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  1. I mean she’s one of the few that can actually use black magic . The game makes any mage class Able to use all spells which I kind of wish they had changed . Having emperor only able to use the black magic only would of been pretty cool and I don’t think it would of been broken . There again while dimitri lord class is cool and all I kind of wish he was horse back in his final promotion .
  2. That would be pretty fun . We can always hope for a last update along with the final dlc . Maybe with the Einherjar idea you would have unlock requirements like for Judith maybe you have to beat the golden deer story line while if you wanted Rhea you have to beat the church route with some sort of crazy over the top character for beating all 4 stories like nemesis
  3. I trained Dorothea to get riding to become a holy knight . I don’t plan on focusing on it too much though until I have reached new game plus on all 4 of my saves for maximum bonus points a run . I imagine being able to put points in those weakened stats even if only they had gotten to E+ last run will go a way towards helping them master said skills or putting them in byleth so he/she teaches those skills slightly better until they catch up . Byleth got a S in my last but byleth would mainly focus on teaching horse / flying and heavy armor to those weak as I find those the hardest to actually learn . The double orbs can help a lot here
  4. Mortal Servant should get the ability Ignus as it’s 3rd ability where it can use half of the users magic in a melee attack or half of the users strength in a magic attack . It takes 3-5 uses of the item per use kind of like how Astra works just getting it as soon as you reclass and only usable by Mortal Servant
  5. I could see them taking elements of all 4 routes and create their own version . For exsample I think they may change things so Byleth , Manuela and Hannaman swap between the 3 houses during the year so the first part can easily include all the 3 houses and interact with all the characters . The 2nd part and the 2nd season could have a mixture of the golden deer and the church path mainly the golden deer part being there so the final villain could be nemesis . But since Both are similar anyway it could work and that gives the church characters development
  6. Black Eagle Path Randolph , Lavislavia and Acheron Golden Deer Judith and Nader
  7. My vote goes to Ferdinand over Sylvain in the case of Wyvern Lord . My reasons would be due to the Lance Of Ruin for Sylvain . You are going to want to train Sylvain more in Lances than Axes but Wyvern Lord Requires a A in axes to begin with . Sure it needs a C in lances and that’s good in Sylvains Case however Ferdinand can just focus on mainly Axes and Flying . Wyvern Lord also gets Axeflare which is a nice boost and allows Ferdinand to go above and beyond with axes . He can also get access to the ochain shield that regen hp every turn and nullify crits i am not saying that Sylvain would not make a good Wyvern Lord heck I feel Sylvain is a better Unit than Ferdinand from experience but from all of the above and the fact Sylvain after A ranking axes would also need Getting spears up higher rank too I think Ferdinand has the advantage there and the ochain shield I imagine would be really good for hit and run
  8. My thoughts on the dlc 3 is mixed the sauna I mean the outfit while it is not the most fan service like it does make a little sense at least it being the sports uniform . The problem I found looking at the sauna was the lack of interaction with anyone you went in the sauna with . It just seems strange like when your in a sauna you may talk to people also in the sauna in real life so why not here ? the cats and dog feature seems alright but it would of been interesting if the dogs and cats had a use for being interacted with . Like being able to set them to characters like you can others when your professor level is high enough and then having special effects like one of the dogs may dig up items or improve the quality of the items found on the floor , or one of the cats may have a 100% miracle effect on that character once per battle. Anna is Anna . Lack of supports ain’t too bad but it would of been good if she could support byleth and maybe someone with little supports like Gilbert to learn more of both Anna and those with fewer supports . the outfits I must say are pretty nice at least . The maid outfit is not the Bridget school outfit thankfully. That is the summer outfit . The maid and butler outfits are pretty nice that you can choose between a normal and a character oriented one (like following a characters colours) . The summer outfit my only problem is I wish they did the same and had character oriented versions . And the other outfit I can’t remember what it was but it seemed alright . They are nice with the New feature to have equipped costumes in battle as long as you are not a mounted class. Might be fun for that maids and butler no Calvary or Flying units run
  9. Ashe and Lorenz both are faught as enemies in Silver Snow so i would say both of those fit as you can recruit them after said fight Leonie maybe if you waited till after edelgard left and revealed her motives would make sense as she swears revenge for jeralt's death Mercedes makes sense due to her faith as i would say annette would too considering their friendship together . Marianne since she just disappears if you don't Sylvain if A- Main Character is Female or B- if i recall Sylvain A ranks with Dorothea which is one of the few and personally just based on Dorothea alone i could see Sylvain joining even if main char was Male Hannaman and Manuela as both are missible in theory (i recruited them the last month i was originally not going to recruit them in my black eagles run but i messed up and that became silver snow) but i think they are included in story cutscenes? so may as well pick them up too.
