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  1. oh, i definitely agree. most criticism of sacred stones seems to conflate "eirika does bad decisions" with "eirika is badly written", anyway. i wish she was portrayed in a more empowering way, but give me her restrained and mistake-ridden but ultimately meaningful arc over blazing blade hoodwinking you into buying a story where pretty much nothing ever actually happened ever. i think this used to be the popular opinion five years ago, though. it seems to be recent that we have reversed back to BlaBla's story [yes i did it] being more enjoyed than SS's.
  2. no one has thought lilina is a very good unit in BinBla [still making this happen] since the pre-efficiency days when lugh vs lilina mattered lol her stat spread (enormous magic, low speed and defense) has been repeated many times since then and the degree of success depends almost entirely on how nice the game is to that. which, BinBla is not, but lilina is still redeemable since anima is so good in that game
  3. as i just added to my post, genealogy gen 1 does have a "the appeal IS the fact it's utterly inscrutable" charm to it. it doesn't go nearly all the way with it, and also i don't think that's why the fandom at large enjoys it, but it's there. i enjoy it too. blazing blade is also not without its redeeming features (and neither is fates birthright to be honest - as i said before, until roughly the ice tribe it was shaping up to be better planned than either one of those two).
  4. lmao you are not wrong! not the time to start dragging the blazing blade storyline though, we could be here all week. also, actual really unpopular opinion incoming: nostalgia is the only thing that makes people view genealogy gen 1 and blazing blade as good stories but fates birthright as a bad story. the latter is cut from the exact same cloth - increasingly desperate use of emotional gut punches to conceal from the player that this storyline has gone off the rails and fell off the cliff for a while now. all three even have occasionally good writing for a handful of characters to further convince the player this journey has been worth it (to varying extents, which i guess is why fates birthright doesn't have the same benefit of doubt - it IS a more scant occurence there as opposed to blazing blade). of course (and the unpopular opinions keep coming), the journey IS more worth it for the former two, not because of nostalgia, but because their stories are continued at genealogy gen 2 and binding blade, which, while more straightforward and not devoid of flaws, both are better at telling their stories without making me go "but FOR WHY". (i do enjoy the genealogy gen 1 story though, as messed up as it is. i even wish it had committed a bit more fully to its final fantasy tactics-esque "you will never have a hope of understanding even half of the behind-the-scenes mess" aspirations.)
  5. i don't play the higher difficulties where this would apply but sounds like frederick is the best jagen in terms of "you absolutely need his help to get your other units off the ground in the beginning". in absolute terms of course seth is the best because you can solo SS with him but you can also not touch seth once and still be absolutely fine even in HM. SS is just not very hard lol. my experience with older FEs is getting increasingly lost to the sands of the time as the remakes hold a bigger grip in my memory but surely original fe1/book 1 jagen still holds up as the worst? at least fe11 jagen can reclass or whatever and anyone else would have some sort of more modern utility.
  6. this is where the actual word "objectification" comes in. lyn was obviously designed to be good looking and appeal to straight male fans, but it's also not intrusive to the storyline nor entirely defines her character. i am fine with it. meanwhile, camilla's introduction in fates birthright literally starts with a close-up of her breasts before we see her face. that's what's camilla is supposed to be to us. sex object first, nohrian royal who should matter second.
  7. yes, exactly! both camilla and hinoka are on paper second in line in their kingdoms, and hinoka is far and away the least developed and memorable of all ten royals in fates. would it have killed them to give her the takumi treatment and then have the younger brother be something else? girl!takumi would do numbers in the fandom, so it's not about how the fans would take it, either. the writers just aren't quite there with giving spotlight to wonen. camilla got some characterization and a manner of explanation as to why leo has the spotlight over her, but also her entire character is a fetishistic catastrophe, so.
  8. the inherent sexism of how female characters are still written in fire emblem needs little further look than fates and how camilla/hinoka were portrayed relative to their younger brothers leo/takumi in the storyline. gender is absolutely put above age in their characterization as families.
  9. as opposed to robin, corrin and byleth? lol kris has downright tame characterisation in comparison and a bigger deal is made mostly because it's a remake and we know exactly how things were without them and whose lines they are stealing, but exactly the fact they are ultimately disposable makes them much more palatable to me. after kris, avatars have been getting progressively worse. i shudder to think what will come post-byleth.
  10. well, i haven't been on the board in a while and camilla was top 10 overall in CYL. it's not exactly a popular opinion either lol. tharja being disliked in awakening was not much more than a vocal minority either. also i have grown to be fine with avatars in some gameplay reasons, but the dating sim part has got to go, because it ruins the writing of supports. robin was actually the least terrible one. all the corrin ones twisting the backstory like a pretzel to justify him marrying a hoshidan royal without it being incest are the woooooorst. byleth being a progessor automatically makes everything kind of creepy, god magic or no god magic. don't date your teachers, you guys. if you must have an avatar, go back to FE6-12 supports. i reiterate kris was a perfectly serviceable avatar.
  11. not sure how unpopular it is but camilla suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. fanservice for fanservice, i really liked tharja in awakening and i thought she was more nuanced and engaging than people give it credit for, even if she ended up popular just because of the fanservice, but camilla is just boringly written on top of her painfully silly fanservicey design. even that was done better by tharja tbh. worst character in fates for me and one of the worst in the whole franchise.
  12. if revelations absolutely had to happen (for why?), it could still be possible to redeem the nohrians there while... not trying that in BOTH birthright and conquest. don't even get me started on the ice tribe chapter in birthright. not that its story is even good in conquest, but good lord. i think that's exactly when things go from "mostly fine, if unimaginative" to "why are you like this???" for good in birthright.
  13. awakening is the ultimate chill FE experience. it CAN be very challenging, of course, but you can also make it piss easy and just enjoy the funny characters and broken mechanics and fundamentally weird as fuck storyline. lots of fun.
  14. i agree that the storyline of fates falls short almost entirely on attempting to make nohr sympathetic because it mostly doesn't make sense. garon actually works as a villain. fates would have just worked better if conquest was like "what if you just were the villain this time?" and birthright didn't attempt to redeem anyone from nohr ever. (and revelation didn't exist?)
  15. WOLT ALWAYS AND FOREVER kind of love that just my vote might carry him to the next round for now
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