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  1. Gotta get the ol' chest and butt pose, even when it looks physically impossible, I guess. Poor Noire. Her spine must be out of wack.
  2. Cool new banner. Nice to see Innes and Tana again, and Noire is a welcome surprise. But I seriously need to know how and why Noire is standing like that to shoot an arrow. What even is that.
  3. See, I see this statement a lot, and I can't help but disagree. People say this a lot as if a Warriors spin off should be the pinnacle of a series celebration, and it just makes me think people's expectations were kind of spoiled by Hyrule Warriors.
  4. I mean, it isn't just characters. There's also three new history mode maps, weapons, costumes, support conversations, etc.
  5. Sweetness. I was banking on the npc's being a free update, but this might have given them the opportunity to make them more unique. And if not then, oh well, we still get Oboro and Azura as infantry lance users, and I get my fav SD characters.
  6. These leaks sound weird. Like, too weird. I'm just gonna be patient until actual info on FE16 is released instead of giving these leaks too much thought.
  7. Just to show off the English voice acting. Owain is amazing as per usual.
  8. I'm staying in. Spoilers, details, and secrets have never and will never deter me from buying the game and having fun. I'm also quite looking forward to @Jedi's streams of the game~
  9. I know this isn't really a "how would you do warriors" topic but I would've done it like this. Rowan, Lianna, Anna(Bow) Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Minerva, Draug, Linde/Merric Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Lissa, Frederick, Virion Corrin, Azura, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Xander, Camilla, Leo Lyn, Celica 10 swords, 4 lances, 4 axes, 3 tomes, 3 bows, 1 dragonstone I know it still isn't balanced per se, but the series has always had a sword bias so it really can't be helped.
  10. It pretty much is. IS has been pretty good about being representative of all the games lately. The only times I can think where they specifically gave favoritism to the newer crowd were the spring and summer banners, but even then that's pretty minuscule.
  11. I like it. It gives the game a chance to flesh out the games they chose. One fire emblem game alone can have its own Warriors spinoff with how many characters it has, so giving the more minor ones a chance to shine is pretty cool. I just hope I have enough money for it though... I'm also pretty satisfied with the roster. Is it safe? Yes. Would I rather have some characters instead of others? Yes. But with what we have, I like it. The game looks and sounds gorgeous. It looks fun to play. The crossover conversations are shaping up to be cool. History mode looks awesome. Hell, even the twins are growing on me. But anyway, DLC, woo! I might just consider grabbing that season pass for Bride Lucina.
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