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  1. Oh geez, until Saturday to clean and finish mine q.q I work too many hours D;
  2. Sovereign

    Typing Speed?

    I'm 80 to 100. Then again last time I checked was like 4 years ago. I'll check again after work today.
  3. She should have the common decency to at least acknowledge that someone else went out of their way to assist her. Not jabbing her, just in reply to you, btw. And if she doesn't, that's fine, she should just expect people to take it as very insulting and know the repercussions of being a dick. Once again, not saying you are, Ana, just my opinion in general to people trying to help someone else. Also, I'm not great at this, but Lenh's shading of the pauldrons look more correct, since they don't look like they'd be very round.
  4. Hmm, I'll really have to give the hairnatomy a shot on a different hair design. I'm so invested in this, it hurts to change, so I've been keeping all the layers in a separate file, lol. I added some more definition, (I think) to the highlights of the hair, also kind of changed the shape in the top left, so it doesn't just look like a rounded bulb, although it still does for the most part. I really appreciate the pointers, Toa! The origin seemed kind of confusing for this one for me though, since I might be seeing it overall differently than others would.
  5. Could you be more specific? What looks thick exactly, the hair?
  6. Sovereign

    Toa's Sprites

    Yeah it's better. It'd be better if something of his was on the floor o.o Only thing that seems off, I could be wrong, is the line separating the two pecs seem to be too straight compared to where his collarbone starts to angle, and in comparison to how his body is facing a bit to the left (his right).
  7. So I messed with the hair a little bit and changed his mouth expression (pretty sure I messed up under the bottom lip, and I hopefully fixed the issue with the forehead? -crosses fingers- I would start something new, but I'm dead from work and gotta get some shuteye for tomorrow. notice my first attempt at anti-aliasing at some borders of the hair
  8. Sovereign

    Toa's Sprites

    I especially like that one in the recent with a bit of Matthew's hair :D Makes me feel some type of way...
  9. Ahh, Zeiss. Yeah it's looking very familiar now lol. Still clean and keeping it sexy though!
  10. How do you support yourself? I'm very curious and that's very admirable of you.
  11. Damn, I really liked the design of the hair. I'll come back to this one in the future for sure then! I'll try out something new when I get home, thanks :D
  12. FE10? Those supports though ( 。゚Д゚。) Although, welcome and enjoy your stay! I already see the infamous carpet.
  13. Sorry to derail again, and the details are fuzzy, but I remember Blazer saying that the art was his content to use as he saw fit. In the end legalities got the best of him, so he had to personally ask anyone who contributed basically anything to the hack if he could use it. Also, I'm curious how many other boards on the net could also be potentially responsible for this same issue.
  14. Well I'm at work right now so I can't toy with it, but the main focus has been the hair. I've been doing the shading so I can start to understand the anatomy of the hair shading. Clearly not going well with my play dough q.q Been watching a lot of Pi to see if I could somewhat get a grasp of the process.
  15. Think I just fixed it? Also, are you Mew? EDIT: Messed with it some more, and for this draft I defined the chunks of hair more with the darkest shade. It's starting to look like hair q.q
  16. So I was toying with other hairs, looking how it seems the middle shade seems to be majority of hair, and highlights are with the brightest shade, and the darker for contours. Am I in the right direction with separating those front bangs from the back of the hair? And if that is correct, should I drop the back of the hair a bit, or kind of make a dip where it meets the top of the bangs? Also, the highlights of the hair scare me, so I want to kind of get the contours down first D:
  17. That mug's hair is purdy :D I especially like the darker shading on that back bang ~MMMFF
  18. Just getting rid of this theft on the forum is nothing though. It's stealing creative property and nobody is going to be punished for taking what isn't theirs and claiming it to be? That's just inhumane on so many levels.
  19. Who would ban someone just because they bashed your website? That is completely ignorant, and whoever the mods are of that site should be ashamed. I can only imagine it was some liberal or that Ricther Abend guy thinking, "Oh shit, save my integrity!"
  20. srs? I remember you having a million of your 'unique' mugs around when I first joined FEU around... '07 '08? And I say unique and mean unique, your character designs were very far from classic FE, in a good way haha.
  21. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm really curious how someone has a red carpet in the forest though...
  22. Wow, that forum is disgusting. Someone rent me one of them fancy pitchforks. I'll borrow a torch by interacting with a random village t(.__.t) EDIT: Btw, didn't we have a Richter Abend on the FEU forums a couple years back? Although afaik, it could've been a regular with a name change. And yes, I know it's from ToS, but it's not too common to use that full name as a user.
  23. Well greetings, mates! I'm an ancient member, was originally from FEU many years back. I was also on these forums for a couple years, but mostly lurking :3 I'm back due to inspiration after buying FE: Awakening. Jesus, it's pretty good compared to FE11/12 and definitely is right behind FE9/10 for me! I'll mostly be hanging around the art forums, and the projects occasionally :D Also, this bio thingy, I'll try it out! Online name: Used to be saison, sainite, or yangusis (I dropped saison and sainite years ago) Real name: George DoB: 04/02/94 Favourite FE Game: FE4 or FE9 Favourite Game (other than FE): Mmmm... I play a lot of LoL D: Favourite FE Character: Black Knight. Being all enigmatic 'n shit. Least Favourite game: Uhh... Can't think of it, if it ever comes to mind that'll change :D Sports: eSports (lol) Tennis Online friends: I don't have any q.q I think the closest I really got to anyone of the forums were other artists, like Boney and Seph. Whether I'm memorable or not, I was fond of Xeld, Blazer, and Arch :D Also, ShadowOfChaos was super nice when I first met him forever ago with his forever love for Ninian Favourite music: Post-Alternative, Indie Rock Favourite artist/band: Arctic Monkeys Favourite song: The View From The Afternoon Country: USA MSN/Yahoo/AIM: None Hobbies: Used to be hacking, I occasionally dabble in spriting :D Good Point: I'm very ambitious! Bad Point: I lose motivation if something isn't actively keeping me inspired :( Anything else? : [/b] I hope to make acquaintance/friends with all of you in the near future!
  24. <- Loooong bump. How active are the art forums these days? Anyways, I'll make it quick. Got a question as for general self-improvement. The green area circled, how exactly would most approach shading this? I feel as if it's a small bang, but it should accentuate the shading to the left of it a bit more? Or is that wrong, seeing as it's so small, it wouldn't cast too much of a shadow? By the way, nothing else is changed off Matthew, so I was only curious about that one tidbit of shading information. Thanks! EDIT: So, thought I'd throw myself back into the vicious world of splicing, started with doing just hair right now. Feedback much appreciated :D Also, the face shading, it seems off to me. Under-shaded? Anyone got pointers for hair roots? I noticed I can tell it looks pillowy in the bangs, but not sure how to go about patching that up :o
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