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  1. nvm instead of waiting for a reply, chinese bluestacks works for me. found it in some youtube video
  2. whenever i try open memu, it stays stuck on 99% edit: oh wait, i enabled virtualisation but it doesnt work. it says i didnt even though I did in a Memu pop up. I also get this error code with some code language thing i dont understand
  3. (Look at what the personal skill does here for Hoshidan characters, here for Nohrian characters and here for other / DLC characters) So basically this thread is about discussing the personal skills of the Fire Emblem Fates characters. Some of these skills are unique such as Odin's Aching Blood, while others are really similar to each other (Orochi's Capture and Niles' Kidnap). I really think Midori's Lucky Charm is probably the best personal skill. 20% is great and can make builds like 100% Miracle builds.
  4. I'd also have: Trickshot: This unit's attack uses the opposite damage to what it normally should. (I know this doesn't make sense but it would make a Bolt Naginata use the opponent's defence. It would make stuff like a Brave Sword use the opponent's resistance.) Vallarian Hope (revelation only): 10% increased damage when paired up or supported by any unit.
  5. I don't know if I'm allowed to post this but, what Fire Emblem Fates skill would you make? I would make something like an ability which swaps the opponent's pair up after combat if the user initiates it.
  6. I went dancing with Takumi. Why is this thing accurate
  7. ALL LEGIT SKILLS (i think) Castle Name: Ft. Corrin Version: Birthright Castle Code: 04361-28805-28112-88506 Corrin (MU) - Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Replicate, Astra Silas - Elbow Room, Shelter, Defender, Aegis, Pavise Takumi - Skill +2, Astra, Lifetaker, Bowfaire, Replicate Kaden - Beastbane, Evenhanded, Even Better (I also just realised, if you get these skills onto Keaton somehow.... lol) Hinoka - Poison Strike, Lethality (my Hinoka is Lucina's class and sadly you can't inherit DLC skills. then again it would be broken. Also if you realise Hinoka is a Basara, I'm just getting quixotic) Ryoma - Vantage, Luna, Astra, Death Blow, Swordfaire Caeldori - Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Aptitude, Rally Speed (mozu is Caeldori's mother) Shigure - Luck +4, Replicate, Amaterasu, Camaraderie, Rally Speed Dwyer - Resistance +2, Gentilhomme, Tomebreaker, Live to Serve, Rally Resistance Kiragi - Skill +2, Luck +4, Replicate, Quick Draw, Certain Blow NOTE: Avoid the one puppet. It shouldn't be a big deal anyway I'll probably be changing some stuff after I post this and being me I probably won't edit this post
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