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  1. 31, 210 I don't think this game is ever going to end, even when Jesus comes. And he's coming soon.
  2. I would say, Casual/Classic is more of a play style while the harder difficulties shows your skill level, and thus you should get rewarded for being better at it and for taking up the harder challenge, right? Those who have should get more of.
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure how fast the market sells out for the FE for the japanese so it might be safe to just get it on the day of first being available.
  4. I'm just wondering if there will be anyone going to the Expo next year cause I'm going to be in Japan at that time. So instead of being the only foreigner there I thought I'd ask you guys to see if we can have a Serenes Forest get together. Would anyone be going?
  5. He's got SAND on his boots. Why does Anakin Skywalker dislike sand?
  6. Now, I'm not a hacker so I can't give you any pointers or any advice towards map making but I came across this video awhile back and I believe it should help you out. By the way, I wouldn't mind play testing for you so you can see it through the perspective of someone who doesn't know how to rom hack. And it doesn't hurt to go look up some Super Mario Maker level design tutorials as well, you might learn something about general level design even though it has nothing to with FE. Hope this helps.
  7. Yeah, that's true. I always wondered why there were so many Annas myself but since Awakening introduced the Outrealms I guess IS wanted to make Anna a crazy enough character to match the wacky personalities for Awakening that they went with her having infinite identical siblings that all want the same thing. Its pretty funny if you think about it, but I'm just throwing ideas out there. Hopefully FE Switch will bring back Jake and Aimee so we might know if they jumped through time and space just to make a buck. Now that sounds ridiculous enough for it to work doesn't it?
  8. I say they travel through the outrealms because I don't remember them ever saying something about having an innumerable amount of siblings like Anna. But I don't have any quotes to back that up.
  9. Been fine and all. Just trying to fit SF into my schedule again. Balzer, I believe it was you and Proto who were helping me out with tips and tricks for FE5 way back then. Though I still suck at the game to this day. Lol
  10. Dude, at least someone is back from the old days. I believe we spoken in the IP Chat room, when that thing existed, but I doubt you remember me because I've been demoted to a lurker for three+ years now. My old name used to be Big FE Fan if that rings a bell.
  11. What if it means that the one giving the compliment likes the design of the one wearing it but doesn't really mean much beyond that. Or maybe it's a pity compliment like when someone is having a crappy day and someone is trying to cheer the other person up by saying "I like your shirt" even though they may not like it. It's a compliment either way so I don't see it as a bad thing.
  12. I've got all 15 games complete in box (save for the inserts for a few of them) and the SOV, Fates, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions limited editions. My FE5 copy is the non digital nintendo power version as well, you know, the one that looks like a normal Super Famicom game. Does anyone have Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga physical? They're still technically FE games.
  13. It was tough choosing just 5, I can write out a list of characters if I wanted to - Ayra - we need some more FE4 representation, if not her then Shannon. - Tiltyu - personal bias, I find it cute that she follows Claude around and he's like, "Noooooo, stop following me... Get this little girl off of me Sigurd!" - Alvis - because we have Seliph. Make him a GHB character and Seliph get's his revenge. (Then again we need the Black Knight) - Lyon - I find it cool that we're getting Valter in the next GHB so how about some love for Lyon? - Joshua - That hat needs to get in! I think about we're lacking in axe fighters so why not have Dart, Fergus, Ross, Othin, Boyd, and Cord and Bord. And why not have Feena in? She's literally one of the few characters I want in from Archanaea.
  14. Yes, cause it sure seems like it. True, but I'm saying the remakes could be "the break" while the marriage system and the avatar could be in the Switch game. The remakes are here to appeal to the veterans and to those who haven't had the chance to play the old school Fire Emblem but with a fresh coat of paint. You mean two separate releases? Release FE7 first then comes FE6 a half a year later or something? Nice! Guess my prediction is semi-right so far. But I don't think they will announce it until around the Switch game's release so probably around E3 next year I'm guessing. @Shoblongoo I wouldn't say FE4 has miserable gameplay but yeah, half the game is you walking around getting from point A to point B to point C to point D. If we're looking at chapter 2's map, point C is at the top of the map where you recruit Beowolf, and then once the action is over you got to make the loooong trek around the forest area on the cliff backtracking to the castle with Lachesis and finally head east to the Dark Mage and the ballistae. That alone takes at least 15 turns of walking probably 20 for foot soldiers. So, I agree that these maps should be split up but maybe not in the GBA form like you said but rather like chapter 17 in Path of Radiance where you get rid of the hooligans in Serenes Forest in four different battles and which are four chapters length with dialogue in between the maps. That way you have that sense of progression and can save after every map. But in FE4, you can save at the beginning of every turn so if we're doing it POR style, how can we incorporate that into the remake then?
