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  1. I hope Python (because I don't care for Forsyth or Slique) is the demote because I like him as his kit is pretty lame. I'm saving orbs for a potential Hilda/Nailah banner.
  2. I really like the guantlet tower approach in Radiant Dawn and how each floor serve a purpose. I like the look of Revelations final map and I like how Anankos gets progressively tougher with each HP that has been taken down. Conquest is a tough one, but a fun one. I'm happy as long as you are not Formotis or Grima levels of patheticly easy. Me typing this sentence took longer than my fight with Formotis.
  3. I'm loving this mode, my favourite thing so far has been thinking about what skills I should give them.
  4. No desire to summon (use orbs) on this banner, but from free summons: Oscar (4 star) Cherche (4 star) Selena (3 star) M!Grima (5 star) Lon'qu (3 star) Arthur (4 star) Movement assit fodder is nice, M!Grima is my first off-focus 5 star from ticket summons and I only need one more Cherche to have enough to +10 her.
  5. Results from team Rinea: (1700+500) + (1700+500) + (2300+1800+500) = 9000 feathers These feather and the non flag rewards from quests is why I enjoy voting gauntlets.
  6. Mainly the overall journey and it is mainly because of me and my politics. I have a hard time accepting Echoes as this great narrative experience because I see the later half of the game having an underlining foundation of the man's ideology (Alm) is clearly superior the woman's ideology (Celica), Alm having less bullshit maps and better music than Celica also underlines that superiority. Radiant Dawn is one of my favourites in the series and I hate the ending because I felt it came off as, slaying god ends racism.
  7. Camus' are the party loyalests (the #VoteBlueNoMatterWhat/Trudeau supporter/Republican base and PC Conservative base) of the Fire Emblem, I know these people in real-life and that they are very presistent in their loyality. I have the mentally of not even arguing with them anymore, it's why I don't find the archetype aggravating. New Hot Takes Unpopular Opinions: I don't mind how Radiant Dawn handle supports, It sucks that the new characters get a bit screwed over; but I feel they get enough screentime and the base conventions get the job done. Seeing what does get praise as good writing in this Fandom, discussions about it at this point goes in one ear and out the other.
  8. If one happens, their are only two main things I really want: Sorting combat manuals by most to least copies, or least to most if you want that. Not having to re-grind supports if I change them around, I don't want to keep grinding support between M!Corrin and the Askr Trio.
  9. I originally tried Azama x Azura to give Shigure multiple rallies on Birthright (Speed+Luck+Magic), but I stayed for the glass cannon Mitama that was one of my offensive units, she also gets access the Falcon Knight class for what it's worth. (to be honest, when i focus on reclassing options I think of it as me justifying buying skills of said class because I do not feel like grinding for skills despite being way easier in Fates than Awakening) She turned out better than Sakura as a Priestess, better strength and just enough magic to notice the healing giving a noticable amount of HP. Camilla!Velouria slaughtering things left and right was one of the reasons why Velouria is one of my favourite Fates characters, I also like how her stats made use of the effects of the Beaststone and Beastrune while making the trade off not noticable.
  10. That is especially true if Elise is her mother. They hated him, for he told the truth. Playing Conquest on Classic made apperciate high defense characters and Elise goes splat of a physical unit stares in her direction. But Elise's healing, personal skill, demoiselle (for male units) and inspiration makes those defensive characters more defensive. Elise is probably the best support unit in Conquest.
  11. I didn't notice Halberdiers in the Knight section, that is my bad. It always felt werid how some games have two infantry sword and axe classes, but not one lance equilivant.
  12. These are the only 2 +10 projects I have completed. I have enough copies of Corrin (both genders), Tharja, Leon (I don't even have a 5 star version of him), Reinhardt, Nino, Soren, Libra, and Merric to work on them if I wanted. I don't know who to focus and when I do decide to focus on someone, I don't get copies of them.
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