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  1. mystledab

    my art

    First of all, thank you all for the positive feedback!!! My computer broke so I haven't been doing any digital paintings recently. I did however finish Silas, Niles, and started Siegbert so as soon as I can salvage those, I'll post them here! @Emeraldrox, Definitely. I've had some requests for him on Instagram and he's one of my favs so I might as well do him. I'm sorry of hesitant though because he's so pretty. I don't want to make him ugly. @Glacoe, Once I finish the Fates characters. He's majestic af though so one day. ~ Also, I have to do some acrylic portraits for my portrait class so here is my special boy, Odin (again). I'm quite happy with it. I'll have prints (once I get a new computer and can edit it) at SacAnime and online. Yay.
  2. As a character, Shigure is precious. Pastel prince ready to give his life to save other people? I'm in. As far as playing with him in the game, I completly overlooked him in Revelations and Conquest but he's actually one of my main units on Birthright. (Mainly because I'm not a fan of any of the Birthright characters and I needed another person on my team tbh.) He's not very good offensively but after equipping Aether, he is good enough to just rely on Aether every time. I still mainly use him as a rally bot or pair him up with characters who can take less steps so those character can get places faster but if it gets to a point where he has to attack, I'll use him and aether helps.
  3. mystledab

    Hey fam

    Hey, fam. I'm an artist and cosplayer looking for some people to cry about Fates and Awakening with. Love you. Xoxo.
  4. (I'm new here and I really hope I am posting this all right. I am very confused.) 11200-51255-25763-17415 Valla Corn/ My castle is called "EASY SIEZE" but sometimes I rename it Danktopia. NA Cabbage and Fish Ruby and Jade Easy (all units on hold) Additional Notes: Right now, I have mainly characters with unobtainable skills equipped so if you're looking for special class/skilled characters, I have them available to recruit. For the characters I have on my team, I have pretty much every non-hackable skill they can obtain. Just send me a message and I can equip it for you. Here are the units I have and their skills- Percy (Malig Knight): HP+5, counter, aether, veteran intuition, aggressor Dwyer (Strategist): dragon fang, resistance +2, profiteer, lifetaker, renewal Velouria (Wolfssegner): beastbane, leathality, death blow, pavise, lifetaker Odin (Sorcerer): lifetaker, aether, vengeance, leathality, galeforce F! Corrin (Witch): replicate, lifetaker, warp, vantage, lethality Leo (Grandmaster): lifetaker, death blow, magictaker, veteran intuition, lethality Takumi (Sniper): counter, lifetaker, replicate, Astra, certain blow Nina (Adventurer):heartseeker, Astra, lifetaker, quick draw, lethality Ophelia (Witch): lethality, shadowgift, lifetaker, aether, warp Not on my team but available to switch in, I have Silas as a Dark Falcon, Niles as a ballistician, Siegbert as a dread fighter, and male Kana as a Lodestar.
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