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  1. Voidmage


    Yea I'm done with this tread so it doesn't matter
  2. Thanks for the advice And the prologue is still in the making I'm in "school" (summer school) so I'm making a goal to finish that.
  3. That's is the whole story gg mateAnd this is when they are FINDING the stones
  4. And I know my last idea well... sucked but I'm new to this site
  5. Taking place before sacred stones this is the story of a prince who needs to stop the demon king from overtaking the world the first time by finding the so called "sacred stones that a fortune teller told him of
  6. Voidmage


    Yea me and a few buddy's are just starting so we will think on it
  7. Voidmage


    I'm trying to a Jack it's just starting tho *hack Thanks it's a starting project and it might be crud at first MODEDIT: holy shit
  8. Voidmage


    Lord: void Weapon:lance Str:6 Skill:5 Con:10 Def:8 Luck:0 (knoll much) Other soon
  9. Amelia is a good palidan AND general, I hate all axe weilders (with exception for dolza) and ewan is a great mate and Druid but, amelia won this race
  10. Ross is well Ross, ewan is a magic user and I'm really a succer for magic so EWAN
  11. Ooh this is hard colm would tie for first with Matthew but Matthew would barely make it through only because, he "business" to attend to and left me
  12. Even if knoll is THE HUGEST glass cannon alive, he's my pick
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