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  1. Oh jeez. actually thanks a bunch for that! Its actually going... still bunches to do. Also, i started playing your rom @Primefusion and i gotta say, you did a real good job! I'm going as far as possible without using Ava. I like the challenge, like what i did with seth in FE8... He's still level 1 and im at far past endgame.
  2. Thanks TheArbiterK for the insight on the tops of the frames, buuut im still getting "Unexpected Error Loading or Reading The Script. " Tried renaming files. Nothin put the 16 colors in the top as you said, still getting the same thing, but i feel closer used my codes in both forms (Normal and with the C04 moved), nothin all colors match up, so it isnt that for some reason, this only happens when im making the main character wtf
  3. okay, its been forever since ive been here and this is making me tear my hair out. okay, here is my problem: FEditor adv isnt allowing me to create the class animation. What I have done: 1. checked my script over with about 4 tutorials and reread my script format 200 times over and matched theirs letter for letter 2. checked my frames for differing colors. i have less than 16 on all of them and they match exact 3. yes there's two spaces before the p- 4. everything is in .png format 5. all colors are shared from the same 15 color pool, but not every frame uses them all 6. i've tried renaming, but that doesn't make a difference 7. it accepts the standing frame, but nothing else. ive switched the attk frame with the standing to see if it was that. same result as before. (didnt accept the standing frame that was changed to attack1) 8. all pics and docs are in the same file I really need help or I'm gonna lose it
  4. Okay, since this entire hack is getting real annoying to do, I'm switching the hack to fire emblem 7 as said in the tutorials to follow them more... accurately. Nothing else changed
  5. I looked at the actual pictures, one by one and even all together through usenti and I only have 14 max 15 colors
  6. I put all of the code in the correct order. Frames, png codes, names and line up, but FE-ditor ADV says that their's more than sixteen colors when I pass the third frame
  7. for some reason I cant script this into the game
  8. For the third time! I gotta start over on my hack because my memory stick got lost :|
  9. Why of course i could i guess. What u have in minds?
  10. Updates: Renamed most of the items, so when i actually get this thing going, you can check out the references that i placed in the legendaries and funny names for some other ones. Added character desc for my main character and the secondary one. Still working on how to fking put in a dang map on chapter one. I keep consulting the ultimate tutorial, but that don't help at all. My internet is complete crap (im talking 10kb/s if i'm lucky) so videos are out of the question. Could anyone point me or help me with a tutorial over fire emblem 8 stuff? Going down the list of tests and correcting where I can. (so far, I'm at #4) I'm intending for this series to be funny, serious and story driven. I hope for some help here. P.S. if you want a portrait in this hack, (Not of you sorry) then feel free to send a pic or something. I'll try a little harder to figure this crap out. Also, can anyone tell me how to edit these stupid events? This is difficult as hell.
  11. Here's a little critism (no offense of course) Your art could use some work when it comes to scaling and overall shading. I do like the poison bottle though
  12. gotta map and ideas for the prolog, 1st and second chapters, but idk how to implement them into the game. could someone find me a good tutorial about it? For making diolog and implementing maps...
  13. Jackron

    FE:WOTA Sprites

    Sprites for Fire Emblem War Of The Ages.
  14. defense is going to be put towards fists and kicks, resistance is put towards energy volley and wave. Magic will turn to Ki cont. (control) Punches will turn to Dex. Bows will be replaced with guns because thats what humans and the invaders use. Healing will go to plants or namekian healers elixer being the senzu bean. Most of dbz fights take place on the ground anyway, but I will make sky kind of levels if I can. Otherwise, they stay on the ground, they dash when moving. Also, I am hacking FE8, its hard to english sometimes. Depending on what ki type, will make it as a weapon. The weapon catagories go as follows : Fists & Legs, based upon Dex, can be used in range (dashing) as in close, easy to use, weapon skill; unarmed (Fist icon)|| energy volley, based upon Ki cont., can be used in range as in close, slightly "heavier"(people tend to get tired after fireing lots of ki) than using fists, weapon skill; blast (ki blast icon) || energy wave, based upon Ki cont., can be used in ranged as in close, "heaviest"(charge time and after feeling) weapon to use, weapon skill; wave (ki wave or kamehameha icon) || Guns, based upon Dex, can only be used in ranged, fast, but weak, weapon skill; Firearm (Pistol icon) Healing hands, based upon Ki cont. can only be used to heal (obviously) weapon skill; Hand (Open hand icon) Specials: Ki fists, based upon Combo (replace luck), can only be used in close, almost perfectly in between fists and volley in "weight", weapon skill; Unarmed Ki bomb, based upon Ki cont., can only be used in very long range (like a balista), can't move with it, marked with energy fields on the map, about as slow as waves, weapon skill; blast Charged wave, based upon Ki cont., can be used like a longbow in only range, "heaviest" weapon, most damage, weapon skill; wave Sniper, based upon Dex, can be used like a eclipse, strongest gun, slightly slower than volley, weapon skill; Firearm Special touch, based upon Ki cont., can only be used by the most expierienced healers (S level), heals ailments and health, weapon skill; Hand majority of weapons there.
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