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  1. So I see plenty of valid criticism for Corrin/Kamui, whether male or female, and I can't deny people have a point. But I've had my share of much, much worse protagonists in my gaming experience and honestly? I like Corrin's design, I like being able to turn into a dragon, and some of their quotes from different supports (or in early birthright, at the eternal stairway and fort jinya) are hilarious. Is there anything gameplay/support/story/other that you like about them?
  2. Leo, because I'm a sucker for the fact that no matter the route he could never truly dislike you. And I love using magic and the magic kana gets (with +mag corrin) from both parents is crazy good. And Forrest is the most fabulous son ever.
  3. Could I possibly get a male Kana with Aptitude?
  4. So I'm replaying Awakening and I'm about to do chapter 9, and I've done lots of support grinding. So much that I now have every girl possible save Olivia, plus my Avatar at A rank with Chrom. But I've also grinded enough that Avatar and Chrom could hit S rank with the touch of a button. If I don't marry off Sumia because I want her with Henry) but I do marry off Sully and Maribelle, do I still have a chance of a special chapter 11 proposal from Chrom to the Avatar or should I just hit S rank before that chapter anyway?
  5. I headcanon that Corrin actually isn't bad at tactics - the dream at the start of the game are them dreaming of how they can use they've learned through their studies to practical use, and the other tutorials are more of them going over what they know before battles. But they are only good at managing small numbers of troops - aka the number of units you're allowed in each chapter is the most they can keep track of. Regarding Leo and Corrin's supports, I believe Leo is better at managing more troops and seeing the 'grand scheme' of the battle field vs Corrin's Elite Squad plans - that's why he specifically mentions using a smaller group to take out rear enforcements in one of his corrections because it's closer to Corrin's usual style and would be easier to understand. Leo and Elise's mothers were both servants, which is why he can reclass to butler and both have access to troubadour trees. Leo is also the only Nohrian sibling not to be able to reclass to any flying class because he's afraid of heights. With the 'waifu wars' business, Camilla likely still can't attach to Leo and Elise as well as Corrin despite Camilla, Leo, and Elise's mothers all being dead because she can't quite shake what she was brought up with. With Corrin, there is no threat of another child being used by their mother that she might have to take out one day, and before the start of the game Corrin is so non-threatening that it's easy to mother them without restraint. Hinoka deliberately picked Azama and Setsuna as retainers partly because they are difficult to upset - while her upbringing as a princess does mean she was taught more about how not to offend people, she's just not as in touch with the emotions of other people because her training meant she kept herself in solitude - not developing her social skills as much. Mikoto is the one who taught Takumi archery and with her future seeing ability, always knew what nights Takumi would wake up from nightmares and be there to help him get back to sleep. With Corrin's arrival in Hoshido, some of Takumi's anger towards them is for unintentionally upsetting Mikoto when they say they don't remember her. Kinshis and Pegasi have very different temperaments, and because Takumi can't get along with Pegasi that's why his only flying reclass option is for a kinshi knight. Some of Orochi and Corrin's supports mention how silly Mikoto could be sometimes. Mikoto always knew how to make Sakura laugh. In the Xander and Ryoma supports they mention how Hoshidans are always lurking around Nohrians for the first while, especially around Corrin. I headcanon they put Kaze up to tail after Xander, but didn't expect them to become friends. At least once Xander entered his office to find Saizo already there. It's usually Laslow he asks to escort Saizo out. Saizo tried observing Camilla for a day. Never again. The reason why Arthur and Subaki don't have supports together is because Subaki already knows about Arthur's luck streak and keeps at least 15 feet away from him at all times. Complaints about Laslow and Charlotte combined make up more than half the complaints Xander deals with daily. No one has to ask when the Mess Hall serves lots of soup one day. They all know it's because Leo and Takumi had kitchen duty that day. After Ryoma and Elise's A support, he finds a way to preserve the flower crown she helped him make. It something that always makes him smile whenever he looks at it.
