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  1. If this is all about presidency now... Have you thought about the third party? The green party? I believe it was Dr. Jill Stein, and she seems to actually want to be president it seems so yeah. She's also a woman if you want a woman president. There's also the Liberterian Party, but I don't have much knowledge on that. Sorry. Except he wants presidency as well. Also shouldn't discussions relating to presidency be in the other topic about the presidents? Also remember people, in statistics there might be bias and the data might be skewed. Not saying any of the data given was wrong, because I am not doing the math. If you see something like 1 in 3 people are being killed each year, then that's 106.3 million people are being killed each year. So you might want to think about if that's good data or not. (Edit:In the USA not worldwide)
  2. I'll be honest with you... pokemon fan are more toxic than digimon fans so I find that quite offensive... because I'm a fan of both but mainly digimon. Seriously, you'll see more pokemon fan bash on others and even pokemon than a digimon fan would. Also from experience from showdown, they QQ ALOT. Of course, not all pokemon fans are like that but that's something to think about. Also anyone playing on their tablet? I find it weird playing on my tablet and walking around my neighborhood. Tablet doesn't really fit in my pocket and I have crap sensitivity because I sometimes can't feel it buzz when a pokemon appears.
  3. I really need to start making drafts, because my dumb hands keep making me change pages or Xing out the page Here's something to think about... Crime based on Class and Gender. For Class... http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=5137 Base on this gov site, it seems that black and white crime rates are very similar in the lower class and the lower class has the highest crime rate. Does it not seem that class play a big role in which a Cop would apprehend a citizen? That's also something to think about For Gender... and a bit on Race... https://youtu.be/O0zQf5NMG8E?t=25m58s go to around 29min mark. It's a Karen Straughan video, so men's right activist. I do recommend watching the whole video because she makes good points about how men are often the victims and women are not. Think about whether it's actually because of race only, or because of race and gender. Are you sure that a asian/black/hispanic/etc women would be treated the same way in the same situation that a man would be in? Are police targeting you because of mainly your race, or because of your gender too? Seriously, look at those two links!
  4. Kinshi Knight Azura!Ignatius
  5. Second request... Onmyoji Nyx!Nina, heart seal
  6. General!Mozu from A+ Effie
  7. Gonna post this here, because the other topic is suppose to be a news topic and not to be talked about. But the people I'm talking about are those radical Islamist. Ben Shapiro made a video explaining radical and if it's a minority... https://youtu.be/g7TAAw3oQvg If you don't like him, or focus to much on statistics possibly being skewed/biased/etc, then at least watch it to ponder. If anyone thinks that they'll be offended then DO AVOID THE VIDEO, it's not required to watch.
  8. Why is this not in the Serious Discussion section? Also for those who don't know, Nice is a place in France. The op is not sarcastically saying "nice attack." On topic, it's pretty obvious that they will be seen as innocent and people will defend them. The only way people will understand is if they suffer from the cause, else there will be people who will scream racist and protect them until they get attacked. It is only then, when they are dead or near death, that they will understand that they have messed up. Of course, i'm not talking about those in France. What I'm wondering is how France will deal with these terrorist attack , because it seems like it's been happening more and more these days. Ban some religion? mainly those that seeks to "KILL" others? or will people complain that everyone should have freedom of religion, even those that treat other humans badly?
  9. I like how Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim did the avatar... silent. Like they have voices, but it's mainly groans and screams and etc. Then there's the multiple options that you can choose from in a conversation, which makes it feel more like you're avatar you know? I hate Corrin, because they should be dead for how stupid they are. Stupid people like that in real life usually die, or suffer. Corrin does not die and does not suffer enough, Wtf is up with everyone loving him? Love female Corrin's design, but gosh both Corrins are just not tolerable at all! Bland is bland, but niceness is stupidity when niceness is more than nice.
  10. If you keep Camilla in the Malig Knight class, she should be decent with the bolt axe but she won't be dishing out massive magic damage like leo. You don't need malefic aura on Camilla btw, because leo comes with it and should benefit any other magic user attack enemies in where his aura hits. Even though Camilla doesn't have the best magic, 40% is decent and goes great with her high-ish speed. Since Nyx and Leo are dead, your best magic users are Elise, Leo, Felica, and Forrest. Camilla is better as a mixed attacker. You can capture enemy units, like the Onmyoji with Odd-handed(?) and Vantage in chapter 22(?) I recommend giving spirit dust near endgame, so you know which character you're going to use and what they will be used as.
  11. Get Subaki "Lucky Seven" and he can avoid and tank on the enemy phase as a SwordMaster. (Especially with sunrise) For birthright, he shouldn't have trouble doubling on player phase because quickdraw/raider + darting blow means he'll have a good chance to double. 40str and 40 spd isn't bad and giving him extra speed wings is okay if you don't need them for anyone else. In my experience, he can make a pretty good tank w/ avoid.
  12. It's a good idea to reclass Mozu to archer ASAP, because villager growth sucks because of the unneeded +20 luck growth. Archer gives +5 more Str,Skl, and Spd which makes her better offensively. From Archer/Sniper, you can go to Merchant because she carries over her bow-rank and so she can get the money skills. If you keep her in the villager class line, you should get her to D-rank quickly for the javelin access because she's quite frail and might need range advantage. From the villager class, she can go to the Knight class line to boost her defense and Hp. Knight being obtained from A+ Effie. You can also go Great Knight if you married her to Silas, to get similar results. Both class uses lances, so you can transfer the rank over. The thing is, 3/4 of Mozu's available classes from the get-go are primarily bow users so it's better to change her to a archer. Of course there are those that use Dreadfighter Mozu, who becomes even better if she marries Kaze for Shurikenfaire.
  13. Hli Tshiab


    Interestingly, I had a dream in which I was in debt of about 1 million. It was like the liar game, except I had to use that money to make more money or something bad happens. Near the end of the dream, I tried running away because I was able to realize that what I was in was not a reality. I knew that I was not in the right place, so I closed my eyes and said that I would go back in time before the 1 million dollar thing happened. The first time I tried to go back, it didn't work, but the second time woke me up. So I think that I might be able to force myself to wake up maybe?
  14. You can try a unit like... BondUnit Personal: Underdog Skills: LuckySeven Class: Master Ninja / Sword Master Weapon: Kagero's Dart / Sunrise Katana It's decent, but Quixotic+Certain Blow makes it obsolete. If you're playing in a tournament setting, where skills are banned, then it should do fine. For just gameplay, Subaki makes a decent dodge tank with Perfectionist+LuckySeven+SwordMaster+SunriseKatana. You can easily get this with regular gameplay, but dodge tanking doesn't do very well until you get that lucky skill which comes late because stupid game design. Of course you probably won't be doing the best dodging against spears and shurikens, but everything else will have a hard time hitting you.
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