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  1. Well my bad luck streak continues. It's nice that you get increased odds of a 5stars when you don't get one in a while, it's not nice that the drop rates reset...(with updates i mean)
  2. same as others...I had 20 orbs so, last 5 pulls for this "sibling bonds" thing. only 1x4stars, the rest crappy 3 stars most of which i already had (virion again? i want my orbs refunded) the 4* was clarine, but that does not count as a silver lining.
  3. Yeah if only supporting her gave us some bonus to unlock her potential...I want to put the three """original""" characters to 5stars but I doubt I'll ever get enough feathers ... I'll try picking the winning sides so I get more feathers for the other rounds. Maybe I should save some flags though... I have no idea how to manage this, I don't really want to invest too much in this game
  4. I went for sharena knowing she would lose...Am I stupid ? I guess I liked the fact she's an original. I would have gone Ephraim because of my love for secret stones, but the twins might just be my least favourite characters of their game. Well thanks for conforting that orbs are for everyone
  5. hehe I love this game. Well not really but you know... That's quite nice of you, I have only been able to advance through that quest thanks to people like this. I wish i could return the favor to other randoms but i have no such valuables yet... i only just got my first 5 star... I wonder why i even started this game when rng has always been a bitch. This makes me think i should start adding people from here to my friends list, could be useful. Or maybe coming here more often for starters...
  6. Oh well I like most of them too, and they even go well gameplay wise since their stats are complimentary (though espeon much better to burst through everything with psychic) That joke in Mystery dungeon, I wouldn't have expected that from a pokemon game, but it's rather amusing.
  7. New stuff is nice, the espeon is adorable, the umbreon looks kinda high? Hem... people have "ships" on pokemon? I knew about the gardevoir thing but this is news
  8. Oh shit so this website is a loli lair ahah... Well to be expected since Fates sold itself to become waifu simulator 2.0? Anyway, don't really have favorite characters, but I went for the two lazy asses Dwyer and Velouria. Dwyer looks cool as a berserker and I like Velouria as a Hero, which I kinda had to to since on revelation theres not enough bestrunes. I went for male corrin, dunno why, in awakening I always went female for child skills reasons, here I didn't want to bother. and Revelation because... 3rd times a charm? not much reason, you have more characters maybe? story is approx the same in all three.
  9. The softer pink is better indeed. I think I still liked the original most (the shading in the hair makes a sweet effect though) I feel like I should try to find some of my so called """decent""" scribbles, that way you'd know that even though I like art (and criticizing) I have no talent whatsoever ...I could cheat and show my brother's drawings tho...Anyway I guess I'm trying to say, take my feedback not too seriously in case I haven't said it. And yeah I rarely use Jaegen types, I prefer units I make evolve myself...Of all the horse-mounted units in RD I only liked Oscar I believe. (and even then, the fact they can't climb makes me not want to use them at all). I guess the two exceptions are Camilla from Fates and Seth from Sacred Stones (since you can farm outside of story probably, not too high starting level and decent growths)
  10. Lips a bit too pink - *Looks like a slut?*-... I must say, I liked the first version better. Also, makes me remember, dunno why but I don't like Titania as a character much. She's a pretty classy redhead so I don't think it's her design at least, and she's badass... why then? Maybe because of stats or horse gameplay in RD....
  11. I only ever used gimp a little bit, but I suppose you could use some blur or the finger thing to even out the colors where the little white stuff appears...Maybe it'll look bad though I dunno. I merely am a bit bothered by the white stuff for some reason. Also sorry its out of place but your signature intrigues me, why do you have hoshidan unity on your avatar when you don't have trigger skills?
  12. Just clarifying something, your art is nothing like Deathbluge's , it only reminds me of it because of how it instantly gives off a particular vibe. Can't really explain it, but I often make these comparisons that nobody else understands... Though you may want to take whatever I say with the knowledge that I have no artistic talent whatsoever. And whatever your style, as long as you have fun nothing else matters, fundamentally. People enjoying it is a bonus, surely nice, but a bonus. (that some people don't even seek, I always thought my brother had some talent, but he never tries to share it in any way). Anyway, heres a random deathbulge comic I liked: http://deathbulge.com/comics/317 About your observation, irl I also think I found slightly more females into drawing, but slightly more males into music for instance. Neuroscientists may one day find the explanation...if there is one.
  13. Whoever you are, thank you for this, it made me lol for some reason. Your drawing style is quite entertaining, it reminds me a bit of a slightly less wacky Deathbulge without the darkish pastel thing. And generally it gives off a merry vibe. (I always liked Deathbulge's wacky style so it works fine for me. )
  14. zorkovitch


    Hello. If you don't mind, can I take this opportunity to ask, is this some sort of emoji? the ~ is in my experience quite bothersome to write since you need a space afterwards or something, it's an accent like ^ or ยจ after all. So I suppose it has a purpose. I've seen it here and there but unlike ^^ which was obvious enough to guess, I have no idea what ~ is. The only guess I had was that it puts the accent on the word preceding it, but that would make your sentence a bit creepy x).
  15. Damn, I saved it for later since iirc I started an HM save a while ago but got stuck on the laguz level with the DB (which I think you mention). For starters I'll probably have to restart since last time I checked I may have let Nolan die (although he probably deserved it, he always sucked for me). But now that I've read this I really don't know if I'll be up for the challenge soon, this will take a lot of time that I may not have, and I'm definitely not an hard mode addict. I like some challenge every now and then but not excessively and that level for instance really felt like trying to kill a dragon with a toothpick. Also babying Micaiah again is annoying by itself...eh... it'll depend on my free time.
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