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  1. Anyone with good skills on Scarlet, like Rend Heaven, Quixotic or Death Blow...?
  2. That's a very good thing to know, bro! :3
  3. Uhm, Corrin, e non ho ancora reclutato il sesto Saizo...
  4. I began with Awakening, an incredible game! :D
  5. I live in lombardia, near to Milan! :D
  6. You've been in italian? Fantastic! I know that everything here is in english, but fortunately i'm not bad, and it's simple to do simple sentences! :D Grazie del benvenuto! :)
  7. Seriously? // Seriamente? Wow! (i don't think I need to translate this lol) But your italian...XD
  8. Someone that have good abilities for Kagero, like Astra or Rend Heaven...?
  9. Hi everybody! I'm Asugi, a fan of Fire Emblem since... last december. XD // Ciao a tutti! Sono Asugi, fan di Fire Emblem... dallo scorso dicembre. XD I'm italian, as you can see from my "double sentences"; I'm not perfect in english, so... forgive me, please. :D // Sono italiano, come potete vedere dalle mie "doppie frasi"; non sono perfetto nell'inglese, quindi... perdonatemi, per favore. :D That's all, i hope i'll find other italians, who knows... :) // Questo รจ tutto, spero di trovare altri italiani, chi lo sa... :)
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