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  1. I’M HERE! (read in All Might’s voice) To be honest, it feels very “me” that I would find out about your new LP by looking at your signature in an old one (not even one of yours, to boot). I dropped this game out of playing way too much stuff at once on the Ozmu chapter, so it will probably be another great adventure to follow! Maybe I’ll even pick it up again one of these days.
  2. Sort of. 50% means that, on average, she should gain 4.5 Magic over 9 levels: in turn, that means your Serra is 3.5 Magic behind on her averages. Off the top of my head, I believe that Serra starts at L1 with 2 Magic, so yours should be L10 with 3, compared to her average 6.5. Correct? I’ve used Serras like that, mainly because I love her a lot (as my username implies), but Priscilla should be able to take over with healing duties.
  3. Does Alois count? I’d argue he’d want to protect Jeralt’s child, and part of his Supports with Byleth already focus on that. Seteth may also be a good pick, as others have already suggested. Catherine/Cyril too, in all non-CF routes: Rhea entrusted everything to you, so by serving you, they can keep protecting her will.
  4. Voted Laslow, he is absolutely adorable and deserves your love. Shura would be my second pick.
  5. Another adventure has finally come to an end. To be honest, I quite enjoyed it! Berwick Saga as a game was incredibly rare on YouTube (probably because Aethin’s translation is still relatively new) and if the Fire Emblem Wiki never deemed it necessary to add more than the basic information about TearRing Saga, I doubt they would do anything differently for Berwick. I just love how many relationships Kaga was able to fit into a game, even though I still prefer how hilariously interconnected TearRing Saga’s cast is. Still, Berwick’s characters are still pretty much all memorable, even the one that was meant to be no more than a joke. Not to mention how, in a world like Lazberia, your story’s darker tones actually fit rather well! All in all, I look forward to seeing where the next LP (if there even will be another one) takes us. Admittedly, now you’ve covered pretty much all the main games you praised over the last few years (with Shadow Dragon and Thracia 776 making occasional appearances), so... I can’t help but wonder. Anyway, it’s been a pleasure following the latest installment in this series of admitted exhilarating trainwrecks. Godspeed, master tactician. (As a side note, I waited until now to mention that you including a lesbian couple in your side-story was something I really appreciated. Not just because you treated it the same way as any other couple, as it should be, but because, being a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I grew a little more attached to El and Harriett. I write ideas about FE-based stories for my own entertainment every once in a while - even made a thread about it in Creative Works, but I’m honestly too lazy to write that much on a regular basis, and they’re more big lumps of concepts than actual stories - and one of them happens to feature a mercenary and an archer, joining in the first chapter and potentially becoming a couple by the end of the game. El reminded me a lot of Cassandra (or Cass), the merc, while Harriett is similar to Senna, the archer, although their personalities are pretty much swapped (Senna and El being the aloof ones, Cass and Harriett the more... upbeat ones?). Anyway, thank you for that, as well.)
  6. The GBA version is no longer being worked on. The most recent build of SoA covers Act 1 and was created using FEXNA.
  7. Hey guys! I just wanted to say I’m back on SF. I took a much-needed break to focus on other important stuff, both during quarantine and beyond, and I honestly don’t see myself using SF all that much outside of keeping up to date with this LP and a few others, especially now that I find it easier to keep up with the hacking community on FEUniverse. That being said, I don’t really have any witty remark about the LP (even though I caught up on like ten pages’ worth of updates in a week), but you’re definitely making Berwick Saga more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Maybe I should try it out myself one of these days.
  8. Oh, hey, look who's back! It's been a hot minute. I hope you guys are all safe and healthy. I'm doing pretty well myself (aside from, you know, Leeving in the country that was struck the hardest by the coronavirus aside from China to this day). Yeah, not the best situation, but at Leest it's given me tons of time to do stuff like playing Pokémon (in case anyone's interested, I'm playing SoulSilver right now, recreating my emulated Crystal team and catching 8 of the 9 species I need to compLeete the Gen 4 National Dex... I'll probably be moving over to Black next). I've also been writing a Leettle (I even started my own thread of FE-related stories on here in case anyone's interested, but I should really update it when I have a little bit less homework). Anyway! I've been awaiting the day this LP would inevitably begin ever since BS' full translation's release. I know a fair bit about this game's story and characters (apparently I just can't stay away from spoilers) but it'll definitely be fun to read some commentary to go along with it, while also learning about the actual mechanics. I probably still have Lots of stuff to say, but all in due time. Just know that I'm here too and I will be definitely following this. (Btw, I tried to insert some kind of Matthis pun, but I failed. Dishonorably.)
  9. It's not, but I've been really busy these last few weeks so it's hard for me to find the time to write stuff, especially since I often get carried away while talking about my stories.
