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  1. Separation is probably a good idea. The only reason I use contracts is because I've loaned people money before, and it's rare they pay it back. It's unlikely I'll go to court over it, but it does suck. I did send her an email stating that I felt taken advantage of and asking her to pay me back of her own volition, but if she doesn't, I'll just chalk it up to a lesson learned.
  2. Hello all, I recently got into a bit of a dilemma with a person who I thought was a friend. As the title says, this is going to be a little long, so brace yourselves. For the better part of a year, I've been working with some wonderful people, and although our job doesn't pay a livable wage, we still had a pretty good time. I managed to make a few friends, including one young woman person whom I considered a best friend (since I don't have many close friends). The young woman whom I became close friends with has two children, and oftentimes, she needs additional money to take care of them. The father of her children is not very active in her children's lives—and in many cases, is antagonistic towards her. From what I'm led to believe, they've been in physical altercations, for example. Naturally, I wanted to help her out, so I gave her money from time to time, and didn't worry about her paying it back. The exception to this rule would be two times when she asked me for over $100. My personal rule is that if anyone asks me for $100+, I make them sign a contract stating that they will pay me back within a certain time or face the possibility of legal action. The first time, she paid me back no problem. The second time ... Over the last couple months, I find out that my friend was pregnant again. The father is the same guy who's not reliable and antagonistic towards her. She tells me that she needs money for the abortion, which I gave to her (though not without having her sign a contract first). Shortly after that, she loses her job, so naturally, I tell her not to worry about paying me back since I know she wouldn't be able to afford to. Instead, I ask her to be my wingwoman, since I have a hard time meeting and connecting with women, so having her introduce me to women and accompany me when I'm ready to meet women in social settings would help. However, I find out through one of my other friends that she's pregnant again by the same man. At first, I just think she made a bad decision. But there's more: from what I'm led to believe, she never terminated her pregnancy. She used the money I gave her for something else. When I found this out, I was overcome with rage and grief stemming from dishonesty and betrayal. Here's the thing though, the contract states that she had to use that money for its intended purpose, and if she doesn't, I can take legal action. But should I? On one hand, I want that money back, but on the other, I just want to wash my hands of the whole thing and refrain from speaking to her again. Thanks for reading this long, drama-filled post.
  3. Man ... it's hard to believe we're in the seventh generation of Pokemon. I kinda feel old, lol. This gen marks the first time I'll be getting both versions of the game. The Gamestop saleswoman convinced me to preorder both of them—not that it took much effort, she was on the cute side, and it was my birthday, so I figured, "what the heck?". I've usually bought them in patterns: Blue, Gold, Sapphire, Diamond( or ... I would have bought Diamond if I hadn't listened to people saying Pokemon wasn't cool), White/White 2, then X and Alpha Sapphire. I'm choosing Popplio for one of them (I always choose the water starter), but I have no idea who I'll choose for the other version.
  4. Great topic! I agree with most things stated here. I remember the weeks before this game came out; I wondered which version of the game I should go with. Since I've played every Fire Emblem game released in America, and I liked the aesthetic of the Nohr characters more than their Hoshidan counterparts (it's not just because a certain adoptive big sister gave me two very convincing reasons), I went with Conquest. I'm happy I chose that path first. I finished Birthright, and honestly, it may as well be Ryoma Emblem. I started right away on Hard, and with a Rinkah pair-up, he steamrolled the vast majority of the game. If I needed additional units, I had Morganson (my avatar) with a Scarlet pair-up, Takumi with an Oboro pair-up, and Kaze with a Mozu pair-up. There were some chapters that challenged me (Chapter 23 immediately comes to mind) but overall, Birthright wasn't too hard. Revelation I haven't finished yet; I'm on Chapter 18, just grinding for Supports, since I'm doing as many cross-cultural marriages and friendships as I can, and I'd like to see how the characters relate and how they perform with certain class options and skill combinations. Conquest ... so far, I've only played it on Normal, and I felt challenged even then. Most of the maps really made me think my moves through and punished me if I didn't. Unlike Birthright, I didn't feel like Conquest was Xander Emblem. Even with a Charlotte pair-up, he couldn't finish the game alone or with a few other units. Each map was challenging in its own way, and although I though the Endgame was a little unfair, I enjoyed the chapters more than the other three. The lack of money and resources available to me (though this can be mitigated some by visiting other castles and with DLC) really made me think. I carefully contemplated every gold piece I spent, and dealt with weaker weapons for a long time since I was poor for most of the game. I found the Nohrian characters to be a little more interesting than the Hoshidan ones. It could be because I started with them first, but I feel a higher level of attachment to them. This is not to say I don't like the Hoshidan cast, but the Nohrian group just barely beat them out. I didn't have a problem with Odin; he was my favorite child character from Awakening, Laslow I didn't mind either. Selena ... well, she's more tolerable in this game, I'll say that. The story ... well, I don't hate it as much as people say I should, but it still could use some improvements. Perhaps that'll be another topic for another day. I look forward to my next Conquest playthrough. I'll go through Normal again before going up to Hard. I'm a little nervous about cranking up the difficulty for it ...
  5. Today, June 19th, is Orochi's birthday. Happy Birthday to our favorite Diviner! It's also my birthday, interestingly enough. Naturally, I had to marry Orochi on my latest Birthright run. Unfortunately, even if you share a birthday with one of the characters, there's no special dialogue. Oh, well.
  6. Hello, everyone. Serenes Forest has been my number one resource for Fire Emblem information throughout the years, so I figured I'd sign up. I'll do my best to soak up information and hopefully contribute some of my own. Some things about me: I am a writer. I should have my first novel out soon. I enjoy reading, as you might be able to guess. My favorite writers are George Orwell and Ralph Ellison, although I like Alan Roger Currie's nonfiction/self-help books also. My favorite cartoon was "ReBoot." My favorite color is green. I'm looking forward to exchanging words with good people.
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