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  1. So, uh, I did a thing. It's not very good (the head in particular) but I had a blast making it, so now I proudly present: Samurai Goroh.
  2. And here's a second one! Definitely would love feedback even if it might be a bit harder since these are Awakening/Fates mugs? Anything is appreciated.
  3. Surprise, I am not dead! Yet! Honestly don't know how much I'll be around, probably not at all, but I did get back into Awakening and Fates portrait splicing. If I was a better artist I'd try to custom some things, but I'm not so I won't. Spoiler'd since they're quite large. Pretty proud of these, even if the Kaden base is really obvious.
  4. Wow, Ogier doesn't look like absolute garbage anymore! That's really cool, actually. I'd love to play the games with these palettes.
  5. Now featuring 3 more classes and also Ally and Enemy colors! Roster is now Bandit, Fighter, Mercenary, Myrmidon, and Thief.
  6. Wow this map looks really good! Your mountains are really outstanding. There's a couple things I just wanted to point out, though - first , the roads on the very left side of the map are very... square. It kinda clashes with the rest of the map a bit. Other than that, the map looks great, except for the palette. It's a bit blindingly white - mostly in terms of brightness. If you reduced the brightness and upped the contrast, that would probably fix it. Great work, man!
  7. Yeah the orange parts weren't intentional, I just was a bit lazy and haven't created the shadow from the hairline yet. In the meantime (until I've got more motivation for portraits) I've started a little mini-project: making 3DS FE-style map sprites of the GBA-FE style classes. The first two I've got are the Myrmidon and Mercenary, and I think I've gotten a bit better at manipulating these sorts of sprites. I've made the sheets (only idle so far) a la Fates-style so that I can replace the heads easily.
  8. Something new once again! This time it's a splice - though not a GBA splice! This is a portrait I made from Awakening and Fates sources. I think it turned out pretty well.
  9. I return from the grave with something fairly minor! Decided to try creating some unique character sprites, one of which became my new avatar. I'm probably going to make portraits for them fairly soon, too. Pretty big mercenary edit, and one that I'm really happy with. There is one minor issue, which is that I'm not sure what to do with the jacket during the animation. Right now it just stays still, but I think it would look better if it moved. Not sure how, though. Another big edit, this time to myrmidon. I haven't made an animation for this one yet because I'm not a fan of how this hair turned out. If anyone has any feedback on how to make the has look better, please tell me! I cannot figure this one out.
  10. And now for something completely different! I've been on hiatus all summer, due to my first job and other such fun things - but I've returned to sprite again! This time, though, I've been working on something a bit different: Awakening map sprites! I wanted to figure out how to replace sprites in Awakening and add new sprites for characters, to make everyone have unique sprites, a la Fates style. I'm still working on that, but I made these for a personal project in the meanwhile. A number of these are fairly simple edits - mainly the first few I did as I was adjusting to work with these sprites: the Mercenary, Fighter, and Soldier. Once I hit the Archer I began to take a few more liberties, such as the (almost unnoticeable) shoulderpad on the Archer. The Myrmidon was a nice big edit, and was inspired by the Tellius myrmidons. It's the last sprite that I'm the most proud of, though. It's an original, defense-oriented sword class that I've dubbed the Squire. The helmet is fully custom, as is the tabard. I've also animated all of them, so you can see how they look in motion: (Damn it I just noticed that Fighter gif is misaligned)
  11. Hmm... Having some strange issues with this and FE7. I've randomized it, and then used FEditor and nightmare to change Eliwood's portrait and palette - this has had the undesired side-effect of preventing all units but lord-classes from moving on normal terrain. Their MOV values are normal, but they can't walk on ground. Strangely, they can walk on villages? Except that the archer can't, he can only go to the entrance. I figured it might have something to do with the checksum, but I took a look in HxD and couldn't figure out what to do at all. Re-adding the randomizer one does nothing, and placing the randomizer one before the newer one causes the portrait to break the game. Any ideas? Portrait works nicely, good hair there ; Mini-mug also works, looks fine ; Eliwood can't move at all Lyn!Marcus can move fine though? ; Enemies can't move at all ; Bartre can visit the village though? Dorcas can just walk on the village ; Changing the checksum breaks everything, as can plainly be seen But everyone can move fine now??? I think that this might have something to do with the randomized class movement from the randomizer - as it differs from class to class??? But that's weird, because that option was not checked when randomizing this ROM.
  12. He sure does, and I've just figured out a way to work that into the palette:
  13. Well, I did mostly just reference the original Awakening sprite for this, while yours was a full custom I believe? For mine, the shape of everything I got from the original sprite, I just detailed it with shading and whatnot. The nose and mouth I did as well. So do you think I should change the yellow shade to a darker color, or should I lighten the other yellow? Oh yeah, while I'm here, here's this I made for the Battle Sprite contest: He's pretty alright, I guess. I'm not too great at battlers, and I'm not sure what I'd change about this sprite. Maybe the sheaths?
  14. Thanks for answering, but I don't think I'm going to attempt to make an animation for this guy: Might be a bit hard for me to pull that off nicely. EDIT: Fixed some palette stuff
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