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  1. The new Brave Heroes decided to give me a free Eliwood. That was a nice surprise. I can safely pick Micaiah as my freebie. ^^
  2. I actually watched an infantry colorless dagger review video by Akariss on YouTube not that long ago. It was as recent as Kronya so it couldn't have been too old, but Akariss had amazing things to say about Matthew being able to run an effective CC build. I think he might've even said that he was one of the best if not the best. (At least in terms of 3-4 star daggers.) At least some people recognize his power. XD
  3. Had a little trouble with my usual folks, so I got to break out Merric again. It's been a while since he's seen some action. But even then I was struggling a little, so I used my new "throw Lukas at everything" strategy, and that worked just fine. XD
  4. Went ahead and sent Legendary Marth and Bride Caeda. When this event got announced, it made me hopefully that Nyna might get added soon. I've still got my fingers crossed.
  5. Oooh... Galeforce Dancer sounds like fun. I may have to go with that since I don't have anyone to fit that niche yet. I may go with +ATK since it'd match my Tibarn and those two are buddies. +SPD is probably the smartest choice... But at the same time, the desire to turn him into one punch man is so strong. XD
  6. @mampfoid I'm undecided right now. Because his character is kind of aggressive, I kind of want to go +ATK just for fun. But 4 of the 5 copies I've pulled have been +DEF, so maybe he wants to be tanky. XD
  7. Just had the best two free pulls of my life. Got my third Ranulf from one banner. Cool beans. Don't care too much for him, but hey. Free 5 star is free 5 star. Might as well merge. Next free pull was Reyson, and oh man...I swear I almost screamed. XD I 'm having such a hard time getting copies of him. Once I start promoting and merging, I think this copy would bring him to +4. So one step closer.
  8. @Anacybele - As someone who has +10ed both Shigure and Caeda, I can say that +SPD works fabulously for Shigure and +ATK is great for Caeda. Not gonna' go into calculations or whatnot because I don't want to get technical. I just think Caeda appreciates having a bit more bite to her attacks since her ATK is pretty low. +SPD was just best for the build I wanted for Shigure. If you refine his weapon, he easily gets over 50 SPD with reliable buffs.
  9. Loyalty is for Micaiah. So looks lovely. Eliwood though.... He's super charming. That color palette is quite striking. But I've gotta' support my Queen of Daein.
  10. The house leaders are 17. That's basically high school seniors. So yeah, technically they're kids.
  11. If I had a penny for every time I stumbled upon this exact situation, I'd be able to pay off my student loans. Free pull was a 3 star Niles. Dimitri came home on my second pull which makes me super happy. He looks really cool, and I'm excited to build him. I think that solidifies that I should go Blue Lions first. Got all 4 tickets and pulled green and colorless in those circles in hopes of Reyson, Brady, or the focus units. Edelgard decided to appear as well! Dimitri is +SPD -ATK. And Edelgard is +SPD -HP. Odd combinations, but I'll make them work. I really do like Edelgard's art. While I'd probably choose your route last, I can't deny that she's super cool.
  12. @Zeo It's good to see a video from you. I love using Morgan, so it's great seeing someone else putting him to good use. And Amelia getting that killing blow! Love it! Excellent use of the map. @mcsilas I really enjoyed the first clear. Thematically, Cain charging into battle and Abel being more cautious felt super appropriate. Odin taking so much damage also seemed appropriate. XD He also seems like the kind of guy to Leroy Jenkins into a battlefield despite the fact that he's supposed to be protecting a prince. I love seeing underused characters get some love.
  13. I suppose I don't really mind Fiora's voice. The first time I heard it, it was shocking, but it's grown on me. I don't really remember anything about her from her game, so I'm not super invested in her character, but I appreciate hearing something slightly more unique. A lot of female voices start to sound the same to me after a while. Her EN voice makes her sound tough and hardened. Her JP voice is breathier... It makes her seems very hesitant and timid. I don't really hate either. But they do send very different pictures of the character. I'm not sure what to think. XD That being said, running horse emblem for the TT is fun. Just been autoing, and I've already hit the 25k mark.
  14. I'm pretty excited. I haven't run horse emblem in a while, so I suppose it's going to make a return. Brady is my best son. At least he comes home unlike Reyson. XD
  15. I got insanely lucky on this banner. My loot includes: Wolt (+SPD -RES) - Really happy to get him. He's kind of adorkable, and I'm excited to use him. Brady (+SPD -ATK) - I've got him as a neutral 5*. He's definitely a merge project, so I'm happy to have another copy. +SPD seems like a fun option too. Ursula (+HP -SPD) - Unfortunate bane. Since it took me like...70 orbs to get her, I decided to keep going. Brady (+ATK -DEF) - Hm.....this boon seems even more fun to play with.... I still don't know what nature I want for him however. Ursula (+DEF -HP) - Okay. Basically neutral. Since her DEF is so low, I might just go ahead and use the +HP copy since it's a superboon. All in all, a fabulous summoning session.
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