water defence can shrug it off i suppose?
  4. This is the case for many enemy arts, such as many of Jin's arts. He can slash all the way across the battle field apparantly. XD
  5. Doesn't Chaos' Great Gospel Special grant Auto-Life to the party? Fairly sure that makes the final boss a sure win. Even without, it's not that difficult. Awwww, that's too bad! XD
  6. I can't recall it's vanilla attacks, are they fast? Charge wise, i mean. Chicken Heart is easy as long as you use Evade on his Master Arts attack, if not it's a full Driver Combo on anyone. That and he likes to run away, hence his moniker. XD
  7. Sure, but there are times when he activates it at the SAME time you use an art and there's nothing you can do except... die. XD Benf? I don't recall there being anything noteworthy about it?
  8. Counterattack = death. Or is that the fire field? Either way, he is probably the most difficult superpose imo.
  9. Haha, alright, fair enough! I'm working on that! But i need to decide what color to go with! I went with Shiny Normal Chao color for Hero Chaos.
  10. I'm pretty sure you should have most of them done up to this point, yes. Voyager is worse without the Disc to see elemental weakness. Xd
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