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  1. Sorry for super super slow reply, but I wanted a more substantial update than just adding a missing card and of course the holidays and all that. Version 0.9.7 is out now. Added in a bunch of missing stuff, such as newer skill icons and a bunch of missing cards. Also, I went ahead and made yellow starter deck, which the drive folder with the starter decks should be listed on the original post. Thanks again!
  2. Version 0.9.5 is out, with the booster box 7 cards added. I removed db updating/syncing/replicating for the cards so that there'd be less points of failure, and because I have to update the app for new card images now anyway. As per usual, let me know if there's any issues or missing cards. Thanks! Let me know if this is fixed in v0.9.5, I got rid of syncing/replicating from a remote, so the cards should load up almost immediately.
  3. Thanks for reminding me, hopefully I can find time this week to update the app and db :P.
  4. That error stems from the autoupdater that the framework I'm using uses. That error just means that for whatever reason I'm not sure how to fix, that the autoupdater is unable to check for new updates. So don't worry too much about that error :p.
  5. Sorry for slow reply, thanksgiving holiday and all that. What OS are you on? Did you have a previous version, and if so, which version?
  6. Finally, I had enough free time to work on the app, and 0.9.3 is out which supposedly fixes the issues with backing db's not being loaded. Unfortunately, I had to totally overhaul which db adapter was being used, so you guys will either have to clone my repo and use the user-items-seralizer yourself, or just pm me your collection and deck db files/folders, then import the files manually into the app. Hopefully, this will make it where I won't have one version of the app being broken on certain os's. As per usual, let me know if you guys have any issues. Edit: As a means to not keep posing after myself again and again, i'll post the update for 9.4, which is just a simple bug fix for 9.3 If coming from 9.3 follow this guide to clear the db so you can get the correct db with working thumbnails, if coming from an earlier version, you don't need to do this. - Hit shit + ctrl + I to open the inspector, and - go to the application tab, and then indexed db, expand it - expand the _pouch_fireemblem-cipher-cards - Right click on every item under it and click 'clear' - Hit ctrl + r - It should now download the correct db with correctly referenced thumbnails.
  7. Okay! Verision 0.9.2 is out with support for yellow cards. Let me know if there's any issues or missing cards. This is the first time I didn't build the things by hand, so I have no idea if the macosx build works or not. Edit: So it seems the db adapter is broken in the windows build. I have why, or how to fix it, and I won't have time to look at it further until Saturday, and after than until next Saturday. Hopefully I can get a new build out Saturday for windows users.
  8. So I went and rewrote my scraper to try to make it easier to scrape future cards, but I need to figure out how to actually get my CI solution sorted out so builds are automatic and I can have macosx builds again :p. Hopefully I'll get an app update out either tonight or tomorrow. Here's some screenshots to show that I've gotten stuff done :p. I still need to add bond skill icons and figure out how to replace identical 'bond skill' tokens with their correct icons :P.
  9. That shows how much I've been paying attention to cipher releases, lol. I should have free time this Wednesday, and I'll update the db then. Thanks!
  10. Yes, whenever booster box 6 comes out I'll update the app's db.
  11. Beta build v0.9.0 is out. If you are on Mac, you'll have to update manually for the time being; Windows clients should auto update. Also, I finally got around to making a Linux build. Let me know if anyone needs a specific package for their distro. The change log TL;DR is fixed a few things, and added B05 cards.
  12. The collection feature was just cobbled together last version or so, so I'm still playing the whole thing by ear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Any suggestions or issues are appreciated.
  13. Look under the releases tab, and you can find the windows installer.
  14. While a chrome app version isn't 100% impossible, currently my app is too bound to a desktop environment to allow for non-desktop versions just yet :p. I'll try to keep a chrome app version in mind if/when I branch off to other platforms.
  15. What keeps you from using it? Do you have a like a 32bit windows install or something?
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