  10. I'll definitely look into making a Google Doc! There are indeed other characters, I just haven't talked about them yet (on a side note, @BeniceI'm trying to explore a story more like your alternate version and see what comes out of it). As for Kyra, the concept of their race is similar to that of Tellius' Branded: remnants of an era where love between humans and dragons was still accepted, widespread even. To summarize, the powers of the ancient, pure-blooded dragonkin is getting weaker and weaker and only their descendants whose dragon half is at least centuries old can hope to achieve their full power. Clearly, this means that the most powerful ones are also the ones who would least expect to have such abilities - like transforming, for example. Yoderick's family is one of the few which still guard these secrets, as most others have either forgotten them or their powers have grown almost too weak to distinguish themselves from regular humans. I never really explored the aspect of their religion: humans generally are followers of either the Church of Heaven (kinda corrupt, like the Catholic Church in the 15-16th centuries: places great important on social status, bloodlines and earthly possession, as well as "purity" in both body and mind) or the Church of Earth (more popular among the Sacaen-like plainsmen, in rural areas and in Korran, a region ravaged by conflicts between warlords: it's more ancient and generally worships tribal deities representing the forces and elements of nature). The two faiths are often in contrast with one another, and the Church of Heaven is specifically harsh on anyone who follows other religions or no religion at all: in fact, it also puts an emphasis on the superiority of pure-blooded humans, so Axel and Kyra's race and the real dragons (generally believed to be extinct and/or myths) are worth about as much as dirt in the eyes of their more radical clergymen. So they are typically discriminated, but they don't really lean either way. Also, Kyra is definitely not a goddess (in Rise and Fall, deities are basically just things that get worshipped by the various faiths and not much else, really).
  11. One of my FE-based stories features Roc, great birds who live in a desert-like area and have some sort of connection to two legendary Roc who were progenitors of the species, as well as masters of thunder (the male) and wind (the female) elemental magic, Garuda and Simorgh. Those also inspired the names for the class (called Roc Tamer, sword-wielding flier) and its two promotions (Garuda are a high offense sword/bow units, while Simorgh are sword/Anima hybrids with higher Mag/Res but lower Str/Spd). I could have used griffins, but I guess I didn't like the idea of them being a mix of species already.
  12. First of all, thank you for allowing me to write about these stories! I definitely think your ideas have a lot of potential (not sure how I would incorporate the third party, although it did give me a Team Rocket vibe for some reason). Your idea of Axel and Kyra bonding for the first time over shared strife is definitely interesting but I'm afraid it wouldn't work in this specific story, and as you said it would involve a massive overhaul of basically everything Rise and Fall is built upon. I could definitely see it as a premise for some other story, if you don't mind (although some things would have to be changed to make it its own thing)! I may write about Rise and Fall some more or just move to a different story (I just wish people weren't too shy to leave an opinion, this is turning into a bunch of glorified DMs). Still not sure, but I'll need to find the time for it (I may or may not have gotten another exam on my hands today, and it's quite an important one).
  13. Not sure I can make a Top 20, but I'll at least try to name 20. So... Cord, Jesse, Brigid, Patty and Febail, Dew, Aideen, Erinys, Lara, Linoan, Fergus, Jerrot, Nils, Syrene, Calill, Heather, Brom, Ena, Ingrid, Alois
  14. Hey everyone! I'm alive (surprisingly). Unfortunately SF (as well as my Internet and me being dumb) were not kind to me the last... three times I tried to write here. School was also a thing, so yeah. I still enjoy doing stuff about these games-not-games, so I'm open to any questions you may have (even if they're about something that is not Rise and Fall or any one of the stories, even). I had a pretty long day so I'll try to answer your questions in a short but sweet fashion, @Benice. (Don't ask me why it did that, I'm bad at this) I have to ask you a question myself when it comes to this point: would your suggestion be adding a third party that is about on the same level as the main combatants or someone like the Loptyrians in FE4, who pull the strings from the shadows? During the civil war, I would certainly have at least some of the other nations participating in some way - mostly on Alcaen's side, as racism against the half-dragons is present there as well - but they would definitely be just allies, rather than the people pulling the strings of the conflict (so the first type). They would probably back out of the war once Dante kills his father, possibly even before any kind of truce is put into motion. I was also thinking of adding some fully-fledged dragons on their brethren's side (clearly, they would not want them to be discriminated), but their extreme power and backstory would have turned them into pacifists, only using their strength when necessary and seeking a way (through their above-average intelligence) to end everything peacefully. About Yoderick Do keep in mind that this is a war veteran we're talking about, and one with not just a short temper. Yoderick knew many of the high-ranking generals who were killed during the civil war (this also ties into the third point) and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that he could have