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  1. Would it be an exaggeration to say this might be the best thing since sliced bread? Ok, maybe, but good luck either way!
  2. I hadn't thought about that! Thinking about it, on one hand it's kinda weird that despite the Rings being the keys to the swords, all four of their wielders are actually descendants of Carluon, but on the other it creates a pretty cool link between the royal families and Carluon's. What I'm trying to say is that, since Lieberian countries seem to favour male rulers over female ones like most real-life monarchies (I'm not an expert on contemporary monarchies, but I'm pretty sure these kinds of governments were all pretty patriarchal until like two centuries ago), and Carluon only had daughters, either him, Yutona or the daughters themselves probably chose the most suitable husbands to begin the modern Lieberian countries (and considering what happened with Grauss and Enteh's father, I think we can be pretty sure that was the only time it happened). This means that while, for the following generations, it was the males who held the power (Grauss forcing Tita to transform, Enteh being locked away in the Water Shrine, even Bahanuk restoring the Zoan Empire to an extent), that power was granted to them by Reeve, Salia, Leda and Canaan, four women, interestingly enough! And it's those very women (through their descendants, in our case Enteh, Katri, Neyfa and Tia) who grant the men (through the rings, aside from Tia and Richard but they're a special case) access to the physical manifestation (the swords) of the goddess' power (Yutona), which she granted Carluon (the precursor to the kings of the four nations)... wow, when people say Fire Emblem mistreats its female characters, they sure aren't including TearRing Saga!
  3. Shouldn't Sennet also be a descendant of Carluon? Canaan WAS the name of his youngest daughter. If you're going by ethnicity, then Canaanites were originally Zoan, but Ledans and Welltese are supposedly a mix of Reevans, Salians and Zoans. Granada is pretty much independent so yeah, no chance Holmes is anywhere near 0% legendary hero, and there is no evidence the dukes of Reeve were related to the royals in any way. So yeah, apparently (for once) being of a legendary bloodline means you're a Gotoh here.
  4. Oh, ok, sorry if I sounded rude. Well, it will be really cool to finally play an XNA game and I haven't played SoA in so long, it will surely be a nice breath of fresh air.
  5. So I remember reading that the new update was going to include the entirety of Arc 2... How long is that exactly? Really excited for the new release btw, FEE3 will probably shoot the hype through the roof (and it shall pierce the skies!).
  6. Most importantly, you have chosen Axel, Stark and Grace instead of those darned mounts. Efficiency be damned, we will beat the game with those three alone!
  7. Thanks! I'll try to play this on my computer if I can manage to send my saves (and game) over there. Unfortunately I've been having abit of trouble with the Dropbox link ever since I first downloaded it as it says the folder doesn't exist. Am I the only one? I'll try to access it from either Discord or FEU and see if anything changes. EDIT: I was able to download the patch from FEU. Now I will try playing the game on my computer's VBA for the save thing. Here's to hoping it's not too old.
  8. I downloaded it like yesterday from FEU and it's great! I'm currently stuck on 1-7 though because Gunnar just doesn't want to appear. I've waited on his tiles with pretty much my entire army and there's no sign of him. I was going to replay the chapter again anyway since I lost the Light Brand so I can try and see if anything changes the second time. EDIT: I replayed the map, got everything and still no Gunnar (also, is the tile with an arrow next to Zard meant to do anything?), I even checked your stream on YouTube but you don't seem to be doing anything special. I downloaded the fix you uploaded from the link on FEU but it says you have to apply it to a clean rom? Do I have to replay the game until now or is there some way of recovering my save file for the new patch? I can confirm there is no way of proceeding past 1-7 because the game goes on a loop at the end (apparently because Gunnar was not recruited).
  9. Man, it's not just epic. It also has correct Latin! Well, almost. It translates to "Oh Lord because comes to judge the earth...". Quia is best translated as because, and was probably mixed up with Qui, the correct pronoun that should translate to "who", making the sentence "Oh Lord who comes to judge the earth...". A little late, but we got there in the end. Also props to Morse for being 10x cooler than Gotoh if only for this spell. Wow, of all the opportunities... the first TRS LP I read was on the LP Archive and the author sent Sasha on Holmes' route. I didn't find Holmes that infuriating at the time (I do find him a little more annoying now that I've read this LP, and good God did I root for Eugen in their fight) but he is a royal (republican? Whatever Granada is) douchebag there. He's really harsh on Kate for no real reason. Truly one of my least favourite Holmes moments. The fact I love Kate to death doesn't help. He thinks of his sister in his last moments. That hits home for me, as I'm a sucker for any sibling relationship. Carla may have been evil, but she truly cared about Zieg, and the reverse is just as true. Kate is just a magnificently written character and she deserves more love.
  10. Mangs is probably going to be mindblown when he finds out.
  11. HYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE (Seriously though, is there an Owen or a Belle version?)
  12. I actually mentioned you while watching the stream. No one caught on it, of course, but just in case you or anyone else who read the FE6 LP (I'm re-reading it btw) were watching... While I have never used Macellan, Maria was one of my best units in my FE3 Book 1 Ironman run (which is the place a lot of my Archanea preferences come from), so I'm really happy to see her perform (she IS performing, right?). Who else are you using? I see a female Sniper, is that Norne? She's definitely my favourite native bow-user in Archanea and you have no idea of how good she becomes if you reclass her to a General post-promotion. Seriously, do that when you play FE12 again. We all know you want to play it again. So... I have yet to play 3H (or get a Switch, for that matter) but I wouldn't suggest playing it on a different difficulty if you didn't enjoy it previously. It might make it even more stressful, if anything. (Ignore the first quote, SF is weird) Regarding Advance Wars, well I love it as much as you do 3H. That means I hate it. Maybe it's because I found out about it after FE but it's just so boring for me. As I said, you shouldn't force yourself to play through a game you loathe. It doesn't work.
  13. One patch to rule them all... now you only need to make a hack my man (also I'm actually confused as to why you chose Windham instead of Oro for a screenshot, or why you didn't include Morgan). Btw, there's four of us counting yourself so far.
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