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  1. I don't know if this will work for any of you guys ( or it is only an intentional thing) ,but this happened to me not so long ago and I found it pretty interesting. In a nutshell what this glitch did was that it replaced all the portraits (Hair color) of Xander! kana with Ryoma! Kana, except the one on the bottom screen. So I bought this Ryoma! kana from another castle ( This is lunatic conquest, chapter 27, if that has to do with anything ) and went to the rescue mission of my Xander! kana, I finished the battle ( With the outrealm kana) and the ending dialogue had the portrait of Ryoma! kana instead of my kana, support conversations(Not records hall) were the same as well, even the death portrait ( as long as the outrealm kana is present in battle) gets affected as well. Maybe is not a glitch, and its a normal thing, or maybe not. Pictures below are the support conversation of Ryoma! kana to Xander (Nohr textbox as prove), and the death of Xander! kana (the portrait doesn't match up with the sprite.)
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