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  1. The game crashed this morning, it's never happened before. It wasn't freezing or anything, it just suddenly closed but the app was still there in the background and worked fine after opening it back up. I still have lots of space on my phone and everything is updated, so I don't know why it did that, or if it's a problem with my phone or a problem with the game servers or something. Has this happened to anyone else, and do I need to be worried about this?
  2. Hi! ^_^ I’m Cassie~ Idk if anyone here remembers me, but I want to start fresh anyway. I used to be semi-active here a few years ago, but things were kind of rough for awhile so I haven’t been active anywhere for a long time (please ignore all the cringy shit I said when I was a teenager, I’m like a completely different person now. SoV is still the best FE game though) Anyway I’ll reintroduce myself. I apologize in advance for being kind of a dumbass and fangirling over cute bishies haha I’ve been a huge fan of fire emblem since Shadow Dragon, and I’ve played all the games that were available in English, and I love all of them~ I like drawing, (I’ve improved a lot since the last stuff I posted) and recently I’ve started writing fanfics. Aside from FE-related stuff, I’m studying Japanese in college, and I like cooking, fashion, and outdoorsy stuff. I have two cats and some succulents. Nice to meet all you guys again!
  3. @DLNarshen yeah that was what I meant. I probably won’t have enough orbs to get either of them before the banner ends this year
  4. Characters that don't look like themselves: - Lloyd - Lachesis - Naesala's art isn't that bad, but it would be perfect if not for the nose job. Worst anatomy: - HS Camilla - Gwendolyn - Chrom has noodle limbs. That's not how you draw bishies. Also his whole face just looks weird. Worst art style: - Rebecca - Merric. The coloring/shading makes the texture kind of plastic looking? - Ogma. Those look more like a weird growth on his arms than muscles.
  5. Are the old seasonal banners likely to get rerun again? I'm debating whether I should try to pull for valentine's Roy and Lilina, or if I should wait and see if they'll come back.
  6. Got a free B!Ike. Not who I was looking for, but I can't complain.
  7. I was going to pull red or blue, but all I got were green and colorless. Didn’t want to risk getting child bride Sanaki or bunnies so I went with colorless. Only two there I really want to avoid. ...and of course it’s a fucking bunny. So that makes both free seasonals awkward units I’ll never use.
  8. I got Soren, but he’s -spd. Spent like 200 more orbs trying to get Ike, but I got pity broken by another Silvia. I would have been happy with any of the 5* reds I don’t have, but every time I get red pity breakers it’s always either her or Morgan T_T
  9. Spent nearly all my orbs and got pitybroken four times, but I got all the birbs!
  10. Grima: “Who dies first?” B!Lyn: “The enemy!” at least someone’s concerned the Grimas can’t be trusted not to kill their allies. H!Dorcas: “More candy?” H!Henry: “CANDY?!” H!Henry: *uses special* “Here, have a trick!” H!Dorcas: “Keep your tricks.” Arvis: “What’s your gambit?” Legault: *confused* “hm?” Innes: “Your plan?” Canas: “This book, you see...” Naesala: “That one? Really?”
  11. I’m working on some merge projects. Right now it’s Shigure, Marth, and saving up grails and feathers for Canas merges. I don’t care if anyone thinks he’s a bad unit, I’m going to make him the best! Also I’m working on coming up with my own strategies for ghbs/bhbs/infernal levels, etc without using any guides.
  12. I suck at math and the appearance rate chart hasn’t been updated in months, but how good are my chances of getting Laegjarn on the voting gauntlet banner, if I snipe reds? I heard the two person banners have a better chance of getting focus units but I don’t know how that works?
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