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  1. Shanty Pete and his parrot are among the Pantheon of Gods in the Fire Emblem universe, being superior to even Naga or Elymine. Among that Pantheon is the 3-13 Archer, Dorcas, Galeforce, and Seth. It is said that in the end of the world, these Gods shall descend from the Heavens to face the greatest evil of the them all, Pent, who has robbed the EXP of countless sinners and heretics.
  2. Not to be rude, but your view on the game changed scary fast. The simple fact that you met an unit like the SSGSS Mercenary and called the game "extremely hard" and that you didn't like it anymore makes me think you didn't pay much attention. In Echoes, barely any enemy has any resistance and you can see that right off the first Brigand encounter, and every other encounter in the thief shrine. Having the ability to make 1 or more units of your choice a Mage is not only a necessity for a majority of Act 1, but kinda expected when you visit your first Mila Shrine. On the white magic subject, even if you didn't know what "White Magic" is, the name "Recover" leaves very little to the imagination. And even if you never played Final Fantasy, you have probably heard of "Black Mage" or "White Mage" or the respective magic types. The names are not even subtle. White Magic has become a known video game trope to any gamer who even knows remotely of JRPGs or the like. Sorry if I sounded rude in any way.
  3. Jesus Christ, how long has it been since I came here?

  4.  I'll cry myself to this with this.


  5. Hm, how hard is it? Really hard if you don't know what you're doing. And even then, you need some RNG mojo to pull it out. You'll need a really powerful mage to use Starlight and defeat Gharnef and get the Falchion, and Marth needs to have really high speed in order not to get doubled by Medeus. And if aren't able to get the Fire Emblem, better restart the whole save since then the Earth Dragons won't be dispelled in the final maps. and even then there's reverse Lunatic
  6. If I could, I would do a remix of Last Surprise and Slam Jam 


  7. I thought this was about a genderbent Josuke at first 

    1. Blitzrick3


      I've seen enough Rule 63 Josuke to know that's not it.

    2. Melissa


      It's about Shizuka 

  8. Oh sorry. This idea just popped during my head while playing Fates. Didn't actually mean to cause any hate wars. But yeah that's what I meant with unbalaced mechanics. That and how some of the weapons are downright useless when compared to others (even without forging). Also how the My Castle battles offer an unfair advantage over attackers.
  9. Fire Emblem Fates took many risks the series never took before. From the Avatar being the main character, to the 3-way story telling, only very few of these risks had any good impacts with the fanbase. My question is, how do we make Fates even worse from a gameplay/story perspective. We already have stuff like dumb plot deaths, bland characters, and unbalanced mechanics, but how can we make it even worse?
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