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  1. shadow dragon not so much (it took the first remake at least), but i absolutely consider original gaiden a better story than awakening, fates or even blazing blade lol. rudolf's plan being a bit of a WHAT doesn't take away that much from an ambitious attempt in an 8 bit console. oh, i mean, you are bound to stumble upon the my castle recruits if you keep up with the castle stuff. at least i always made sure to have everything as upgraded as possible even in my first playthrough lol. i actually got izana after yukimura because the puppets seemed more important, but still i did get izana and he ended up being useful in endgame.
  2. it wouldn't hurt it that much if it's not that likely that people are going to die to begin with, would it? also fates does offer a couple of prepromotes in the second half of the game that don't need paralogues at least
  3. oh sweet alastor thinking fates EVER cared about its backstory. maskless people care more about covid19 spreading than fates cared about its backstory in all three games. i still think you should put it below the NES games in the story ranking, as funny as it can be to see how bad it gets. garon is probably the worst fire emblem main villain ever, and one of the main villains of the franchise is fucking veld, he of the "i have like four lines total in the game i am the main villain of" fame. also, i was catching up and was totally ready to argue birthright not deserving to be the same as revelation in ironmanability just because of the ice tribe village chapter when revelation has a bit more of bullshit, but then i got to the asugi escape. lmao but also OOF. not sure child paralogues should count for the ranking since they are entirely optional, but that was reee-ough.
  4. as with most things gameplay, fates did it the best: 20/20 with each level being 100 exp, the exp curve being so that you quickly start gaining very little exp if you are overleveled, and the game assigns internal levels to promoted units so it's actually not that bad to give experience to the prepromotes or early promotes. eternal seals were stupid though. that unused item from FESS that rolled back your level was a lot better because then your max level would still be 20. no jakob/felicia shenanigans in such a game though (and that was weird anyway).
  5. fates might be badly written but nothing comes CLOSE to how terrible inigo/nah is. nah isn't even good in other supports to be honest. worst character in awakening? probably. still better than a handful of fates miscreants, though. but yeah, that hana support is absurd. who typed those lines and thought with a straight face that was a good or even funny source of conflict? fates pls. also i know this chapter can be actually fought, but also nah. i get the treasure and SPLIT IT. i think i do it in two turns? love it when fire emblem gives me even half a chance to not actually fight, which is why i hate the stealth chapter in revelation so much - you put up a reward for not fighting and then make it so unbearably annoying to not fight that you make even me want to just fight? fuck you, revelation. also i will still remain behind my guy subaki. yes hinoka outclasses him, but also duh, she is a royal. camilla also outclasses beruka and i always use beruka in conquest anyway. more fliers are always useful imo.
  6. i always turn combat animations off lol. i don't even think i've seen the puppet animations to be honest. might have to youtube that.
  7. i have always been around for the gameplay first, so whatever, but awakening and specially fates really tried me with their characterisation at points. the anime tropes really are not for me. strangely, i have yet to play but three houses hasn't appealed to me either despite having stepped away from that. it just feels like a different form of trend-chasing and doesn't feel organic to the franchise either.
  8. chapter 10 and you are already starting to realize birthright is an absolute writing disaster ❤️ it gets worse! i cannot wait! even that would be insufficient because kaze is a dude and dudes are the ones who gets kids in fates. the fact you can lock yourself out of getting midori in birthright... yikes
  9. i know that, and that's the point! even in those conditions, starting at E for new weapons annoys me! imagine in previous games! i don't think you could make any point that could convince me secondary weapons starting at E is NOT a chore. i basically train them out of spite most of the time lol. also, it doesn't help that from BlaBla to PoR, effectiveness was 2x, undermining even the bows-for-warriors point. a better point in BinBla but then i don't wanna use any warriors in it 😞
  10. oooh, i wouldn't count glitches and debuging modes as "exploiting the mechanics" of the game. it's not meant to used to begin with. i was definitely thinking of things that are possible in the intended way of playing.
  11. this honestly kills most of the discussion in this thread (and actually the entire board) with regards to difficulty lol. of course it's easy when you are prepared, duh. and then when it's not easy even when you ARE, it's because it's chance-based, and then people complain it's not real difficulty. well, real difficulty never survives the test of repeated playthroughs, so games will never be difficult to you after a while. DIFFICULT PILLS TO SWALLOW. anyway, the question isn't which game is easier, but whether awakening is the most broken game in the series (aka, which game can be the most easily exploited in its mechanics to have its difficulty trivialised beyond the ways the developers probably intended), and whoever is saying any other game instead is living in jumanji. you have the possibility to break awakening in a way you absolutely can't with genealogy. it's just that the latter kind of gives whichever broken-ness it has to you on a silver platter, while the former's broken-ness isn't immediately obvious to a first time player who might try to play the game normally. i just finished a new playthrough of awakening in record time because i never did play awakening to break it before as it kind of goes against my fire emblem instincts, but now i did and it's scary how quickly shit snowballs in this game. and i didn't even use female robin and settled for chrom/sumia instead. lucina and cynthia still trivialised the second half of the game. genealogy has NOTHING like that, specially not gen 2 where seliph starts out weaker than sigurd.
  12. i never particularly felt like birthright had more money than conquest. in both games i manage to end up overspending in the midgame somehow anyway lol. what shocks me is that revelation actually gives us less money. definitely doesn't feel like it.
  13. i actually voted gaiden because being limited by the NES is its only mark against the fact it has a bunch of fun gameplay ideas and an ambitious plot for an 8-bit game. map design isn't the best and the ambitious plot falls short at points, but are either of those problems when genealogy is winning the poll? i don't think so. sure, not much of a point to actually play it now that echoes exists, but 3 out of 5 of these games were remade anyway.
  14. eh, she's not doubling at first anyway, this is about actually giving her kills so she doesn't need the thing later. this is hypothetical anyway, she can't use it at first lol. also, yes, subaki's pike is not locked to him, but it improves his combat to "better than rinkah" because we were comparing those two. i guess rinkah doesn't have competition for all the clubs she can't even use until chapter 13 though.
  15. if we are not still doing that doing where we pretend like visiting other castles doesn't exist, you could go to another castle and get her an 8 mt iron axe. a small amount of visit points would also get her the ryoma's club, which is innacurate and i know how deathly allergic you are to any weapon below 85 hit, but she starts out doing so little damage to some enemies i may just want to take the risk. a ryoma's club might be obtained from normal my castle activity anyway (though the points one is guaranteed), and also a D rank would allow her to use the throwing club sooner to chip. meanwhile, visit points get subaki the subaki's pike, which he can use instantly and doubles to 8 mt on most enemies due to his high skill, and allows him to deal more damage sooner in the early game. and even if hinoka outclasses him, should you choose to use both (as i do) or even just him (for why? i know i am defending him but hinoka is very good lol) he can get to C for guard naginata more easily than he could if he started at E. as for how i clear chapters 4 and 5, rinkah usually can't do shit to the facelesseseses in chapter 4 and is just a stat sack to someone. same for chapter 5. i can't even imagine the boredom of babying her there.
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