  6. You could also do Dark Knight for Lifetaker, or if her skill is high enough then Hero would give you Sol
  7. She's female, and yeah, I figured Forrest would be best. It might not be the ULTIMATE Kana, but could I get away with marrying either Rinkah!Shiro or Laslow!Shigure? Both feel more like husband material to me
  8. Let's see, I went with... XanderXCharlotte for best Siegbert, canon looking and all, and had Charlotte pass down death blow RyomaXRinkah for Shiro, which makes for great Shiro - with how hotheaded he can be, I like to think it came from BOTH parents and it was inevitable TakumiXCamilla, with Takumi passing down Astra from Friendship Seal with Ryoma and Camilla passing down Lifetaker since she won't pass down the Dark Knight class LeoXSakura with Leo passing down Astra from Friendship Seal with Odin and Sakura passing down Amaterasu since Forrest won't inherit Pegasus knight class and it does some of his healing job for him while he uses that great MAG stat for cutting down enemies LaslowXAzura for that adorable support chain, plus great strength stat for Soleil and Shigure - Azura Friendship Seal with Sakura to pass down Renewal NilesXOboro for the sweet support chain and S rank - had Nina Friendship Seal with Caeldori for Pegasus Knight Class OdinXElise for best Ophelia and good support chain, plus Ophelia's mother's lines don't feel weird coming from Elise. Elise friendship sealed with Sakura to pass down Miracle, since Ophelia's pretty glassy and has good luck anyway ArthurXKagero - support chain was sweet, and Percy comes out with lots of good classes and strength - also one of the revelation only possible pairings I've seen so far to bring up that it is a Nohrian AND Hoshidan cross cultural marriage? SilasXHinoka - Sophie looks great with that red hair and I had Hinoka friendship seal with Sakura to pass down Renewal - the S rank support seemed really fitting considering it was revelation JakobXOrochi - this was more leftovers, but it does boost Dwyer's magic pretty well, he looks good with her hair, AND it is rather funny that while Orochi and Jakob deal with tea, their son ends up with coffee =D BennyXBeruka - a lot of the times this is a leftover pairing, but honestly their supports are nice, two awkward ducks who don't need to talk too much and Beruka gives Ignatius even better defenses and Wvyern Rider class tree so he can lunge into a mob no problem KeatonXHana - Hana is a good mom for a lot of kids since she doesn't have negative modifiers and their support chain is fun - I had Hana friendship seal with Effie for Luna to pass down to Velouria SaizoXMozu because it's one of the cutest support chains he has, and Asugi looks great with dark hair. Mozu passes down her Aptitude skill of course. AzamaXEffie for being a great support chain for both of them, plus STRONG Mitama as a priestess that just won't go down HinataXPeri is a sweet support chain that doesn't bring up Peri's love of gutting people and Hinata honestly likes spending time with her - plus Hisame has the weirdest parents ever and is the most sane child SubakiXSelena for most canon looking Caeldori, and the support chain does have them notice they're on the same page and his proposal to her is really sweet, especially if you've played awakening KadenXSetsuna for high skill Selkie, plus their support chain makes them a mutually beneficial couple - selkie looks good with setsuna's hair streak too HayatoXNyx for AMAZING mag Rhajat - although I did find her skill lacking and she missed a fair bit in the beginning without Heartseeker and some tweeked grinding KazeXFelicia was a leftover pairing, although Midori looks cute with her hair and the supports are nice. I'm honestly a little surprised given both her parents are twins that she doesn't have a sibling now the real question of who my -HP/+mag avatar with a dark mage talent marries begins...
  9. Camilla and Keaton make a great Velouria, although tbh her supports with Niles are far better - Kaze's too. Since I really like Siegbert having his canon blonde hair, I usually put Xander with Charlotte - the stats are good, Xander and Siegbert can get access to Charlottes classes which are great for strength builds. I put Niles with Azura my first time around and it was sweet, but after I did Laslow/Azura I never went back. Both Shigure and Soleil are super strong for it and it's hilarious that Soleil's mother can sing and dance and so can her brother, and her father and grandmother are great dancers too....but then we have Soleil, who's the odd duck. Nyx and Leo are good for Forrest's stats, although he and felicia work out fine as well. Odin and Elise are adorable as heck AND make a great ophelia Beruka and Benny make an Ignatius with crazy high defense and in their supports they're both quiet people, so they're comfortable with each other. Arthur and Effie are easy to pair up for a crazy strong Percy - and I like that Effie encourages Arthur to just be himself. Peri and Niles is interesting, although I too have trouble picking a husband for Peri in the first place Silas works well with just about anyone in Nohr
  10. I like Beruka with Niles OR Silas, but if you asked me who's a better husband for Beruka, I'd have to say Silas. That S rank was just great. And I like that with Sophie she gets an excitable kid - a nice contrast between mother and daughter.
  11. Conquest has been the first EVER fire emblem game I have ever played - and I wouldn't have been convinced to pick it up if not for Phoenix Mode. I'll admit it, what drew me in was the whole birth family VS familiar family drama and even if the game beats you over the head with YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED HOSHIDO YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED HOSHIDO I still don't regret choosing Nohr. I'm not great at strategy games, so much that even with the easiest mode I was still learning plenty on how to actually play the game - Phoenix mode just made learning from my mistakes less frustrating. I agree story left me pinching the bridge of my nose at times but it's the nohrian characters that keep me coming back to it. And tbh, siding with the 'antagonist' nation and trying to reform it from within is a more interesting plot than just agreeing to side with your birth family you don't remember much about. Even if the execution wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I've since played Awakening and Revelations as well - and when I do Birthright I'll work without Phoenix mode and work my way up the more challenging difficulties. Comparing level design, I definitely want to tackle Conquest levels again when I'm a more seasoned FE player - they were plenty of fun! And of course with more practice, I'll try the older games too - but I owe it all to the kind training wheels that is Phoenix Mode. It's also what's convinced some of my friends to try fire emblem, too.
  12. DARK FLIER DARK FLIER DARK FLIER aaaaand manaketes having ranged breath attacks
  13. Kaden's maniacal laugh before he crits an enemy Hell, anyone laughing before they lay the smackdown on someone Odin's ''ELDRITCH SMACKDOWN'' Leo and Niles ''You can't hide from me!'' Soleil's ''Dance for me!'' That part in Takumi and Sakura's supports where he suggests setting the guest's hair on fire to get out of a social function Arthur's ''Yer outta luck, friend!'' Mozu ''I'm not going to eat it. I"m going to take it outside and give it a proper burial'' in response to crappy food Kagero's ''This won't miss!'' Shigure's ''An encore? IF YOU INSIST!'' Kaze's ''The pain will pass'' Shura's ''It's YOUR time to DIE!'' Azama's ''The time for mercy has passed'' and ''Death comes for everyone!'' The delivery on all of Rinkah's crit quotes is great, along with Charlotte's Benny's ''YOU DIE SO THAT I MAY LIVE!'' Well, he's not wrong The way male Kana's voice cracks when he says ''This ends now!'' In general I love that retainers/lieges share a crit quote with each other
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