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  1. Yeah, aside from the fact that By the way guys, I finished FFV. And accidentally beat Exdeath's final form with Doom. Doom! Just thought you should know. (Also I'm super late but happy second anniversary! Here's to more years of hilarious trainwrecks!)
  2. Caeda is behaving more and more like Saint Rubenio's TRS Sasha every minute. Are we sure she will flirt with people to recruit them and not, say, threaten to torture them unless they betray their friends/family/army?
  3. After applying myself with all the leaks, S-Rank CGs and post-timeskip appearances, my marriage plans have slightly changed. Namely, I probably won't be marrying Alois and Gilbert even though they seem amazing because So... I'm still going Blue Lions for my first playthrough. Notable units recruited from other houses include Dorothea, Raphael since Leonie, Lysithea and Petra. Also every BL but Dedue and Dimitri later on when playing other houses (btw, could someone tell me how recruiting students works exactly?). So... BL - Ingrid (from what I've read, I seem to be one of the few who love her post-timeskip design... heck, I probably like her even more GD - Claude is on top of the list, alongside Leonie and Lysithea (whose artwork post-timeskip I find ridiculously good) and followed by Raphael. Possibly Annette as well since I won't be able to marry her in my BL playthrough. BE - Hubert is probably the character that improved the most in the five-year gap. Dorothea is best Adrestian girl, probably best girl after Ingrid (maybe tied with her) and will most likely be my dancer in every playthrough (given that I intend to always recruit her over to my house when not playing Black Eagles) as she is tailor-made for the class (seriously, have you seen that dress?). Caspar's hot-headed nature reminds me a lot of myself, but he isn't really the type of character I would have my Byleth marry. He, Petra and Edelgard still get an A for Effort though. If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to marry 4 out of the 6 women I like the most in the game in my first playthroughs, while possibly replaying the game as F!Byleth (whose stocking I'm still undecided on being either weird as hell or some goth garment she looks perfect with) and marry Hubert, Claude, Raphael and another male - probably Alois or Gilbert (going for the gay option, seeing how it doesn't really seem to matter). Small notes: Hanneman might be an option somewhere but he looks ridiculously tall (not in a good way though, more of a Slenderman way) Also I don't have a Switch yet but 3H, Pokémon, various ports/remakes and MK8 Deluxe (since the newest Mario Kart I own is 7, which I got when it came out alongside my first, glorious and at this point only 3DS). I'm not willing to give up my beloved Wii or dramatically underused PS3 for it though. Guess I'll bribe some rich friend. Edit: Crap, I forgot about Catherine. She's up there with Dorothea, Petra, Annette, Ingrid, Lysithea and Leonie for my favourite females. That... might be a bit tough.
  4. Not really... what makes it hard for me is that most of my team members have pretty good coverage options, so I end up wondering if adding a <insert type> Pokémon is truly necessary. Since I'm trying to fill the Sinnoh Dex, I have a bunch of stuff I caught (although some have horrible Natures so I would need to get others and train them). Looking at the PC, I have options for both a physical and special Raichu, a Gardevoir (although I feel like Gallade would be preferable, as I have used Gardevoir in Omega Ruby and lack a Fighting-type), Garchomp (it's used so often in Sinnoh playthroughs it's not even funny, but I lack both a Dragon-type (no big deal) and a Ground-type (bigger deal, which is why I got Mamoswine over Weavile), Gliscor and Magmortar. I do know that Electivire is also coming sorta soon (as Electabuzz) on Route 222, and I can't remember other particularly strong Pokémon in the areas I still haven't gotten to.
  5. This made my day. Especially Galuf. Especially because I'm finally replaying FFV for the first time in at least two years. I love that game. Now excuse me, but I have to go grind some jobs (I'm still at Karnak but whatever, I enjoy the heck out of this game). Eugen=Galuf is GR9. (About TLP, @Saint Rubenio, how do you feel about other unpopular units? Like Karina, Asch and Haas?)
  6. Hey guys! I've recently picked up a playthrough of Platinum I started almost two years ago. I'm currently about to storm the Veilstone Galactic HQ and my team is looking pretty good so far (Empoleon, Leafeon, Porygon-Z and Skuntank, all are at Lv. 45 and some of my favourite Pokémon, like my favourite starter and Pokémon overall and favourite Eeveelution). I still have two open slots (one currently occupied by my HM slave Tropius). Among the Pokémon I could use, Altaria (Timid), Mamoswine (Adamant) and Medicham stick out the most (honourable mentions to Victoire, the Beautifly that walled Gardenia but could not keep up, and Telsa, the Lickilicky I dropped in favour of Porygon-Z). However, none of those have the same "feel" the other team members give me and I would like to use atypical choices while also maintaining as little typing and role overlap as possible. Any suggestions?
