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  1. I spent 13 orbs and got an optimal Halloween Duo Hector, I think the game is telling me not to summon for a little while.
  2. I got a +Attack Winter Sothis, these freebie seasonal banner keep giving me Winter units. I'm that person who has been happy with the free random 5 star seasonal. I'm also someone who is easily satisfied with free summon anyways.
  3. One of the summon tickets for the brand new New Years banner gave me an Idunn, and I summoned an Edelgard. The two of them were 5 stars I really wanted, so that's a nice way to start the year in Heroes.
  4. My freebie on the new shiny Christmas banner was Raven... doesn't matter. I was summoning some more on the double special heroes banner and got myself an Ursula. I now have Summer Lilina and Summer Ursula despite never summoning on their debut banners, they weren't even my targets for this banner. This was the same with the Hot Springs banner units on Legendary/Mythic banners. This is why I don't summon on seasonal banners anymore.
  5. This banner was a surprise, I wouldn't mind seeing more banners like this for older seasonal units. I spent almost 80 orbs? (I didn't do the math) I got 2 Summer Lilina's, my first Echidna and an Adult!Tiki with the Res boon I've always wanted.
  6. My free pulls were crap, I got: 3 star Est, 4 stars Ogma, Wrys and Sully, and then a 3 star Camilla. I haven't seen a Camilla in a hot minute and I wanted to +10 her so I'll take that as the best of the bunch.
  7. I like Sacred Stones, I like these characters, my desire to summon on this banner is in the negatives. But I am a sucker for some free summons so I'm at least statisfied on that front.
  8. I'm happy that I got Python from one of my summoning tickets, now I want him to demote so I can get rid of his speed bane.
  9. I hope Python (because I don't care for Forsyth or Slique) is the demote because I like him as his kit is pretty lame. I'm saving orbs for a potential Hilda/Nailah banner.
  10. I really like the guantlet tower approach in Radiant Dawn and how each floor serve a purpose. I like the look of Revelations final map and I like how Anankos gets progressively tougher with each HP that has been taken down. Conquest is a tough one, but a fun one. I'm happy as long as you are not Formotis or Grima levels of patheticly easy. Me typing this sentence took longer than my fight with Formotis.
  11. I'm loving this mode, my favourite thing so far has been thinking about what skills I should give them.
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