  10. Casper/Mercedes and Marianne are probably some of the harder ones but they are entirely based on if you took the time to train these people as they are on their own/ away from the main group
  11. The lord class (first one) require D+ swords and C in authority which I would say is a reference to all the lords excluding Ephraim and Hector as the rest pretty much were sword units or sword focused units before promotion and the hint of authority is a link to then all being leaders of their respective groups . They also fight with a more rapier style of fighting which is also a reference to a good portion of them being able to use the rapier and that usually being lord exclusive even in some cases
  12. Characters from 3 houses who could get it - Raphael , Casper , Alois , Felix (could see being more sword though ) Byleth (if they do a seasonal versions of them? Seiros/Rhea (in 3 houses she has 3 sort of outfits . Arch Bishop , Casual and armor look . All 3 could be used for forms of Rhea/Seiros which one could use brawling ) Characters who could be brawlers in nature Any Character who is pretty much a fighter/warrior/berserker/pirate/armoured knight/general could easily fill this role Characters already released who could get different versions Bartre (Younger Version) , Hawkeye , the Wolfskins , Hector Complete guess but possibly as some reverse gauntlet or fist like combat could be sacred stones final boss the Fomorttis
  13. Usually in games that have creation of a avatar or a main char even in name and said game has marriage mechanics I usually pick Male . However this has probably been one of the few I plan to play the oppersite gender each time I run though it . I like both Male and female Byleth equally much to the same of my opinion of Male and Female Robin and Corrin . Both Male and Female byleth fit in the story to me as I feel the child could of easily been Male or female in the situation. Here is why I decided to play multiple play thoughts as Male and female I like Male byleth as I think his design is really cool . Male byleth can do a play though focusing on brawling and use them to their full potential unlike female (tomebreaker is very good as is war masters skill quick reposite ) which brawling is one of byleths perk stats it works quite nice Female byleth I would say also looks good . She is much easier to take advantage of the flying route of classes than a Male byleth due to Pegasus and falcon knight . Since you need sword at C rank for falcon this makes female byleths path to a flier much easier and since Pegasus is available for female chars level 10 it’s pretty easy to get to this class and also get the great skill darting blow . I wont be voting because I really do like both and don’t really have a favourite that stands out
  14. Looking at these I agree . Il rethink Hawkeye . +8 def and res sounds better for Gunter . Canas could always have a ability that lets his specials drain a % of life or for his regular attacks to drain a % of life based on the damage he deals . Rebecca ballista the only reason I said limited ammo was to prevent a soft lock if a AI somehow got into a situation of moving away from a armoured unit and with Rebecca’s strength was dealing no damage it would be a infinite loop without a fail safe . Would be more than 3 shots and it would only impact the max 3 range shots so eventually it could unsoft lock itself if that situation ever happened and the armor unit would be able to fight . I would say maybe take the -1 move but prevent the unit able to travel in forests and prehaps If not a limit to ammo a super effective vs armored units may solve any chance of a lock
  15. Virion could always get a bow refinement based on his personality. prehaps the requirements being if adjustant to a female unit or 2 squares away from a female unit he gets more spd and atk? they could then add the skill effects of this bow to Sylvain as a unique A or C rank skill Hawkeye could get the Devils Axe prehaps a axe with Fury 2 , -1 cooldown but takes -2 more hp (6 in total with Fury 2) Gunter - Bone Axe - +3 res . if standing next to a allie +3 def and res to him and allies. Canas - Nosferatu - +5 HP . Heals the user a small amount of points of HP on a Special Use Rebecca - Ballista - -1 Move , +1 Range Cannot be countered if at max range (limited amount of 3 range shots to prevent battles against armored units going on forever)
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