  7. Wow, that's a long thread considering it was only started yesterday. At any rate, Dorothea and Mercedes seem like cool lesbian picks (does anyone know if these are regarding Byleth alone? Mercedes x Annette would be cool) and Alois is amazing. I do hope these are not confirmed to be the only ones, because RIP Hanneman otherwise.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love Petra and everything, but because she seems so similar to Athena I want to make sure she has something else going for her other than "foreign Myrmidon who cannot speak main language very well" (she's still going to be one of my main units because Swordmaster bias). If I end up liking her, she might be Byleth's spouse in another playthrough (who knows! Maybe I'll recruit her to another house).
  9. I tried commenting here once before. My post got deleted. Yay. Anyway, these are just hypotheses, since I don't have a Switch and I definitely won't have one by the time 3H comes out. Not sure about Male or Female Byleth, as unlike FE12/Fates I don't 100% prefer the female design over the male design (especially without customization). Leaning towards Blue Lions for my first playthrough. BE: Dorothea is great, Petra looks awesome but not romance-wise. BL: Ingrid seems an all-around great choice, but Mercedes could also be great (outside of the fact that I ship her with literally every other Blue Lion). Felix is cool too (he might be this game's Leo, and Leo is my favourite Fates character). GD: Not really a fan of many people here anymore. Claude is cool, Raphael is a huge cinnamon roll and Leonie is best bro. Teachers: Just like Ace Flashheart, I also have a problem with a certain character. Manuela (yes, the one and only) bears the same name as my first teacher, who also happens to have been a close friend of my family for over twenty years, so romancing her would be extremely weird (not to mention, IRL Manuela is basically asexual). Other than that, Hanneman and Alois will probably be my top picks from this group. Most of the characters I listed will probably be romanced regardless of the gender I choose, outside of Leonie and Felix (more likely as a female) and Ingrid (more likely as a male). These were my thoughts pre-timeskip, so some of these choices may change depending on how character designs "evolve". For example, I'm a huge fan of Ashe, but he looks a little too young right now and would make for a really cute couple with Annette.
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked, but trying to play this via Snes9x on Android (with either of the headered patches) always results in an error. Should I try a different emulator?
  11. I am truly ashamed of you for preferring Sawyer over our Lord and savior Owen. Just kidding, every piece of art you've been making for this game has been ridiculously good.
  12. Sorta. My sister was going on holiday to Portugal and she needed a phone because she was getting hers repaired. For whatever reason, my father thought that his Nokia would be good enough for me for a week and didn't even wait for me to make a backup of the important stuff (like my Final Fantasy V save I could have saved on Cloud). Well, to quote you: why would you even do that? What's really too convenient is that no one ever cared about finding out who supposedly killed the to-be empress and her children. As in, the emperor's daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Well, Barker's daughter (which we may or may not have already met) is (according to common in-universe knowledge) second in line for the throne after Barker himself and no one (again, in-universe) seems to care about her, ever, her father included. Guys, I hope you realize that your emperor is neither Nicholas Flamell nor Avatar Kyoshi nor Athos nor Hannah Wells nor any other extremely long-lived fictional being. Especially considering that "Canaan is at its weakest". Karyuon lived 60 years, and Bahanuke is definitely past that at this point. Yeah, I was about to say that he was probably looking for a hooker, but you read my mind. Before I even thought that. Telepathy, huh? How the hell can Tom Kirkman almost be removed as President of the US because he was processing his wife's death (and he got over that thanks to his brother, why does no one ever mention that Trey is low-key the best character in Designated Survivor and why does no one care about his absence from Season 3?) and Lentzenheimer (apparently next in line for ruler of the second biggest nation in Lieberia) can go around having fun with street hookers in the middle of the night? Does he kill them afterwards, like he killed his mother? What the hell, Lentzie. For real.
  13. Yeah, about that... my phone died. The one where I was on Chapter 23 of my first run of FE12. The one where Cord capped Defense (mind you, with a 25% growth at best, without any statboosters or RNG manipulation involved, outside of his very last level because I wanted that cap). The one where I found out that General Norne is pretty much the best unit ever. That phone died. (Not) Funnily enough, my first phone was reset by my father while I was beating chapter 23 of FE6 (a run where I RNG abused like a maniac to get a good Sophia, totally worth it).
  14. This. Is. Gold. I have no idea about what show you're talking about, but I can think of a similar ending. The protagonist goes like "I don't have an answer for that one, Love". And it ends there. Damn you, Fox! (Anyone who gets the reference wins an imaginary cookie)
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