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  1. @Razul To answer your question (not part of the SoA team, but I assume the OP will be updated once they're done with Act 2).
  2. Honestly, Genealogy’s main mechanic being blood-specific really works in favor the idea of predestined, flawless heroes (ideally both for men and for women, but Sigurd is obviously a man). If today’s Direct is what’s worrying you, don’t forget that Eliwood and FE5 Leif (and to a lesser extent, FE9 Ike, Micaiah and Seliph) are possible lords for the next game, and I would hardly describe any of them as brave, flawless heroes.
  3. Penultimate vote cast! It’s Dorothea for the second time now. At this point, I doubt she’ll surpass the six girls above her (not counting Tiki, whom I would very much love to see winning), but I’m content with investing three votes into her.
  4. Raphael lacks a crest, and all Relics (such as Thyrsus - they’re the items with an icon with a gold background) inflict 10 HP of damage on their wielder if they lack a Crest. Not sure about your Raphael’s Magic, but unless he’s dealing 20+ damage per hit with Nosferatu (thus recovering 10+ HP per hit), the recoil from Thyrsus will result in a net loss of HP.
  5. Personally, I’m not a fan of any of the Avatars, but I would have expected people to vote for Robin more so than Corrin if they wanted to upset Byleth? I mean, Corrin gets almost universal criticism when talking about Fates’ story, whereas opinions on Robin are at least mixed (I think). I might just be biased but whatever, I won’t be upset if an Avatar wins (after all, we’ve gone five years without any of them getting Brave alts).
  6. Cast my fifth vote today! Since Dorothea is in 8th place, I’ve decided to invest my votes for the last three days into her. Funny how I’ll end up going for 3H exclusively, but Alois is my favorite and Dorothea is my second favorite, so I would really want him to get in the game and her to get a Brave alt.
  7. Voted for Alois yet again. He’s probably getting one or two more votes (I don’t remember, are the midterm results after the third or fourth day? Are we even getting those this year?) and then I’m strongly considering dumping the rest on Dorothea since she’s my favorite character in either top 8. Funny how I would end up voting for 3H characters exclusively, but that’s how it goes.
  8. As someone who doesn’t play FEH anymore, I wish they would add Alois. There are very few characters I find as enjoyable as him that aren’t in the game already, so hopefully they’ll give him some love?
  9. First vote went to Alois, planning on giving him at least half my votes. The other half is gonna be either more Alois or one of Mist/Rolf/Altena. Then again, all three are already in the game in some form… idk I uninstalled FEH in Spring 2020 but I’m still really excited to see who wins CYL this time.
  10. Not sure if anyone uses this thread anymore, but anyway: Revelation is unique in that it allows you to build things from both Birthright and Conquest. When planning a run, one of my main concerns is the amount of class-changing seals that can be bought before Ch. 20 (they’re unlimited after that): how does that interact with the dual shops? For instance, you can buy one Heart Seal with the Lv1 shop in other paths: does that mean you can buy two Heart Seals if you have both shops built, or are the seals “shared” between the two?
  11. Uh, no? There’s another thread on FEU and Ghast stated he’s just going to wait until he has everything ready instead of giving updates every now and then. It might also be at FEE3 but the list of projects participating is not out yet.
  12. Come on guys, have a little faith. It's being worked on, and FEE3 is coming up. Maybe we'll see some news there, maybe we won't. The last public release was a few years ago, it seems pretty natural to me that a lot of old and new stuff would be implemented and worked on. It'd be normal for a hack developer to remove download links, Ghast's design philosophy may as well have changed since the last patch.
  13. Mostly hoping for a new FE reveal. Hopefully a remake of any game from FE4 to FE7 (heck, maybe even FE8) since while I would love a Tellius remake, it’s still relatively new and I’m lucky enough to be able to play those games legitimately on my Wii. Not sure about other series since I’m not super invested in what a lot of other posters have mentioned, but Xenoblade X on the Switch would be hella nice (playing all three on the same console? Sign me up). I’m still kind of hoping they port the two HD Zelda remakes from the Wii U to the Switch (then again, I could just buy the originals for the Wii), but since Skyward Sword HD just released, the only Zelda game I can see them giving news on is BotW 2. And even that’s a maybe. Pokémon is the one series I’ve been following my whole life, but we just had a Presents like one month ago, so I’m not expecting anything major on that front. I’m also kind of hoping for some Tales/FF game to be ported to the Switch, but I’m not sure how likely that would be.
  14. Again, the GBA version is not being worked on anymore, as development has moved to Tactile. The current patch on Tactile covers the entirety of Act 1, and the route split you are currently playing on the old GBA version will be cut in the next Tactile release (coincidentally, you’re playing Owen’s route, which will apparently make up at least part of Act 2 in the next releases, while Sawyer’s route has been cut).
  15. I’ll admit, I’m a huge Tellius fan, so I always enjoy seeing this kind of posts. Elena is definitely an interesting character that doesn’t get much recognition (for one, she learned how to communicate with Lillia despite the language barrier) and her death is ultimately a heroic one. Her love story with Greil must have been one of a kind, too - as far as we know, Greil never pursues a new romantic relationship and Titania keeps her feelings to herself for a very long time (possibly forever, if Ike/Titania A is not unlocked) to respect the bond he and Elena once shared. As for the side-story you mentioned, it’s probably very unlikely that such a thing may happen (tbf, I’d love a game with the original Four Riders, young Ashnard, etc.) but we may get something akin to the downloadable episodes and/or the Archanea Saga chapters that were included in FE12.
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