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  1. All these Python 3 changes are what's getting me. ".values()" used to be subscriptable, but isn't anymore in Python 3... I think I caught all bugs of that type in the most recent push to master, so you can try re pulling. You'll probably find other weird obvious bugs like that also, although I hope you don't.
  2. It takes a little while to upload and show on the dropbox, but it should be up now.
  3. Thanks for the bug report, Ashai! I'm really disappointed in myself for releasing such a buggy version of the Level Editor. I didn't have the time to even put it through the simplest tests and I was just hoping it would work even though I recently made some significant changes. My apologies for wasting your time. It should work now though. At least, I ran through the first 10 chapters of the Gitlab tutorial without any bugs creeping up, so it should definitely get you that far. You can download the updated version at the same place whenever you get the chance. Yes those KeyErrors are normal. I didn't include a Map Sprite for every team for every class in the default package, so it just yells at you that its missing things that may or may not be important. If you add your own class, you can hopefully use those messages to determine if you mess up adding map sprites. The dektop.ini error is simple. There's a file in some of your Data/Animation subdirectories named "desktop.ini" and the Engine doesn't know how to open it. I looked it up -- it seems Windows sometimes just adds it for no reason. The newest version of the Engine now ignores any non "*.txt" or "*.png" files for the animation, but I haven't built that version yet. You're going to kick yourself, but try renaming your Sage script: "Sage-MagicLight-Script.txt". Note the two hyphens.
  4. Thanks for the detailed bug report! If you;d like to just get past chapter 9 there's a really easy fix on your end. The Charge skill is bugged on Dragoons. I don't know what version of the Engine you are using, but in your Data/status.xml, you can replace: <status name="Charge"> <id>Charge</id> <image_index>6,3</image_index> <desc>Adds (distance moved - 2) this turn to damage.</desc> <components>mt,class_skill</components> <mt>max(0, Utility.calculate_distance(self.position, self.previous_position) - 2) if self.position else 0</mt> </status> with <status name="Charge"> <id>Charge</id> <image_index>6,3</image_index> <desc>Adds (distance moved - 2) this turn to damage.</desc> <components>mt,class_skill</components> <mt>0</mt> </status> To fix the issue. In my version of status,xml, it's on line 559 of the Data/status.xml file. Dragoons are already busted anyway, so essentially losing Charge should not make much difference. Sorry about that. Recently updated my Python version from 2 to 3. Forgot to update how the Level Editor interfaces with the Engine. You can redownload the Level Editor and try again -- It should be python 3 compatible now.
  5. There's a new beta version (0.9.3) not officially released but it has changes that should fix these problems. Still not sure exactly what caused the Engine to think there's a controller where there isn't one, but it should be less likely to crash now? Unfortunately, unique weapon animation capability was bugged before version 0.9.3, so you'll need to upgrade if you want to use it. I wrote a quick blurb on how to use it here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/100.-Miscellaneous-Stuff#unique-weapon-animations The only major thing that has changed between the current version and 0.9.3 beta is the status components "passive", "active", and "feat_list" are no longer accepted and have been replaced with these here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/A7.-Advanced-Status-Components. You can look at how I structured my new Data/status.xml file for more examples, or in the Sacred Stones setup found here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/101.-Utilities#sacred-stones-starter-pack It's also likely that saves won't carry over between the current version and this beta. I'll reiterate all this along with actual changelog when the real release comes out, but I wanted to get these fixes in if anyone wanted to use them.
  6. So Avast can make the game hang (like 10 seconds), because every time the game writes save files, Avast spends an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if the writing the game is doing is evil. But your problem has something to do with using a controller that is not supported. I've only ever tested basic Xbox 360 controllers, so I don't know what other kinds of controllers would even work. Are you using a controller -- or is one plugged in? Because if not then there's a bigger problem.
  7. Battle music fixed in latest master update. Just a small coding error. It will be pushed out with the next build. There's no way to truly remove a constant. In fact, every constant once even referenced exists with a default value of zero. But you can set it to zero with set_game_constant;my_constant;0 Then if you check something like if;gameStateObj.game_constants['my_constant'] it will return false since zero is falsey. if;self.unit.items and self.unit.items[0].heal s;Narrator;He's using a healing item! elif;self.unit.items and self.unit.items[0].status s;Narrator;He's doing some status voodoo. end In the fight_script might work? But it wouldn't be able to tell who's attacking and who's defending. I could add an item component that gives the item a unique battle music when the item is attacking in the next update if you'd find that easier to use. So something like this could be added: <item name="Iron Sword"> <id>Iron Sword</id> <spritetype>Sword</spritetype> <spriteid>0</spriteid> <components>weapon,uses,weight,battle_music</components> <weapontype>Sword</weapontype> <uses>45</uses> <value>10</value> <RNG>1</RNG> <weight>3</weight> <desc></desc> <MT>3</MT> <HIT>90</HIT> <LVL>D</LVL> <battle_music>Iron Sword Theme</battle_music> </item>
  8. There's a new build of the Engine now available in the usual place (v0.9.0.4) It has some small bug fixes and features Can now probably change battle music with "change_music;player_battle;my_battle_music" Unit's ID is used for combat animations instead of displayed name The wiki has been updated with the correct world map commands https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/23.-World-and-Scenic-Maps Support and Overworld bugs should be fixed The death_quote_info script can now access the unit's killer with self.unit2 from within "if" statements. I still need to add support for {unit2} in regular commands though. Here's a sneak peek of the next big update to the Engine: I'm in the process of cleaning up the spooky advanced sections of the skill system to give user's more customization of skills. There will be no more "active" or "passive" skills that reference sections of the Python code. Instead they've been replaced with more customizable skill components. And as you can see above, I've also added random proc skills, if RNG is what floats your boat.
