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  1. EXACTY this, please read the script notes, the shaya patch is NOT perfectly accurate 1:1 translation, there are plenty of mistakes with it too.
  2. Theres a difference between "rightfully expressing your disappointment" and slamming/trying to insult our work by calling us "treehouse jr." in an obviously inflammatory way. You've got a couple options, u could join our server and try to make ur case there, or just play the old patch, its that simple. but ur wasting everyone's time by bringing this up. Its not like we never had internal discussions about this, we did, the thought certainly did cross our minds.
  3. Ah haha sorry aethin! Dont worry, there's still work to be done on exile, so you have a chance to catch up!
  4. Yep(PE team member here), i reached out to chimera earlier this year and got no response. Project Exile has now moved past ch 13(the halfway point), so hopefully we will finish in the next few months! Check out this link for more details.
  5. if you wish to voice concerns about the patch, please join the discord and do it there
  6. Hey chimera! So you might have known this, but there was another thracia translation patch in the works, by Kirb and Zane. Unfortunately KIrb, who was doing a majority of the text insertion, gave up on the project at chapter 5, and he didnt want to keep going. But he did make a discord server for fans of the project, and of fe5 in general to just hang out and maybe help with the patch if he needed it. Since he left, I somehow have ownership of the server, and now we just kinda hang out and talk about fe5. But, if you want to, you could join the server, and the server would be based around your patch! There are also some pretty knowledgeable people that might be able to help with the patch, if necessary! Anywho, heres the invite, https://discord.gg/XV4Qht . Just let me know if it expired! Thanks!
  7. Wow yeah, this is definitely intriguing, and something to keep my eye on. Best of luck in the future!
  8. Yes that's correct, if you have Val talk to her the npcs will stop advancing and hold back
  9. Yes that's correct, if you have Val talk to her the npcs will stop advancing and hold back
  10. Yeah Vincent and jace are definitely replacement material, jace is a good mage killer and he's quite fast, but very frail, and Vincent is much more balanced then Marco or hawke, so he can fill in if those two are getting screwed. And once hawke gets his stride, rip everyone
  11. Oh shoot sorry my bad, totally thought this was a different chapter, my bad sorry if I got your hopes up. My memory of this back is a bit fuzzy, I totally spaced this map
  12. Im about to find out, do you know if anyone else has tested?
  13. Ohhhhhh this next map is one of my favorites in the game, but I'll let you figure out why
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