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  1. @DLNarshen yeah that was what I meant. I probably won’t have enough orbs to get either of them before the banner ends this year
  2. Characters that don't look like themselves: - Lloyd - Lachesis - Naesala's art isn't that bad, but it would be perfect if not for the nose job. Worst anatomy: - HS Camilla - Gwendolyn - Chrom has noodle limbs. That's not how you draw bishies. Also his whole face just looks weird. Worst art style: - Rebecca - Merric. The coloring/shading makes the texture kind of plastic looking? - Ogma. Those look more like a weird growth on his arms than muscles.
  3. Are the old seasonal banners likely to get rerun again? I'm debating whether I should try to pull for valentine's Roy and Lilina, or if I should wait and see if they'll come back.
  4. Got a free B!Ike. Not who I was looking for, but I can't complain.
  5. I was going to pull red or blue, but all I got were green and colorless. Didn’t want to risk getting child bride Sanaki or bunnies so I went with colorless. Only two there I really want to avoid. ...and of course it’s a fucking bunny. So that makes both free seasonals awkward units I’ll never use.
  6. I got Soren, but he’s -spd. Spent like 200 more orbs trying to get Ike, but I got pity broken by another Silvia. I would have been happy with any of the 5* reds I don’t have, but every time I get red pity breakers it’s always either her or Morgan T_T
  7. Spent nearly all my orbs and got pitybroken four times, but I got all the birbs!
  8. Grima: “Who dies first?” B!Lyn: “The enemy!” at least someone’s concerned the Grimas can’t be trusted not to kill their allies. H!Dorcas: “More candy?” H!Henry: “CANDY?!” H!Henry: *uses special* “Here, have a trick!” H!Dorcas: “Keep your tricks.” Arvis: “What’s your gambit?” Legault: *confused* “hm?” Innes: “Your plan?” Canas: “This book, you see...” Naesala: “That one? Really?”
  9. I’m working on some merge projects. Right now it’s Shigure, Marth, and saving up grails and feathers for Canas merges. I don’t care if anyone thinks he’s a bad unit, I’m going to make him the best! Also I’m working on coming up with my own strategies for ghbs/bhbs/infernal levels, etc without using any guides.
  10. I suck at math and the appearance rate chart hasn’t been updated in months, but how good are my chances of getting Laegjarn on the voting gauntlet banner, if I snipe reds? I heard the two person banners have a better chance of getting focus units but I don’t know how that works?
  11. @Diovani [email protected] Those are some great Silases! I hope to +10 mine too, eventually. I wish mine wasn’t +res -atk. I want to give him either atk or def refine, which is better?
  12. KLIIIIIIIIIFFFF :D I was hoping for an Echoes banner, but I’m actually kind of relieved I only have one character I need to snipe for. RIP most of my orbs but I got him!
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