been one of the few survivors in a battle or two. Craving revenge would only be natural for someone who lived the conflict personally and had the blood of both friends and foes on more than one occasion, maybe leading him to develop some form of PTSD, even. So yeah, I wouldn't exactly compare him to Travant (one of my favourite FE villains btw), because while he did not necessarily love his people the way the Thracian king did, he does despise Alcaen with his whole being and seeing it burnt to the ground would barely please him. His mind is definitely not in the right place anymore. About the half-dragons, their ability to transform would be unknown to most of the people who actually have it. Outside of Kyra, I was thinking of Yoderick and a few other playable characters (including Yoderick's own daughter) being able to turn into dragons. As a result, knowledge of these shape-shifters is very rare even among half-dragons, meaning that even less people know how to control their dragon forms. I didn't think of "harnessing power" on Yoderick's part: as I said, he wants to see Alcaen in ruins, and the power of a rampaging dragon (maybe even two or three, if Yod and his daughter were to have that power too) should be enough to deal massive damage by itself. About Axel I realize I have talked a lot more about Kyra compared to Axel, but the two of them are a pair, as (foster) siblings, as comrades and (maybe) as partners at the end of the story (I never actually thought about who their romantic interests could be, but I'm not sure I would want them to be a couple). Making Axel any less important than Kyra is definitely not my intention, and I would happily welcome any suggestione in regards to fixing that issue. As for Axel himself, here is how a relatively recent draft of his character portrays him: initially, he would be... unpleasant, to say the least. He'd be a bit of a brat, mainly due to growing up in a small village of farmers with his father Mateus as his hero (and teacher in swordplay). As such, earlygame Axel would have respect for no one but his father, sister, and friends of a lifetime. I imagine that the events of the game would begin for this very reason: the son of the lord that controls the area would be visiting the town while accompanying his father for some reason, and attempt to get a bit too comfortable with Kyra, meaning that Axel would barge in and threaten him with a sword to the gut. Despite their similarities (being spoiled brats, you know) the noble has a garrison of soldiers backing him up, and the first fight of the game would begin (I think said noble, who would also be the half-brother to a playable character, could become a recurring enemy who would only really be defeated in one of the last chapters while on Dante's side). As I said though, there would be a few defining moments in his growth: - after fleeing the lord's grasp (a consequence of Axel defying the young noble), Axel and Kyra are separated from their father, who leaves them a letter in which he explains the circumstances in which he ended up taking them in (namely, Mathelda convincing him to change for the better), his role in the civil war (basically an assassin working under the previous King to eliminate key targets, but I'm not sure if it would be best for Yoderick to know about him or not, given that Yod would freak out upon seeing him) and that Mathilda is still alive (something he asks Axel to keep from Kyra, in order to avoid distracting her from their new task of working in the rebellion). Mateus also does not wish to fight people he was friends with even during the darkest days of his life - before he discovered the joys of fatherhood; - struggling in the rebellion due to not actually being that good of a swordsman and only really having his friends to rely on while he gets picked on daily but the older members - namely Yoderick - for his weakness (as Yoderick, one of the few people who know of half-dragon shapeshifters, holds Kyra in much higher regard due to her ability; Axel cannot transform and is thus almost useless) - Kyra's first transformation as a result of Yoderick's plans: only Axel, Kyra's brother in everything but blood, is able to comfort her and help her accept that this ability is part of her (as cheesy as it sounds, think Deku vs Todoroki from BNHA if you watched it) - becoming his own person during a time (route split basically) where him and Kyra have flee two separate ways, coming out of both his father and his sister's shadow, while at the same time honing his swordplay to the point where he can actually be of some use to whoever may need his assistance in the future - finding out the only thing Mateus kept from him: the fact that his foster father was in reality his biological father's murderer, resulting in Axel struggling to cope with the fact that he was told to kill people with a sword the way Mateus killed his real dad - eventually putting an end to his doubts and defeating his father, as (in typical FE fashion) he would eventually have to face him before Dante This is all very uncertain but it's how I imagined everything. Feel free to leave any suggestions, I hope this answered your questions to some extent!
  15. I was a HUGE Power Rangers fan growing up (also Kira from Dino Thunder was like one of my first crushes). My favourite series (that I watched) were the ones from Time Force to RPM (which I didn't really like, too sci-fi for my 8-year old self). I also have a shelf with like 40 numbers of an Italian magazine that ran for over five years. Lastly, my late grandma (the only grandparent I knew) once bought me some kind of weird gun when I was four or so, but it probably got lost when we moved. I liked the series, okay? (Also weirdly enough I only had crushes on Ronnie from Overdrive and said Kira).
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