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  1. Quick Question: What do I need to use this?
  2. I think I know what what happens. It seems that some supports are locked until you progress in the story. As soon as I access Act 3, there were a lot of supports available.
  3. I found some by breaking pots and crates in that dungeon after posting this, so yes. Thanks.
  4. Rats. The one thing that all the fans of the original were expecting to be improved...
  5. I know this is a spoiler I'm asking, but did they fix the maps in the game, or are they still bad?
  6. I was hoping to get some ideas base on strategies, but why not. At least these should be entertaining.
  7. Go watch a LP of Gaiden. It's not a handicap, and depending on the character and stat growth, it can be OP, both for you and the NPCs.
  8. I think all the Lords/Heroes and most humanoid villains (like Lyon) have a good chance of showing up, plus some popular non-royals.
  9. When promoting (unlocking potential), what happens to the SP? Does it stay, or go away like stats through deleveling.
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