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  1. Thank you for replying! Yeah, I reset the game a few times after recruiting Ced, but it wasn't fixed, unfortunately. If I enter combat with him, the game freezes, and occasionally even selecting him triggers a soft lock. Seliph wasn't the only inaccuracy. Leif was supposed to be a Archer Cav, but he ended up a Sword Armor. Altenna wasn't listed at all in the changelog, and Julia was supposed to be a fire mage, yet she is a wind mage. I think that's all of the major inconsistencies. Hopefully this helps! EDIT: Some more inaccuracies; Janne/Nanna was supposed to be a bard, but she was a fire mage. Laylea/Leen was supposed to be a fire mage, but she is a dancer so it might've been intentional. Linda/Tinny didn't even have a base class; however, her promotion was supposed to be Master Knight, so I'm assuming she was a Prince or Princess. She is a Dragon Knight. Femina/Fee is supposed to be a Dragon Knight, but she is a fire mage. Lana is a priest when stated to be a wind mage, but I selected that option so it's to be expected. Iucharba also doesn't even have a class or anything at all listed; he was a Bard, although I didn't recruit him. That seems to be all of them in the second generation, I didn't notice any problems in the first generation cast at all.
  2. I am using Windows to run the randomizer, so unfortunately I can't help you there. Sorry.
  3. Jesus, I'm posting way too many things here, but there is just a ton of things to address. Alright, so my Ced is a Missing No. just like one of the other users who posted on this thread. Does anyone know why this happens, and is there anyway to fix it? Broken stats he might have, but putting him in the arena softlocked my game, so I doubt I can even use him for anything. That really sucks, because he had major Nova blood and was supposed to be a Paladin... it was going to be beautiful, and now he's some weird jumble of pixels. EDIT: Just checked, he has 0 movement. I won't be able to use him at all, then.
  4. I second this, some of my units have like 70% MAG and 10% STR and they're completely melee. It'd be nice to choose whether or not that would happen.
  5. Okay, so as predicted, the game didn't break and I proceeded as normal. I'm on Chapter 6 now, and there's something weird that I was hoping someone could address. So in my changelog, Seliph was designated to be a Sword Armor. Not the best of classes, but I was actually happy, because it means that Sigurd's major Odo blood and legendary silver sword could be passed down. However, Seliph is an axe fighter with no holy blood in my game... I knew Seliph couldn't inherit Hezul blood (from Deirdre) but I thought Odo would be fine. He didn't get the random holy bloods the randomizer states he will gain, either. The changelog had never been outright wrong before, and I'm wondering if this is a thing for all playthroughs using this randomizer. Honestly, I was relying on Seliph getting major Odo and using the Balmung to shred enemies... Attached is my changelog for the randomizer, and as you can see at the bottom Seliph is stated to be a sword armor. FULL changelog.txt
  6. Yeah, I'm on chapter three now, decided to keep playing. No Deirdre. It seems that the event where Deirdre comes back was removed with her class change. I haven't seized Madino yet, but if it crashes my game or destroys everything, I'll let you know. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but it might be possible.
  7. Alright, so forgive me for sounding like an idiot, but I'm kinda worried about something and I hope you can address it. I've been having a blast with this randomizer, but I'm only on chapter two so far. Now, in the normal game, whenever Deirdre "dies" she gets captured instead and you get her back when seizing the next castle, as I'm sure you know. My Deirdre is a myrmidon with major Hezul blood, so she's actually really good, but when I sent her into the fray and she was killed I thought nothing of it, because I'd just get her back when I seized Mackily, right? Five turns later, I seize the castle and Deirdre is not re-recruited. I didn't even realize until a few turns later, when I started moving up on Agusty. I have autosave on, so I can't go back before she died, and I don't have any save states prior to her death, either. Is Deirdre dead forever, or am I going to get her back later? I don't really know what to do. If shes not in my army in chapter three, I think the scenes involving her could bug out and ruin my save. At least, I hope not.
  8. Sorry, but I can't seem to get the media fire link to download. It only says "Not downloading? Repair your download." and the page almost instantly refreshes. Is there some way I can get the patch without going through media fire?
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