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  1. For the guys, Laslow. he was cool in awakening and he remains so in fates. For the girls, Selena was #1. I like her personality and she is a decent combatant. I play male Corrin, but i should probably give female Corrin a try some day. Finally, my favorite of the three was conquest. Fun characters and missions besides rout the enemy.
  2. Halfway finished with Fire Emblem 7

  3. is it recommended to put in the above plug in or is the one from the original post okay?
  4. Welcome... have a nice stay...
  5. king xander and king ryoma for cipher would be sweet

  6. What would be best to get the booster box or deck? I know amiami is good but I'm not sure how to go about it. Promo Xander looked very noble.
  7. Today's the day! The new set comes out for cipher!!!

  8. yeah will do. trying to focus on the positive and do things i find interesting.
  9. Class change into a dark mage then become a dark knight? That way you can use magic and still have the yato and levin sword.
  10. Hello! Welcome to the forest!
  11. lately i feel like everything is boring. i have less than a week left until i head home for summer and the waiting game is punishing. almost everything is boring. i still do the stuff i normally do but with "my head held down" i don't know guys, what should i do? ( and im not depressed just super bored) any ideas? and sorry if i posted this wrong i am still pretty new :D (posting this relieved some boredom i guess)
  12. just to echo all the support from everyone else, my most helpful advice is just keep on focusing on the positive! thats what i do and even when life keeps putting you down, always remember to get back up.
  13. welcome! i agree with you on waiting for that NX. Lets just hope this NX turns out to be the console nintendo needs. maybe we will get an FE game too?
  14. just stopped my lurking career too. welcome to the forest!
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