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  1. I'm sure you're all sick of seeing these, but I wanted to do one alongside my Conquest PMU, which I need a break from. I'll be doing this in Birthright on Hard/Classic (because I don't feel like putting in the effort to go through 6 chapters on Lunatic to get to MyCastle), and as I said in the title, I'm in the US. Your Corrin must be between levels 9-11. They can be in any class with the exception of Cavalier (since that's my Corrin) and have any 1 skill of your choice. Set up your reply like this: Corrin Name: Castle Address: Boon/Bane: Class Path (Fighter --> Berserker, for example): Skill: I'll take 10 Corrins including my own, since I already have a couple. Make sure your Corrin is away from the throne and set to hold, as well as any other units you have. Paladin!Titania Spear Master!Alice Hero!Aivelon Sorcerer!Shawna Priestess!Nozomi Master Ninja!Ninja Corn
  2. Kaze, Scarlet, female, and Birthright. I would've chosen Revelation for my favorite of the three, but beginning is so frustrating and irritating to me (especially chapters 9 and 11) that I just can't give it that spot.
  3. Pretty much what NekoKnight said is what I'd love in a new FE game. It wasn't a huge problem in Awakening for me, but in Fates, the amount of Avatar worship and stupid decisions on the Avatar's part is insane. I want the Avatar to be customizable beyond their facial features, hair and voice, and have what they do actually matter. Make the Avatar flawed, and have others actually understand and reflect on the Avatar's decisions. Your sword exploded in the middle of the town square, rendering their queen and countless citizens dead? Even if it wasn't the Avatar that caused that explosion, it doesn't mean they should be told 'no no it definitely wasn't your fault' by literally everyone except for one person, which is exactly what happens in Fates to Corrin. Give them decisions to make and have others really react to the Avatar in other ways than worshipping them and forgiving their every mistake. While there was some Avatar worshipping in Awakening, it wasn't as pronounced as it was in Fates. What makes it worse is that Corrin is royalty of literally every kingdom, so people that would normally be dead set against joining Corrin would just because 'oh they're royalty, so I must'. /begin new rant Speaking of Corrin, his personality annoys me. Maybe it's only female Corrin since I've only played as a female in Fates, but Corrin is incredibly naive and the typical hero, with wanting to save the innocent and refusing to harm anyone if they can't fight back. This kind of personality makes me wish we could choose how our Avatar acts, and changes the story, even if it's just dialogue. It would make me so happy to have an Avatar that I can actually understand personality wise, and make the situations they're in more believable. /rant over TL;DR: Stop Avatar worshipping and let us choose their personality, as well as further customize their appearance.
  4. So I'm on Chapter 8 right now and it's been going fairly smoothly. I'm working on the supports for Subaki and Silas to get their kids as soon as I can, and no one has been lost yet. So far, so good.
  5. Can he? I looked and didn't see anything, but I probably just skipped over that by accident. Thanks for the heads up! EDIT: Yup, I skipped right over it. He can.
  6. Alright, everyone! That's the 15 units for BR, so I'll begin and update on my progress once I actually get somewhere.
  7. Just one more unit before I can begin! I would appreciate a first gen unit as I have 6 children, but children can also be suggested for the last unit. (I am also willing to open a few extra spots for children's parents if they don't have any parents in the draft already.)
  8. I wonder how the Rainbow Sage will react to Eve and her true army? It's safe to assume he'll know who Eve is, so I wonder if she'll force him to grant her power through force.
  9. Just two more units needed before I start! This won't be an LP, though I'll probably post updates here and there about how the team is going. And I've changed what I'm doing a bit - I will be grinding for supports in Challenge levels, but I will avoid getting levels as much as I can.
  10. Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying that, sometimes the combinations with the ! confuse me.
  11. Are you suggesting Izana as a Basara with Kana as a support, or the other way around? Izana is already drafted as a Lodestar, so that won't be possible.
  12. BR was my first FE game and I kinda sped through it (yes, it was practically Ryoma Emblem), so I'd like to play through it again as a PMU. I'm hoping to get unique combinations and make this playthrough enjoyable. EDIT: I now have my 15 units! Thank you for your contributions, everyone. Here are the rules: - I will be using 15 units total including Corrin, and you can include children. (Kana will be male as my Corrin is female.) - This is Hard/Classic with support grinding only (I will avoid grinding levels as much as possible), so only 2 Dread Fighters and 2 Dark Falcons (Witch and Ballistician have already been drafted). You don't have to use any of those classes, but they are available. - Please tell me exactly how to get any classes you suggest so I don't have to waste time looking it up. Units may be reclassed to anything they can get (if a class requires an S or A+ support with another unit, please specify who). - If you wind up drafting a child, try to ensure that at least one parent is also drafted with them or already on the list. - One person may choose the boon, bane and talent of Corrin if they are drafting them. The appearance has already been decided via the Kamui Customizer. 1. Wyvern Rider!Corrin, +Str -Lck (S Izana) 2. Lodestar!Izana 3. Witch!Rhajat 4. Ballistician!Hayato (S Azura) 5. Basara!Kana (Izana) 6. Priestess!Sakura (S Subaki) 7. Butler!Shigure (Hayato) 8. Dread Fighter!Shura 9. Dark Falcon!Caeldori (Sakura) 10. Priestess!Setsuna (S Azama) 11. Master Ninja!Hinata (S Kagero) 12. Diviner!Mitama (A+ Rhajat) 13. Master Ninja!Subaki (A+ Saizo) 14. Great Knight!Hisame (A+ Sophie) 15. Kinshi Knight!Ryoma
  13. The Gangrel and Validar arcs were fine in my opinion, but the whole Valm-conquering arc was just so boring and pointless. I'm playing through Awakening on Hard/Classic right now, and I dread that arc mostly because it just doesn't really add to the story. That entire arc could've been cut out and I would've enjoyed the game just the same. Awakening is my favorite FE game currently, but the Valm arc is just.. ugh.
  14. Birthright is intended to be the easier version (it was my first FE game), with more units and a wider range of classes. If you wanted to play with Hoshido as well and get both sides of the story, then sure. It'll also acquaint you to several characters you'll be playing as in Revelation, since it combines units from both games. But the writing is lackluster, as it is for Revelation. If you don't feel like dealing with Birthright and just want the 'canon' version of the story, then go for Revelation.
  15. Yup, there are. You can have supports with normal characters and the royalty from each side. Sakura x Xander is particularly cute.
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