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  1. I started with megaman classic sprites,for me it was a good starting point.shading wasn't really an issue so most of the focus was on form.
  2. Levy

    3rd time's the charm

    So an update after a year becuase mostly I haven't been sprite in the fe style: Some banners for my continent called Zeltaire. The blue is pre modern Zeltaire while the green is modern. From top to bottom(Blue):(pre-modern is missing)Cyrin Empire,Shiertine Empire,Surinese Empire Modern:1st row Cyrin,2nd row East Shiertine,Estella,Renora,3rd row NEWSC Surin,4th row Unknown archipelago,5th row Venir,6th row Avona,7th row Shval My lords(left to right):Ivan,Issac,Justin,Drake,Fei,Ann -> Female fighter and warrior along with a crusader which now is somewhat accurate except the headgear. For non fe sprites: Here's Riley the main character of indie game I may or not be making called chroma driver.The style is bizarre mix of fe and megaman zx.
  3. To be honest I don't mind the dating sims elements becuase I actually play them.However that isn't what I for play fire emblem for if I wanted fanservice I could just play one of those.For me gameplay in fe always goes first even before story and characters as isn't that one of main reasons people even play games.
  4. Seems like a pretty cool project mind if try my hand.As far an ego goes I guess I consider myself a rather middle of the ground spriter.
  5. Honestly I'm more disappointed over the direction the gameplay is taking.In my opinion,the gba while not perfect offer some the mechanics(whether they originated there or not) in the series and barely any have returned since then. As far as design goes for the most part I agree it's pushing the boundaries what the series is used to(but no in good way).
  6. My idea has always to combine the bandit and pirate into 1 class(which can move on to both mountains and water)and them promote into the beserker then replace the +15 crit axe class into a new line.As far brigands go I'm not entirely sure what you could do them. Raider->Beserker(+leathality) Savage->Barbarian(+15 crit)
  7. Here my entry Fin SInce his artwork(tcg,gen1,gen2) tends to vary in design I just took a few elements from each. Edit: Fixed problems with his right arm.
  8. A simple idea would be having 3 catogories: Splices Custom Overall This way people who do splices/customs can get a fair comparision to the other entries. The last will explains itself and will decide the winner. Also instead of 1st,2nd and 3rd place,it could be best overall/splices/customs.
  9. Levy

    3rd time's the charm

    Archer reavamp To clear the misconception it isn't a fighter or journeyman but a new class. Brusier->Assailant The 2nd one is a verison with a shorter axe. Another new class a war monk basically a armored dark/light user. Ivan,a hero of legend type character in my head canon. His class is the banneret,a cross between a merc and knight.
  10. You should move the head a pixel forward.The current positon looks slanted for the lack of a better word.
  11. Levy

    3rd time's the charm

    Thanks for the advice I'll keep it in mind.
  12. Hopefully I keep this tread alive. An update version of my sig.Some are cusotm other are revamps. Riesbyfe form melty blood I may try my hand at every other character.
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