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  1. Sheeeesh, nice to see this project went to hell after I left... And no, I'm just as clueless as the rest of you guys when it comes to the project. (Ignore my name in the OP. That hasn't been updated since June 2017, and I left sometime that month due to waning interest in the game). And I don't even give a shit 'bout the game much nowadays, so... meh. Though judging by the activity of this project, I guess I'm not alone... Such is life, I suppose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Hey, Sheikah. I'm just here to give you a sort of warning in regards to missing files in the patch. I looked high and low, but I couldn't find the file for the Joker x Felicia support anywhere in the m folder. Methinks it might have been skipped over for some reason (though when I last inspected said file, nothing seemed to be wrong). I'm not sure if this is the only file missing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. I'd check for other missing ones myself, though that would be very time consuming as theres so many, and I'm not really in the mood right now. Consider this a friendly warning to double check when you have the time.
  3. Hey, just popping in to report an error with the Tsubaki x Sakura support. Instead of showing the correct support, someone accidentally replaced it with his support with Hinoka in the google doc, just last Tuesday, on the 6th. Unfortunately, the file showing on Github is the incorrect support. Luckily, I've restored and fixed the original file, and it can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/?3ns5mr4g7fgtraf If you don't wanna wait till the repository updates, just download my fix till then. Now there shall be Tsubaki/Sakura~!!
  4. That depends, really. Stuff like the Undub patch should work regardless because the files needed are present in all versions, not just one. On the other hand, if you would like to use the delocalization patch (though its still a WIP mind you) then the special edition is recommended. The delocalization patch uses specific files from the m folder of the game's romfs, and for it to work wonders it needs three folders that the special edition has: the A, B and C folders. If you were to use Birthright or Conquest then it would only patch that specific path's story, not the other two. At that point you would need to learn how to patch DLC for you to be able to patch the other two paths, though I have no idea how to do that. Yes, there is. Please refer to the Tutorials section of the OP for more information. As for working on the latest firmware, yes and no. Yes, the patch works on latest firmware, it's just that your options are rather limited. If by some chance you are on latest firmware, you may use the Hans method of patching your game (see the OP for more details). However, if you'd like to use custom firmware, then you'll need to find a way to downgrade (though that's risky), and create a custom CIA of your patched game to install to your 3DS's home screen. Though it's really up to you to decide!
  5. AFAIK, the only other way to load the mod is to create a custom CIA and install that, which you'll need Custom Firmware to use. From the sound of it though, it looks like you don't.
  6. Yeah, I was going to say that if they said they did use Hans. Otherwise I have no clue.
  7. Are you using Hans? Soft resetting doesn't work properly with that unfortunately.
  8. Yeah, but not everyone has or wants to get the Japanese version. This way by adding in the removed content manually, people can pick and choose what they want in their game without spending any more money than needed. e.g. if I just wanted the Japanese voices I would grab the Undub part. If I wanted the swimsuit options restored I would grab that. Or if I wanted everything (save the amie minigame) I could do so. People with the American version aren't screwed this way, and aren't forced to find the Japanese release JUST so that they can play the game uncut (cause that's bullshit).
  9. Hmm... Since you did delete the Hans folder from the 3ds directory, it would seem that it did disappear. But it didn't. All you have to do is when you enter the homebrew launcher, press the B button to back out of the 3DS directory, and it should take you to the root of your SD, where your current Hans folder is located. Scroll down until you find it, and try launching and starting your game from there instead.
  10. Here's where you messed up: You do not create a new hans folder at the root of your SD. Instead, you copy and paste the hans folder from your 3ds directory onto the root of your SD. By creating a new hans folder, you do not have the essential files to run hans with, which are hans.3dsx hans.smdh hans.xml a titles folder Without these, hans will not run and will give you a black screen similar to what you experienced. Try my suggestion and see if it helps. :)
  11. Both. The fanslation is still a WIP for the most part, meaning that there is both untranslated text (in that case it switches to the localized script or gives you other errors like question marks), and that it's very unpolished due to being mostly a copy-paste of the script from the Japanese Fan Translation project. This can lead to a ton of errors due to the US and Japanese versions of the game using different fonts and coding for the dialogue. One big one I remember is that Chapter 13 of Birthright after the intro is ridded with question marks galore in the dialogue due to, again, untranslated stuff from the original version that the team never got around to. I'd advise to take caution using the delocalized scripts for the time being and report any errors you find to the error log.
  12. Oopsie, I guess I sorta missed the link you posted. Thanks for letting me know and clarifying about the glitch though! I sorta figured it had something to do coding-wise. Oh, and I sent you a PM about wanting to assist with the fan translation too!
  13. From my experience, it happens no matter what you do. I tried removing the Gay Fates hack, no dice. I tried reinstalling the game, nothing. I tried reinstalling the DLC, nada. It prolly had something to do with the translation and something got fucked up along the way, coding-wise. Its been fixed thankfully, though we just need to sit and wait for the next patch to roll in.
  14. Same here, the dropbox link appears to be broken. Perhaps someone could reupload? Oh and BTW, thank you so much for all the hard work you guys have done on this patch! Me and I'm sure many others greatly appreciate it.
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