  9. I think I may have uploaded a newer version of the Engine that doesn't have the support bug, but if not, you'll just have to leave supports on for now. I'll add the other two requests to the ToDoList. They'll be pretty easy to implement. I'll probably have a new build uploaded sometime in a couple of days with these features added in.
  10. Sorry about that. The overworld code is still in a very Alpha state, so it needs to be fixed up. A quick fix on your end is to just don't totally comment out that Data/overworld_data.txt. You can make it look like this and the Engine should run well: # Level ID ; Location Name ; Icon Index ; Position ===Locations # Route connections (between level id's); Route (numpad) ===Routes # Party ID must be integer ; Party name (must be character) ===Parties I'll make a fix to master soon so that if overworld=0 it never tries to load any data about the overworld.
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I'm unable to edit my previous post. One minor correction to the above. The actual way to get boss_crit is "boss_crit=1" not "boss_crit;1". I just had event scripts on my mind, I guess.
  12. Thanks for the bug report. This has been fixed in v0.9.1. Like you say, battle music was added in v0.9.0. You can add it by clicking the Phase Music button on the Properties menu of the Level Editor. It will open up into this menu: If you prefer not to use the Level Editor, you can set it in the overview.txt like so: player_phase_music;Helms Deep enemy_phase_music;In the Midst player_battle_music;Fire Treasure enemy_battle_music;Dragon Boy If you leave Player Battle Music blank, no Battle Music should play. Boss crit kills can be turned on with "boss_crit;1" in the Data/constants.ini file. Just add that line if there is not already a boss_crit line The gameStateObj keeps track of all the units in the game in a list: "gameStateObj.allunits". To check if the number of living enemy units on the level map is greater than 5 in an event script, you could do: if;len([unit for unit in gameStateObj.allunits if unit.team == 'enemy' and unit.position]) > 5 To add it to an objective, try putting this in your Objective Display: display_name;Kill Enemies,{len([u for u in gameStateObj.allunits if u.team == 'enemy' and unit.position])} left. LuckyStart answered this one exactly the way I would do it. This is expected behaviour in the Lex Talionis Engine. You **must** manually close or turn off the house/village/unlockable/searchable event tile in the event script associated with it to prevent it from being used more than once. Otherwise, the event is still there and can still be accessed. You can remove all event tile properties from a tile with the "set_tile_info;{position_of_tile}" command. Look here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/A3.-Event-Commands#map-and-tile-change-commands under Change Event Tiles. There are many examples of this being done in the Lion Throne Data files. Thanks! This is definitely a bug. I changed the Leveling system in 0.9.0, so its expected that corner case bugs like this will pop up. I'll get it fixed for 0.9.1. I'll probably build and release 0.9.1 in a bit, once I finish my final testing. It's all small changes, so there shouldn't be much to update from the user's point of view.
  13. A couple of people have run into bugs using the newest version of the Engine. Specifically if they had a unit defined in the units.xml without any items in their inventory, or if they wanted to use the preloaded_levels.xml to load up their levels for testing. Thanks for all the bug reports! There's a new version of both the Engine and the Level Editor in the usual place that has many of these bugs fixed. Try downloading it if you run into any trouble. I forgot to mention in the last message that there is a new effect in the Data/Effects/Anima/ directory that is used to display the turnwheel's animation ("TurnwheelFlash"). You'll need the effect in order to run the animation. Also, the format of Saves/progress_log.xml has changed with version The old format should work, but you may run into weird issues... As a sidenote, if you run either of the executables from a command prompt, even if the executables crash, their error messages will still be displayed. So I recommend running the executables this way while you are developing.
  14. As prophesied, Version 0.9.0 is out now. The Turnwheel Update So yeah this update took forever. It required a massive overhaul of the Engine. Any possible action the player can take during a turn had to be rewritten to make sure it could be reversed on command. And because of this, I had to do a lot of testing for this update. As I am only one person, and so much of the Engine changed, there are probably still some new and improved bugs lurking about. Please report any that you find so I can fix them. Turnwheel Info In The Lion Throne, I have set it up so that each level completed will grant the player one additional turnwheel use. You can learn how to add the turnwheel to your own game here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/100.-Miscellaneous-Stuff#managing-the-turnwheel Supports The Engine now has support for supports. You can set up your supports to work like the GBA games where supports are gained in combat, or like Path of Radiance, where you choose who to support with whom in base. You can learn how to add supports to your own game here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/27.-Supports Other Lex Talionis engine feature additions: Like usual with big update changes, you will not be able to use old saves with this version of the Engine. Other important notes for those using this Engine: Other bug/minor fixes: Next Update:
  15. It's not possible on the user's end currently to extend the amount of gender variations for combat animations. I figured 5 for each gender would be enough... But if anyone really wants that, I guess it's possible to extend it, although more than 5 variations per gender sounds like a lot, so its not high on my priority list. Now, implementing more map sprite variations per class is something I've put on my to do list. It won't come out with v0.9.0 (since I've officially stopped adding features to that version -- just bug fixing now), but maybe soon after in v0.9.1. It'll probably be set up the same way as the combat animations, with 0-4 replacing male gender ("M"), and 5-9 replacing female gender ("F").
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