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  1. Yes, I have! Those exact codes for each item constantly makes those strange stars and squares junk Iron Sword items. I will also add that Ike's inventory is empty when I use the code, if that matters or not.
  2. So I'm on Dolphin 5.0 with an USA Path of Radiance .iso file (I'm 99% sure of this). I have successfully got varies cheat codes to function correctly, but the one cheat that I haven't been able to correctly execute is item creation. I use the most common method of item creation on Ike with a button combination that triggers the cheat. The code for the button combination trigger for the item creation works, but the individual item codes that the cheat generates always turns out to be some unusable junk item with an Iron Sword icon. I just don't know what went wrong, and I'd like any help if possible.
  3. A bit of a bump, but ya sure ya can set someone to level 0? I try'd it once but it just reset the number back to unedit'd number.
  4. Not sure if this is a good place to ask but... As of recent, there was an auto update for the New 3DS to version 11.4. How do I figure out which programs I need for save edits? I'm also very new to save edits, so any layman's terms would be nice. Thanks!
  5. Shogi is play'd on a 9 x 9 board, so I gave the Nohrians an extra queen. The Shogi equavliant of the queen is the Gold General. The smaller crown is the Silver General.
  6. I made it myself. I could of change'd the Shogi side into the Japanese characters.
  7. Birthright Conquest Yeah... I'll see myself out the door now...
  8. In Chapter 6 Revelations, what combat messages do ya get if ya try to fight any of the 8 royals? It's not easy since once ya get into the attack range of them, yar very very likely to die and it's hard to get all 8 royal dialogues without dyin'.
  9. It's been almost a month now. Forget the let's play, ya still breathin' at least?
  10. Alright, back with some more opinions on weapon series and I'll touch on some comparisons with Fates' weapon aesthetics as well. Steel weapons: Looks bulkier than Iron weapons, but still has a somewhat sleek look to it for what it is. I am personally a fan of the Awakenin's Steel weapon design, and I'm glad that Fates' Steel weapons look similar as well. Silver weapons: For a high level weapon, it has a rather bland design to it. If there's a good Silver weapon to look at, then it's the Tellius series. Fates' Silver weapons are a step above Awakenin's, but not by much. Glass weapons: Whenever someone says a diamond sword, phone, car, or any other object, I would imagine them like the Glass weapons of Awakenin'. Of course in life most of those items would just simply feature diamonds and gems to be encrust'd with'em rather than the entire object to be made of the said substance. That REALLY bothers me for some reason, and since it's not the case for Awakenin's Glass weapons, I'm really glad that they are fully made of glass! Not to mention the shapes and such look nice as well. Now if only female units could wear slippers... oh wait... Anywho, more stuff to come as I feel like it. Also I might wanna bump my Fates topic in the future too.
  11. Well that's a darn shame... Anywho, what's yar address so I can come over? Ya should probably put that somewhere on the thread.
  12. Ya have the Amiibos? I usually dress myself with the Dragon Hairpin (Marth), Samurai Mask, Ike's Pauldron (Ike), and Bath Robe. I'll glady come over and donate a Samurai Mask for my avatar.
  13. 07544-01857 20792-87186 I'm a US player as well. I only have level 2 facilities since I'm "stuck" on Chapter 18 Revelations (mostly cause it's still easy to collect items in DLC).
  14. Well since I've made a topic like this for Fates, I think it would be only fair to make this topic here too! Sword: Ragnell Lance: Effie's Lance Gradivus Axe: Helswath (Love that Damascus steel look) Bow: Towerin' Bow Tome: Mjölnir Staff: Catharsis While I'm here, I could give my opinions on other weapons and such. I will probably be makin' a lot of comparisons Bronze weapons: Even for a starter weapon, they look rather hideous still. I know that bronze turns green in time, but I'd rather see that bronze brown color instead. Fates had a been design in general for the weapons, but it still carries that green color though. Iron weapons: In Awakenin', they look nice and "standard" for a low level weapon. Fates' Iron weapons look flat out awful and generally looks "clunky" as well. Probably more to come later, but for now what's yar favorite weapon in terms of looks in Awakenin'?
  15. There's always the Hidden Truths DLC for the First Blood for Dragon Vein usage. Anywho, good luck with yar runs! I'm excite'd to see this and future developments ya might have.
  16. Any possibility of a Lunatic Conquest or Revelations run in the future?
  17. A bit of a bump, but I've got a question about this castle myself. The Stefan guy's units now can drop the S-rank weapons and other treasures if ya battle them. The one draw is that when ya win(or lose somehow), ya can't keep the weapon after the battle. Is there ANY way to obtain these items to yar play file?
  18. Glad I could help, enjoy my character! Keep us post'd on how yar run goes, yes? :)
  19. All right, all done. Get my character! Pipin' hot and fresh outta the oven! If ya have any problems, just let me know. :) Also let me know when ya get the character so I can revert my castle.
  20. Sorry for the double post, but a quick question. Do ya need me to be a Master Ninja or just a Ninja would be fine? Anythin' else ya might want on the character?
  21. I can contribute to the Master Ninja (Strong, Unlucky). I'll post again when he's ready. My address is in my signature.
  22. Nice lists Douglas MacArthur and Petersheikah, but ya two forgot Staves and Rods. Stones are optional I'd say.
  23. Here's a loot list I had for another topic not too long ago. Maybe this could be of some use. I've sunk in another 30 hours or so, I could probably update my loot list.
  24. Well since transformation stones ACTUALLY has a model, then let that be known and try to include it into yar weapons list (as did I). Stones will probably judge'd like Tomes and Scrolls given the nature of how the stones are use'd.
  25. Couldn't find it... :( Anywho, I'm still lookin' for Life and Death Effie and Miracle Anna.
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