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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked, but trying to play this via Snes9x on Android (with either of the headered patches) always results in an error. Should I try a different emulator?
  2. I am truly ashamed of you for preferring Sawyer over our Lord and savior Owen. Just kidding, every piece of art you've been making for this game has been ridiculously good.
  3. Sorta. My sister was going on holiday to Portugal and she needed a phone because she was getting hers repaired. For whatever reason, my father thought that his Nokia would be good enough for me for a week and didn't even wait for me to make a backup of the important stuff (like my Final Fantasy V save I could have saved on Cloud). Well, to quote you: why would you even do that? What's really too convenient is that no one ever cared about finding out who supposedly killed the to-be empress and her children. As in, the emperor's daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Well, Barker's daughter (which we may or may not have already met) is (according to common in-universe knowledge) second in line for the throne after Barker himself and no one (again, in-universe) seems to care about her, ever, her father included. Guys, I hope you realize that your emperor is neither Nicholas Flamell nor Avatar Kyoshi nor Athos nor Hannah Wells nor any other extremely long-lived fictional being. Especially considering that "Canaan is at its weakest". Karyuon lived 60 years, and Bahanuke is definitely past that at this point. Yeah, I was about to say that he was probably looking for a hooker, but you read my mind. Before I even thought that. Telepathy, huh? How the hell can Tom Kirkman almost be removed as President of the US because he was processing his wife's death (and he got over that thanks to his brother, why does no one ever mention that Trey is low-key the best character in Designated Survivor and why does no one care about his absence from Season 3?) and Lentzenheimer (apparently next in line for ruler of the second biggest nation in Lieberia) can go around having fun with street hookers in the middle of the night? Does he kill them afterwards, like he killed his mother? What the hell, Lentzie. For real.
  4. Yeah, about that... my phone died. The one where I was on Chapter 23 of my first run of FE12. The one where Cord capped Defense (mind you, with a 25% growth at best, without any statboosters or RNG manipulation involved, outside of his very last level because I wanted that cap). The one where I found out that General Norne is pretty much the best unit ever. That phone died. (Not) Funnily enough, my first phone was reset by my father while I was beating chapter 23 of FE6 (a run where I RNG abused like a maniac to get a good Sophia, totally worth it).
  5. This. Is. Gold. I have no idea about what show you're talking about, but I can think of a similar ending. The protagonist goes like "I don't have an answer for that one, Love". And it ends there. Damn you, Fox! (Anyone who gets the reference wins an imaginary cookie)
  6. Oh, wow, right. Lyria. Completely forgot she existed. Well, that speaks volumes about how much I like her. And I suppose having a fanfiction character with the same name doesn't help either.
  7. You know, even Arkis thinks he is no good as a knight. I' m sure that'll be wrote off as humility. I'll admit, I'd like to see Arkis in the updates as a semi-regular comic relief who accidentally insults other characters by accident. But we could always start just... editing those sequences, I mean, if Ruben isn't going to do it.... and if I had a better grasp of the characters so I could do it. Thinking about it... Rody and Lance (the other green cavaliers) were decently important characters in the last LPs (the former as comic relief, the latter having been "miracolously saved" when Roy died, cancelling his own death). Could this truly be Arkis' destiny? To make a fool of himself for the rest of eternity? To tell dirty jokes and pull stupid pranks on Kreiss (and Leteena once she joins)? ... Yeah, probably.
  8. I love how the game uses latin for the text. You know who does? Me. You know who doesn't like this game's Latin? Also me. Maruj just said "(It) shall destroy you in a tornado" basically. Apparently, Kaga also did bad Latin first.
  9. Time for a dumb post about Latin and Kiefer Sutherland! Yeah, Jesus! That means "I saw an animal coming out of the sea!", because cultists are apparently really keen on animals. Btw, I don't recall scorpions being sea animals. Yeah, so apparently my favourite actor decided to stop fighting terrorism as Jack Bauer, ended his (second, I hope, damn you Moss!) term as President of the US, put down his guitar, travelled to a fictional dimension and founded a kingdom by chopping people in half! Holy Kiefer that's badass! Wait. Guys, I think we might have found the person Sasha got her murderous instincts from. Meriel used Bad Latin! It's super effective! TearRing Saga fainted! ("Numera stellas si pote" means "As many stars as possible"... and it's not even regular Latin! It's (iirc) some kind of corrupted form of the language!) ... Who are you, again?
  10. I don't mean to sound rude, but I won't be able to get Cynthia as (for now) both parents have not been picked. You can choose any of the men already chosen as his father if you want. I fully support your choice though!
  11. You know what annoys me? "Adustionem pro adustione" means basically "burning for the sake of burning". Turning Meriel from an anime girl to a sadistic pyromaniac.
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