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  1. Greetings! I come with new tales! So I have been playing Thracia 776 for a while now, and I love my main man Fred, so imagine my sheer joy when the man levels move TWICE! He's zipping around the map with that eleven movement, supercanto-ing away after proccing sol with the thunder sword. Man, I love Thracia so much.
  2. Me and my brother would love to be the Bord and Cord! Tuvy2’s/My character: Character Name: Zander Character Class: Pirate, preferably more speed and skill based Tuvy’s character: Character Name: Cruz Character Class: Pirate, preferably more strength and hp based
  3. I'd be down to be a major villain. You should also create a discord for whoever wants to help with the project, and/or be in it. If you need any help with sprites I could be of assistance, but in regards to actual game design, I'm not too good. I would also be available to help with the story, but I would want to hear your idea first.
  4. Azama is a god. "In America!"- Our lord and savior
  5. I played PoR a solid two years ago, but around the chapter, Astrid joins because I didn't enjoy the game all that much. Another reason I quit though, was because at level twenty my Ike had 11 strength, 13 def, 17 spd, 20 luck, 15 skill, and 8 res. He was awful. It also didn't help that one of my favorite characters, Makalov, also leveled terribly, despite his good growths. I haven't touched PoR since, and I never intend to.
  6. Idk what you guys have experienced, but my Forsyth always turns out as one of my best units. Grinding in this game isn't an issue as it is encouraged through side quests and exploration, so it's not like the man is going to be a waste of exp. It's not really grinding, it's playing the game. In my opinion, Forsyth is actually the best out of all the armors, as he hits harder than Lucas, and Valbar has a whole ton of issues from the desert and his terrible speed. Mycen isn't any good on top of all this. Mycen has pretty okay bases, but his growths are bad and he has no room for any growth because of his join time. Everyone has bad res unless you are a mage, healer, peg knight, or dread fighter, so his resistance is to be expected. He has low mov but that isn't a huge issue, warp exists, and he makes up for it with his stats and availability. I can understand how he isn't the best unit in the game in a tier based setting, however, I think there are far worse characters, and he gets a bad rep for no reason.
  7. If you're looking for a fix of ghost rider he's actually in the MCU canonical Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! I think he's pretty well done in it. Spoilers for the show below btw. I could write an entire essay about why Spider-man, or really every Spider-Man iteration ever is my #1 superhero, but in terms of the MCU, despite Tom Holland doing wonders for the role, I would say either Thor or Ant-Man is my favorite character.
  8. I grew up on the gamecube, and I don't mean PoR, I mean Zelda Twilight Princess, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Tennis, and Double Dash.
  9. I'm sorry I just checked the site today, I've been a little busy but I'm all free now. Is there still a possibility I could join?
  10. I love DnD but I've always just DM'ed so this could be really fun! I just would like to know the schedule/ expectations for timing as well as the exact rules/mechanics.
  11. Oh gotcha. I always thought her concept and execution was pretty hilarious, and I ship her with one of my fav boys and I didn’t want to disrespect my boy so I put her rather high. I never really thought she looked super young. I thought the grandma was exaggerating, in my mind she’s like 17-19.
  12. Thanks man, even if you didn’t mean it I’m sure some fans would eventually find this topic, so I just said it when I could.
  13. Woah. Sorry, I know she has character development, but sadly by the time she develops it’s a little to late for me. I know it’s not going to be instant, however in a game where you individually use, level up, and grow to care for your units one that takes a while to not be incredibly flawed in a bad way isn’t cutting it. My opinion, I don’t hate her and I see that those who dive deep in her development and can see past her initial traits like her, but I can’t really myself. We disagree, but don’t swear at anyone for their opinions, it won’t end well.
  14. No it's fine, I'm glad you explained your reason instead of just screeching. This is all subjective, it's personal taste, my main point of this topic was to open up the discussion of this kind of stuff.
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