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  1. I’d add in a proper on foot lance user. Halberdier: Lancefaire, Pierce (Takes half of the opponents defence and adds to own damage. 1/2 of dexterity % to activate) Griffon knights primarily use bows (S) and swords (A) and gain better speed (just below Falcon knights) and attack (just below Wyvern knights) but have poor defences. Comparable to the defence of Falcon knights and resistance of Wyvern knights. Making them great for hit and run tactics. This would replace the ascetic that the kinshi knight had while still keep the niche as an anti flying unit that can fly. For skills they would have Bowfaire, canto and Air superiority as their mastery skill. Which will increase hit and avoid by 20% when up against any flying units.
  2. So something I noticed about 34 seconds into the trailer is that large shadow on the top right of the explosion. It really looks like some sort of dragon or possibly a wyvern. And thanks to the leak we
  3. Oh wait, I’m sorry I didn’t notice that it said speculation!
  4. I’m excited that dark flier and griffon fliers are back as proper class lines instead of just dlc. Hopefully they do something interesting with the latter
  5. 1) I don't inherently mind the concept of an avatar character. I like having a character I can customize and sort of be me. But the execution the past few games have been, lacking in some places and strong in others. Kris had good customization by giving us an option to start in a class of our choice which is cool. But suffered from being almost like a Sue, they just aren't well written. Robin had even better customization but the second half of the story started to suffer because of his role in the story causing him to be his own character and not an avatar, but was overall the best. Corrin was honestly the weakest, he had well balanced customization but not only was an awful character at times and was almost as bad as Kris for the story but the choice of class was restricted heavily because of the Yato which heavily incentivizes you to play as a class with a sword instead of something else. A balance between this should be kept, don't pull another Yato on us and have us be a main character. I would be fine being a sort of support character to the main lord like a Jaegin (Character wise). And have them either be a well written character or have us have some sort of control over their personality. 2) Honestly these two would only really work if there was a time skip like Genealogy of the Holy War did. If not please don't have children or marriages until the endings 3) Both are important. Lean to much towards gameplay and we get Fates, lean to much towards story however and we get Radiant Dawn, while great has some gameplay moments that are just suffering like the limited times to level several characters. Have a good balance between the two of them
  6. Anna, because it's sort of become tradition at this point to have an Anna in a game. The cipher characters to given their status as outrealm hoppers. And Amiibo characters purely to give a reason to use the Amiibos. But that's it. I don't want a rehash of Laslow/Inigo, Selena/Severa, and Odin/Owain.
  7. I'd like to see them bring back some older classes such as Griffon riders as their own class line like this Griffon rider ——> Griffon Knight ——> Griffon lord Griffon rider starts with swords and have impressive speed and attack but poor defensive capabilities. Griffon knights gain bows and gain better speed and attack but still keep the rather poor defences. This would replace the ascetic that the kinshi knight had while still keep their niche. Griffon Lords gain axes and gain more defence and resistance but comparable offensive capabilities to their rider counterparts, still good but the Knights would hit harder and faster. If there won't be a split promotion this one would the be default. Skills: Griffon rider: Discipline and Hit and Run (after attacking user moves back two spaces) Griffon knights: Desperation (when under 50% hp and is able to attack twice, the user can attack as though they have a brave effect for their first attack. Ex: Attack-attack-defend instead of attack-defend-attack) and Air superiority. Griffon lords: Resolve and Canto (GBA version where they can pick up someone and still move in the same turn) I'd also like to see the same be done with the dark flier class, maybe something like this: Mage flier ------> Magi Flier ------> Palladion Flier Mage fliers would be like the Dark fliers but don't have access to lances and be a base class with decent speed and attack but suffer from poor skill and even worse defense and an OK resistance stat. Magi Fliers would be similar to their most recent counterparts. Unlike the Dark fliers of old however, they would be purely focused on offensive magic. Compared to the mage flier they gain more speed and magic as well as a slight bump to their skill, but still keep the rather poor defenses. Palladium flier would focus more on support, compared to the Magi flier they would have better defense, magic, and resistance, they would also gain access to staffs. Skills: Mage flier: Magic +2 and Darting blow ( +5 double attack threshold when user initiates battle ) Magi flier: Distant defense (Reduces damage dealt by attacks 2 squares or more away) and Adept Palladion flier: Countermagic and Sunlight (Restores up to 20% HP of allies within two spaces at the start of each turn, the old Amaterasu skill renamed)
  8. I'd like to see a world where plot holes are few and far between. Where we learn about how individual countries work not unlike what the tellius games did where we learn so much about the world. I want to see good characters both good and bad. And have choices matter more both narrative and gameplay wise. Say for example you were given a choice to defend or retreat from an enemy, the chapter would change to compensate. Where if you chose to stay and fight you would face the opposing enemy. But if you choose to flee it would become an escape chapter where you need to reach a certain point on the map and get all you units to reach that point in the map in order to win. You could also choose to kill or spare someone and a later chapter would be changed. If you killed that person their allies would try to kill you but if you spared them those same enemies would become allies and the person you spared would officially join you. Or heck even have the opposite occur.
  9. Tiki's pretty much what I was expecting her to be. A similar mechanic to young links
  10. When I get over there i will murder you!
  11. The time limit that was chosen was not long enough but also far to short. It should either be a month with the same scores used or be shorter with lower goals for the rewards
  12. The weapon triangle plays such a large role that I hope its implemented into the main game. I'm also a fan of how the different forms of magic are a part of different parts of the triangle instead of just one Im a fan of the weapons like the -blade, -owl, jewel, etc though some could be balanced. I also love how certain weapons have a level 2 version of a skill, makes the weapon feel more unique The breaker skills I find to be better in this version than the main games. This also includes how you can't just give a breaker for what you're weak to to fix any problems (like lancebreaker on a sword unit) the repositioning skills were an interesting idea that makes for some fun strategies. The spur and hone skills are interesting though I really don't think we should get the unique ones
  13. I finally managed to get the breath of life seal. At this point in time I've basically given up on the quickened pulse seal, I'm going to try to get it the next time the trials appear. Now to get 5 star 'Marth'.
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