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  1. Since 8/12 units have been confirm, with another 2 with a very high possibility, I can confidently say I want almost everyone on this banner. L!Azura, L!Alm, L!Marth and L!Lyn are the main ones I want from each colour.
  2. A potential Velouria banner, then Minerva, and then a Mythic Banner with L!Alm, L!Azura, L!Marth, etc... my self control will be put through the fucking ringer.
  3. Meh... other than Legendary Lucina, Hot Springs Sakura and a possibility for a better IV Selkie and Legendary Ephraim. Not much of interest for me and I have learned my lessons in regards to colour snipping on Legendary banners. July's however, has at least one unit of a particular colour I want.
  4. I'm happy that I got Young Tiki in that first week, Linde will have another chance. My orbs are truly safe until that week with Minerva because I have everything else in the previous weeks.
  5. Truthfully, joining based on potential feather intake rather than emotional investment on a particular character made me like Voting Gauntlet more as a game mode. I give zero shits about Bartre, but I like the feathers being on his team gave me.
  6. I intentionally summoned for Mist on that recent BHB banner not so long ago. So you are not alone on the Mist front. I love the music and HM update, I wish the weekly will be a permanent feature, I am disappointed that Young Tiki, Minerva, Saber, Eldigan, Lute, Alm and Innes only have one week.
  7. With Tempest Trails becoming associated with seasonal units, I am noticing that the bonus units as of late (minus the free unit they give you) have been in the 5 star exclusive territory. I find this to be a disappointing development. I know that this is a gacha and gacha's demand for the player to summon for units, but don't make it so pronounced. Hope Louise is a decent unit at least, movement and weapon combo has me hopeful.
  8. I spent 3 tickets (because Mareeta refuses to give me points) and 4 orbs. I got a +Attack Nina, the wrong Fates pity breaker I was hoping for but I'll take it.
  9. I know people complain about more Corrin and Tiki alts, and yet they are the only two units on this banner that interest me. I have yet to get a version of Young Tiki and I really like colourless dragon as a weapon type. I have enough infantry sword units to last a life time and seeing the flamed up Rinea holding on to Berkut brings back memories of why I hated Shadows of Valentia and think it is truly a dreadful game, I like Delthea and free version of her is cool.
  10. Only used 9 orbs today (still have 50+), these will be the last orbs I use until May's Legendary Banner with Tiki/Eirika. Brave Ephraim is now the only Brave unit I am missing, got a +Speed Brave Celica and a bunch of 4 stars with the tickets for my manuals (I never realized how many Bartre's I have). I also got a +Attack Cherche.
  11. I tried a YOLO summon for Brave Ephraim, no greens, tried for Brave Celica... got a Brave Roy. That is +Speed, I finally have a good IV Brave unit.
  12. Delthea seems like team feathers, so I'll be joining her team. I also want an excuse to use my Delthea more, my friend code is in my signature if you want to add. Update: I actually joined Yune because she had a multiplier when I first checked, if you are on team Yune... add me if you feel like it. Code is in the signature.
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