  15. This is just my prediction for the next FE Echoes remake. I have no idea whether or not this will be true but here goes nothing. As much as I want FE4 to be remade I'd have to say that the next FE remake will be FE6 and 7 together because you can't have one without the other. FE7 is the prequel to 6 and 6 never made it outside Japan and that being the continuation for the story of FE7 I would only see fit that both of them get remade maybe not on the same cartridge but considering how FE 3 have both a remake of FE1 and had the sequel on one cartridge, its a possibility. So, why FE6 and 7 you say? Well, I've been thinking. You know how Awakening and Fates both had an avatar, pair up, the marriage system and Risen/Faceless. Shadows of Valentia has no marriage system, no avatar, no pair up, but has Terrors. So I've been thinking that IS is just taking a break from the marriage system and just giving us the core Fire Emblem gameplay without having to stress about who are we going to pair up in battle and who's a good mother/father for this particular child character. We are just playing the core game for awhile, and I think that FE6 and 7 are coming next simply because of that. But as for the return of the avatar, I'd rather him be a silent protagonist like Mark in FE7 but still no marriage system. I mean, I haven't payed all that much attention to other people's opinion on their view point of the marriage system as of today but I think we need a break from it and just play Fire Emblem for the strategy and not the child rearing. BUT after FE6 and 7 comes out FE4 and 5 come next with the original marriage system (at least in 4) and child characters that fit perfectly into the story. I think IS is just letting things stay familiar and not letting things like the marriage system and the avatar go stale where to the point that no one wants it to return. The marriage system and the avatar will return later maybe not in the same game but will separately for sure. Like FE7 for the avatar and FE 4 for the marriage system. It's just splitting things up to keep things fresh. But who's to say these two won't appear together in the upcoming FE Switch? What are your guy's thoughts on this?
  16. Vaike. Teach for president! WCWY invite to Disney Land and spend the day with?
  17. We've gotten every EO game that's been released including Etrian Mystery Dungeon so I doubt we wouldn't be getting this one. I think that we hadn't even had an announcement for EOV for the US or Europe yet is because Atlus is solely focusing on Persona 5 and readying that up for release, in just a few weeks actually, and I'm hoping shortly afterwards we'll be hearing the wonder news of EOV getting localized. Speaking of Atlus, I wonder if we'll be getting Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology.
  18. This is how I go about calling it: by saying Serenes ( the word serene) you're making it sound like it's Serenes' Forest like a person owns the place but if you pronounce it Sair-ren-is Forest, it sounds like an actual location. It doesn't matter really, we all know what you're saying anyway. Its just like how I say Alm. I say Al-m, but it's really pronounced Ohl-m.
  19. Voted for Lucina, Robin, Validar, Walmart, Henry and Vaike. The first four makes sense because Robin and Lucina are very popular, Validar and Walhart are two major villains ( I chose Walhart over Gangrel because he's just more intimidating even though I think Gangrel has a better chance because of the events between Ch. 9-11). Henry and Vaike because they're my personal favorites.
  20. As far as my knowledge goes, the first time he was revived was in Shadow Dragon in Marth's time and Medeus looked the same as he did even during Anri's time. So, the way I see it, is that FE 3 Medeus was pulling some "sequel magic" and saying "he's back and he's bigger and badder than ever!"
  21. No, I didn't. I kind of just slapped it all together. Wasn't a good idea so its a lesson learned. It won't happen again. Pretty much this. It'll still be included in the gallery for those that are interested but you can't vote for it obviously.
  22. Just to let you guys know, Tangerine and I were discussing my piece and I ended using official art in it without realizing it so I have to humbly back out of it. I was doing a custom 3DS case with Sakura all over it with various art from around the internet, some was official art while some was fan art, and I hadn't realized that's a dangerous idea for a competition. So it's just right for me to back out and regroup for the next event to avoid any kind of problems. So that's one less for the misc. group, so I guess that means everyone's a winner? Lol.
  23. I just finalized my entry today and from what it looks like it's just you and me. Winning by default would leave a bad taste in my mouth... But we got to hear it from Tangerine first.
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