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  1. Please let me know how to connect with you (´;Д;`)

  2. Why does this always happen to me :( The little cow pm'd me all flippantly basically saying "i did this, I dont give a f" Really pissed me off, tried to justify it by saying I wasn't active on FE Empire since 2010 :/ http://i.imgur.com/qxX3qEh.png "I already recolored her hair and someone else helped me do the skin and posted it on the forum, but after one user disapproved of me stealing someone's work I.. Well I didn't feel guilty to be honest, but I did agree that if I were in your place I'd like to know if someone had used something I made." Thread where this crap is at. http://www.bay12foru...7641#msg5557641 Making a profile on that forum, any suggestions on what to do next guys? Anyways, rant over, hopefully he'll just take it down, otherwise might need backup thx guys.
  3. Sneak peaks are Tira aren't they! http://www.fightersgeneration.com/characters4/tiraarts3.jpg
  4. Wow! Hai! I remember you and your bamfy sprites!

  5. Sorry, lift*** atm the head is angled and doesn't look tilted, it looks like his shoulders arent sitting normally. The head is kind of diagonal like this / and the shoulders are almost completely horizontal – Most of the lines have this untidy sort of feel, I guess it's something I picked up overtime, but it's that balance of shading and clean finish, I probably err on the side of undershading with my own stuff(bad habit, so don't pick it up) but I guess if you just try and have your lines always seem purposeful and smooth, not unnecessarily jagged? The most noticeable part to me is the trim, it's very dithered (dotted shading, kind of akin to crosshatching, but in a sprite) other than that the general outline doesnt seem to contain the armor very neatly, with hair you can get away with a messier lineart, but not so much with something as structured as plate armor.
  6. Ok perfect, easy fix would be to lift the near shoulder to match the head angle and adjust the chest accordingly, you might still want to loosen the collar but if the shoudler's fixed it might look a little more natural? I think there's still a lot that needs refining in the armor shading so rather than bombard you with nitpicking can I suggest you try and clean the lines up, I know when I work through things if they have a jittery or kinda rough edge, sometimes just going and making the curves smoothly progess across the curve sometimes helps? Sharpening up corners can help too especially if you want a crisp solid look on cloth or armor.
  7. I think part of the issue with the 'low shoulders'or the long neck is that the head angle is really off the body and given the hackbox you're kind of restricted from the easy fix of raising the near shoulder to compensate, maybe if you fiddled with the gorget(armor collar) and had it looser it would help slightly, but it's just looking really tight on the body and I kinda feel like he wouldnt be able to move?
  8. Vampire Elf

    My Work. :)

    Hmm, so many things about this irk me, Firstly: I don't think the resemblance is remarkable which is something I think necessary when re-crafting an existing character. The Leather shading is very nice though. Secondly: The sacaen pattern seems quite rough to me? So you see what I mean? I feel like the angles could be ammended if you re-shaped them and then shaded it subtly without pillowing the lines. The Face kinda looks like sue, but the 'asian' lids arent shaded adequately imo. It also seems that you've receded her chin into her neck, which i think is more of an issue in pose and angle of the body/head. It gives it a flat appearance without depth. What I see a lot from you is sticking to diagonal lines in hair and I think it's something that you've either developed alongside or referenced from Sqrtofpi/NOE the thing is a lot of the time, that hair shading makes things look quite dithered (Which I think Pi has remedied if that's what you're indeed referencing). There are massive streaks of perfectly verticle shading in the hair (around the level of her neck) The hairband's trim/detail is shaded poorly. The collarbones kinda freak me out. Bangs on both sides, but far in particular make no real sense with the depth.
  9. Some of the concepts aren't too bad, but your shading at the moment and the way you've spliced them together is pretty messy and poor
  10. That's my mug :/ rabble rabble rabble No you can't use it, thank you for not asking
  11. People who asked for extension might want to get their shit in? :/
  12. Ok, mainly cause a few people seem to have half entries, and we've had an awesome turnout so far, lets go and extend another day, i'll put poll up on the 6th.
  13. Messy WIP is messy, but feel free to cnc :) Mind you she needs a timid expression and less arrogance :/ but I'll be working on that
  14. Congrats Mica! RULES THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW: No mass Customization, you may custom a bit to make your mug look good/making it work, such as working on shading a bit, but try not to go overboard. You can use any color palette, you aren't chained to FE colors, go ahead and recolor to your hearts content. You have to use at least 1 piece of each mug, that shouldn't be too hard. You may use only the set given, no other mugs. 16 color limit, don't go crazy with your colors. >_> 15 on your mug +1 for background. This might be a bit of trouble for some, so I'll be a bit lenient with this rule. I just don't want to see mugs with like 50 colors with rainbows. The winner will be determined by voting, if there is a tie, the poll will be edited to include only the ties, and revoted upon. Don't vote for yourself or I will personally beat the shit out of you. Hosts may enter contests Only 1 mug per member Winner of the contest will choose the next set, but seriously, don't be a jerk and choose a set with all different body sizes/things that won't fit, choose things that would be an interesting set Deadline: September 3 eCut's notes: Do NOT bitch that something looks overly custom or that something should be disqualified, etc. etc. It is not your place to judge. If you think there is a problem with an entry then PM Vamp and he will take care of it since he runs the competition. This is not a suggestion, it is a rule that I am going to be very strict about and expect all of you to follow. Have fun. :)
  15. He keeps quitting the internet periodically, clearing photobucket and coming back.
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