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  1. I'm searching for voice files for Echoes, but it doesn't seem that they've been posted on anywhere. Not even on websites like The Sounds Resource. I'm looking for some of the story lines when characters are talking, ad I'm specifically searching for the voice lines at the end of chapter 3 on Alm's route with them talking at the sluice gate with Delthea along with some of her voice lines in that chapter too. If anyone could give me a download link to them or could guide me to a website with these things I'd really like that. I don't mind if the files are too big either.
  2. Sigurd in terms of stats. He pretty much breaks the game since he gets a silver sword later in the prologue. Combine that with the fact that he's a prepromote and has decent growth rates is the formula for a godlike character, which bothers me since I have other units to train up. Even though I can bench Sigurd in the castle for a while, I still need him to seize castles and recruit characters. He's a great unit, but he just breaks the first 5 chapters. I used to like him because for those reasons, but now i'm just sorta against him being a tank. All that aside, though, his personality is great. ​I really don't hate any other Fire Emblem character really. They're all fine with me. ​Except the Jagens. ​But if you want to talk about Fates characters specifically, for me it's Elise. In terms of personality, she's been getting annoying for me lately. I don't have anything against her stat wise but she's becoming annoying. I used to like her but not as much as now.
  3. Are Marth and Roy in this game? I've played Super Smash Brothers Melee and I want to check out if this game has them. If they are in this game, is Ike in it too? Because Ike is way better than Robin imo. I also want to ask if Horse Marth burns do death in this game by Arvis, who has the Red Robin class? And another question I have is that why is Finn so godlike in Fire Emblem Gaiden for its standards, because it has none. All i'm trying to ask is that are Axe Marth and Girl Marth in this game or not. please don't take this post seriously i'm sorry. And yes, I know the Fire Emblem Amiibo can be scanned except for Roy. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
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