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  1. I'm looking for a female kana with even better skill and also kagero with the vengeance skill. Just the vengeance skill on Kagero now with any other rare skills you have on her or kana m/f
  2. I've collected Better Odds. Tell me when you've updated it with even better with male kana. Never mind managed to find both the skills for male kana. Thanks for the help I just need Even Better for my Female Kana if anyone has it.
  3. +1 Also looking for Kana with even Better and Better Odds
  4. I've collected the skills. Thank you :3 All I need now are the breaker skills and Miracle.
  5. HI, I'm looking for any of these skills on Kagero: Miracle,Aegis,Quixotic Axebreaker and BowBreaker.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for Anna with Vengeance.
  7. I messaged you my castle address. I've got hisame and mitama with those skills. :)
  8. Hi, I'm looking for any one of these skills on Flora if anyone has them: Gamble Death Blow Vantage Sword faire Lancefaire Axefaire Tomefaire Bonfire Armoured Blow Warding Blow
  9. Thanks, I've been trying to look for this section, I couldn't find it XD.
  10. Hi, I'm just a little confused regarding the pair up system. In fire emblem awakening when paired up you get stat boosts but also bonuses such as Crit Chance and Avoid, Hit Rate and Dodge, I'm just wondering whether this system of bonuses works the same as Awakening or if there is a different system for this. If anyone can direct me to an already present thread or have any idea how it works it would take the ease of my mind.
  11. I just noticed your google document. :O. I'm trying to make a skills proc anna/witch anna. I already visited your castle today is it okay for you to change the skills for anna with death blow, hoshidan unity as well for tomorrow? Thanks.
  12. ^ Thanks a bunch I managed to get them. :)
  13. Hi, I'm looking for Certain Blow on Anna or Tomeflaire. Thanks :)
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