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  1. Does anyone have Pavise on Dwyer, Aegis on Shigure and Aegis on Mitama or Hana?
  2. Does anyone have any proc skills for Shigure specifically Pavise and Aegis (I already have Rend heaven, Dragon fang and Aether) and does anyone have any Proc skills for Dwyer specifically Pavise, Aegis, Rend heaven and Dragon fang (I already have Sol and Luna)?
  3. I love you right now :) Now I just need some skills for Dwyer
  4. Still looking for Shuriken and/or Lancebreaker on Ryoma and now I'm now also looking for some nice skills on Dwyer such as Rend heavenn and especially Lancefaire but anything would be nice :)
  5. Luckily for you Swordfaire is the only rare skill I have on Silas, pls tell me when you visit so I can take him back off
  6. On female Kana I have all the Nohr and Hoshido noble skills, Seal defense, Rend heaven, Pavise, Beatbane, Odd shaped, Trample, Quixotic, Better odds, Grisly wound, Swordfaire and Voice of peace however for male Kana I only have Aptitude, Profiteer, Lifetaker, Nohrian trust, Draconic hex, Dragon fang, Rend heaven, Death blow, Beastbane, Nobility and Evenhanded. Any skills which interest you or anyone else?
  7. Please tell me when you've visited because I only have Wolfsegner Kana on my Nohrian file and I want to switch back asap unfortunately I only have Better odds but I do have Even better on male Kana
  8. Thanks a lot could you please keep up Saizo I need to revisit for him
  9. Just put Shurikenfaire on Midori unfortunately though I don't have the other skills however I do have Miracle, Hoshidan unity, Nohrian trust, Aptitude, Quixotic, Lethality, Astra, Rend heaven, Locktouch and Profiteer if you want any of those No problem
  10. I have Midori with Nohrian trust and Miracle
  11. Has anyone got Ryoma with Lancebreaker and/or Shurikenbreaker? EDIT: I'm also looking for any offensive skills, such as Rend heaven, on Azama and/or Saizo
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